In the evening, Debora left the office and went home like nothing ever happened.

Eric was in his room, studying about the sales report.

“I don’t think Evelyn is behind it, sir,” Lily opined. “She’s not that type of a woman.”

“Mm…” Eric faintly smiled. “I know it’s not her who did it because I also know who’s behind this.”

Eric had already observed every moment Debora made the past couple of days using the surveillance cameras, and he figured out the person who made her do it. It was one of the directors of the company.

“Who was it?” Lily curiously asked.

“It’s better that you don’t know, dear,” Eric made a gesture with his finger. Lily came over, and he put his hand under her shirt and pinched her skin on the abdomen, making her moan and hiss a little. “You can’t even bear this little pain. What makes you think you can bear the truth, huh?”

Lily pouted a little. “Just say that you don’t trust me, sir.”

“Haha, you used to serve my brother until recently, after all. Anyway, go ho
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