Chapter 15


Marcus boomed at the system.

[A God Slaying demon is far more powerful than a god ranked demon beast]

"So why hasn't the world encountered one yet?" 

[The God Slaying Demons are very rare and only 2 have ever showed itself to humans. If I simply say, they are not interested In ruling over the world or species. They are enlightened beast who has the power to kill God ranked beasts with a sliver of its true power.]

"Woah, Amazing. Wait tell me about those 2 God Slaying Demons" 

[Yes, One out of the two is right in front of you or I would rather say, it's yours now..]

Marcus had a smug look on his face and his ears reddened. 

[And the other one is with that Old Geezer, The Flame Emperor.]

"Oh is it powerful? oh oh and what type of a monster is it?"

Marcus asked like a child in an ice cream store.

[Yes, it is an Abyss Dragon. The strongest of the True Dragons]


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