Chapter 27

"And I have this Cheat Seed...." 

Marcus said as it was casual, that too looking directly at his dad's eyes. 


Albert replied with a smile. 


His dad snapped back when he rethought about what his son had said.

Marcus broke down at his dad's expression and laughed. 

"As expected" 

Marcus said between his laughs. 

He soon calmed down and looked at them. 

"Ok so I'll tell my adventure after that fall" 

Marcus said.

"Please do son" 

His dad's reply was quick, he was sitting at the very end of the sofa. 

Marcus started his tale from his jump from the academy. Hearing that he tried to end his life made his Mother's eyes tear up. She wiped it quick and smiled as Marcus continued his story. 

His Dad's eyes went wide when Marcus said he met The Legendary, The one and only, Flame Emperor. Even though there was a little doubt in his eyes, he soon n

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