A Mob Character Surrounded by Main Characters Wants to be MC

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A Mob Character Surrounded by Main Characters Wants to be MC

By: AmeronWerschrux_ OngoingFantasy

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Kibe Takayuki is a mob character, who has no interesting events in his life besides his life of... degeneracy. He notices the world is filled with main characters of their own stories. He begins to notice this and takes action immediately. Watch how this comedy parody shows how one deals(degenerately) with it.

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  • kimmynonawa


    this series changed my life, resurected my grandpa, cured my cancer, made me lose my virginity, and landed me a successful job, recommend

    2023-01-06 13:48:20
  • Tanya Allcorn


    Well so far I'll like to say this is an interesting novel. If you are an otaku, a weeb or basically a lover of anime and mangas this is definitely for you

    2022-08-24 03:42:24
  • JumDog


    !!!!!!!!!!!! this is cool

    2022-09-02 21:15:55
  • Light


    Definitely loved the chapters I read you should give it a try

    2022-08-24 03:45:25
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37 chapters
EPISODE 1 - I'm a Mob Character
The world is a vast place, and here I am a Japanese High School student living my life in Japan. My name is Kibe Takayuki, I am a 15-year-old male, and what I can say is... My life is filled with nothing. IT'S FULL OF BULLSH*T! I'VE GOT NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS THUS FAR FILLED WITH AVERAGE GRADES AND SPENDING MY LIFE AS AN OTAKU! Nothing to make a story out of. And thus began a day that forever changed my life. April 5, 20XX One Monday morning, I woke up from my bed as unoriginal as ever with my mouth open, drooling with a bit of snot on my face. I had breakfast at 8:00 AM. Then I left home at 8:30 AM. No bath, no problem, I'm a stinker. It's the first day of school again, and the same as ever, I'm bored to go. I had 15 minutes left but my school was just a walk away, so I took a detour. "Time to grab some drinks!" I said merrily. The drinks were about the only things I could look forward to. I hit a vending machine and bought some melon soda. I sat on a bench and watched as the s
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EPISODE 2 - Shounen
A morning like any other in the world full of protagonists... April 6, 20XX 8:12 AM "I'm a mob character, which means I barely have screen time and no one notices me so I can speak out my thoughts." Note: Kibe is longing for attention, so he does this so that somebody may notice him. "First off, the easiest and simplest protagonist of all is... The Shounen Protagonist! He's got the power of friendship, plot armor, unmeasurable amounts of power, and as a bonus... He gets lots of girls. Perfect!" I scratched my head at the problem at hand. "But how do I become a shounen protagonist? So, parents dead? Do I kill 'em? Nope, no way, I'm not a heartless b*tch, but I am scum." "Besides, I'll become a murdering protagonist which would make me a villain. No thanks, I'd rather be a hero than a villain." "But a protagonist of that kind does get hurt a lot, right? I don't want that, but for the girls, I'll do it!" Note: Scum... Let me study Kase Yoshio, the shounen protagonist. I latch
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EPISODE 3 - Character vs Creator (Part 1)
April 8, 20XX Note: Let the 4th wall breaks begin! If you won't give me the role... "I'll force you myself, author! I bet you even used a name generator in creating my name, give me some screentime, dammit!" In order to force the author into giving me an MC role, I have to blackmail him. Yes! By means of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT! And all I have to do is say the name of a certain company. "Dithney." Huh? "DITHHHNEY!" My tongue... it won't say the word. How dare you... "DITHHHNEY! DITHHHNEY! DITHHHNEY! DITHHHNEY! DITHHHNEY! DITHHHNEY! Walt Dithney!" That ain't gonna stop me! I looked around and searched my surroundings. I stumbled upon my bag and I found what might possibly be… my key to victory. PAPER! Yes, I have some in my bag! If I'm not gonna get MC, I'm taking down yer story with you! TAKE THAT! I took some paper sheets and place them on top of my desk. I drew a circle, then another circle tangent to the circle to the top left. Now for the top right! IT'S THE END OF YE
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EPISODE 4 - Romantic-Comedies
April 12, 20XX 8:13 AM Second week, first day. Yeah, I hate the author, and I hate the viewers too. Anyway, bear with me. Shounen protagonist, nope. Rom-com protagonist is next. Rom-coms are probably one of the most common besides shounen made solely for people thirsting for love or diabetes. However, nowadays, they are so predictable, so predictable that I can indeed guess who is the endgame girl and I'll do that by using the rules I have learned throughout my journey. Let me analyze the rom-com protagonist, Tamaki Kazuhiko, and the girls who are head-over-heels for him. Rule 1: Tsunderes have a higher chance of winning than other love rivals. Rule 2: First girl almost always wins. Rule 3: Girls late in the running would most likely lose. Rule 4: Childhood friends almost never win. Rule 5: Girls with bigger cups would most likely lose against girls with smaller cups. These are 5 powerful rules, I'd list extra rules once needed. "So, Tamaki Kazuhiko, handsome, brown hair, b
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EPISODE 5 - A Certain Magical Context
"SENPAI! ANY SENPAIS AVAILABLE?" The usual treatment, but this time no one actually comes to go close to me or even look at me. Senpais are much more brutal. Well, I mean I'm taking the role of the kouhai, who are usually assertive. Let's see how this goes. I grabbed the arm of a girl. I tried my best to be assertive. "Senpai, let's go home!" It may have ended up being cheesy and cringey instead, but I can manage. The girl was startled and let go of my grasp. "Um, who are you? And why are you touching me?" she asked. "But...I'm your kouhai, right? Gimme the nice treatment." My face shined brightly. "Eugh!" Her face turns into a hint of disgust, "NICE MY A*S, WHO ARE YOU?" she asked. "NICE CURSING! YOU'RE DEFINITELY MY TYPE! NOW COME HOME WITH ME!" People began to look around us, giving us suspicious glares. "Hey, choose your wording..." she told me. "Man, that would be a nice experience, especially since we're gonna be all alone..." "HEY! WORDING!" I'm cultured enoug
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EPISODE 6 - The Genres and Themes I Wouldn't Fit Into (Part 1)
I arrived at the doorstep. I turned the knob and I welcome myself into my house. "I'm home!" Beep. Boop. I heard video game noises from upstairs. A voice of a girl and a boy came along with it. "I win again!" the girly voice cheered. "No fair! One more!" the voice of a boy replied. What are those sounds? I took a step into my house and the whole atmosphere changed immediately. This... aura! The aura of romance! DISGUSTING! PWEH! I spit on the trash bin to my left. This sweetly sensation... is… weakening me... SICKENING! "Blech!" The door leading up to my room for gaming was open. A bright line shines through the gap. I took a peek inside the room filled with noises. I saw two people playing on my gaming console. WHO IN THE WORLD HAS THE AUDACITY TO TOUCH MY WIFE, MY PLAYSTAT-... damn you author... I had to revise my statement, even in my thoughts, or the author would shut me up for referencing a copyrighted brand. MY PLAYCAMP 4! That's a bad substitute. But there’s n
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EPISODE 7 - The Genres and Themes I Wouldn't Fit Into (Part 2)
Note: The Slice-of-Life Boys. "Hey Ishimoto, tell us a dark joke," Hara requested. "A refrigerator with food is the same as a cannibal opening an air-conditioned room full of people," Ishimoto answered. "Woah, man! Too dark! Another one, but not too dark," Yoshida requested. "If a cat in a box filled with radiation is Schrödinger's cat, can a human-dog hybrid eating chocolate be considered the same?" Ishimoto answered. "Too smart!" Arata praised. I analyzed their antics. I can be a Slice-of-Life, but that's the lowest of the low. I'll have that as my last resort since right now, I'm in desperate need. Now, what genres and themes do we have? I'll start with what comes up to mind. I started listing out the genres and themes. Adventure. Nope, no chance. Action, that's for shounen, mostly. Comedy, I have a knack for this one, I'll leave this on standby. Romance, pshhh. "I ain't a mob character for no reason, eh?" Sports, as if. Parody... "I'm already mocking certain stereotyp
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EPISODE 8 - Character vs Creator (Part 2)
April 15, 20XX 8:11 AM "I WAS GONNA TRY SCI-FI, BUT YOU PUSHED ME TO THE LIMITS!" If I can't be the main character, no one will... AND NO SHOULD BE! "I'll make it work this time, by using a different and smarter method." With my status as a mob character, I'd be most likely ignored by the main characters surrounding me. This is why my plan to make the rom-com vulgar failed. So in order to successfully cancel this sh*tty story, instead of being directly involved, how about I be indirect? "That way I ruin their progress and create unnecessary filler events. I really am a genius! Now, who to mess with? I shouldn't mess with the Shounen Protagonist, he protects us from enemies, so it would be bad if I messed with him." "How about I mess the rom-com again?" I laughed and snickered at the unfortunate soul. I'll mess with them first. … .. . Ring. Ring. The school bell rang. Class was about to begin. Morine was hugging Tamaki. I stared at them and smiled with evil intent. I ros
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EPISODE 9 - Sci-fi
April 19, 20XX 8:20 AM I'm giving this world three chances, after that... I sighed, "If only I could kill myself though…" However, I chose to ignore this notion and decide to plan. With my tip-top smarts, I could top at any time. And that's why I decided to join... A door opened. "Hello! I'm here to join the researchers of the future club!" I said enthusiastically. Three people stared at him, 2 boys and a girl. "Can you please quiet down, we're doing research here..." the first boy said to me. "Oh, Toshiaki-kun, you need to be more mindful of your kouhais," the second one replied to the first. He took a closer inspection of me. "Huh?" He stared at me. "Wait, aren't you in the same class as we are? What was your name again?" he asked. Ehehehe, they never noticed me, haven't they? "My name is Kibe Takayuki," I introduced myself. "I'm Yuu Kajiwara, I'm the leader here. You can call me Kajiwara-san. That guy over there is Toshiaki Sando-kun," he pointed to the other guy
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EPISODE 10 - The Sacred Protagonist (Part 1)
I’m inside my room. WAHHHHHHHH! It's bad to get involved in time. I've never seen an anime or manga that did not involve psychological horror or thriller with time travel. One such example is St**ns;gate. I sighed. "I thought I finally had it, too bad. Now two more chances… Hang on, let me analyze this a bit more thoroughly." "Hmmmm... I GOT IT!" The main reason that I do not have the role of the main protagonist is that... "I do not meet the criteria... My personality doesn't meet the expectations of that of a main character, and because it didn't fit those even of a side character, I was set to a background character." "Aren't there people who have much worse conditions? Oh hold on, they are probably antagonists or villain protagonists. But I don't want either of those roles though. " I smirked and laughed. AND THAT'S WHY MY PLAN IS PERFECT! I can't believe I have to resort to this, but I have to… "I'll become the sacred protagonist, or in other words... a Hentai Protagoni
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