Chapter 26

" to be..My.. Brother??" 

A voice which stuttered and wavered at the same time spoke. 

Marcus turned slowly and his gaze fixed itself on a girl. She had a beautiful feature. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were blue. She was standing around 133 cm in height and was slim. The little cutie was fidgeting with her long blonde hair which reached till her shoulders. She looked like she was on her teens. His eyebrows perched for a moment and he turned to look at his parents. He spread his arms to his sides, asking them what was going on. 

His father played with his hands and his mother rolled her eyes and whistled. 

Marcus narrowed his stare at them and sighed. 

"Care to explain?" 

He asked directly this time.

"Ah, Marcus I was getting to that" 

Reiren fidgeted with her hair. 

"We found her in the streets, without any shelter" 

"So we adopted her" 

Albert finished. 
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