Chapter 46


His words came out at the same time when he joined his palms together. At the same time, The smoke ball sped towards Rolak and Hit him, exploding him into the Ogretto crowd. 

The Fallen Ogrettos stood up like before, they were just shadows now because Marcus hadn't yet given them any thinking power. 

But Rolak was still lying on the ground facing upwards. Rolak's body was shining a color which was a mix of an eerie type of blood red and eclipse black. 

Marcus motioned the Normal Ogretto soldiers to move away. They made way for him and opened up a space which gave him the perfect view of the events. 

Rolak was trembling, his body was not visible yet,  His body was still surrounded by the same version of black and red, but it seemed to losing it's shine gradually.  

After a whole minute, it stopped, the color dissapeared. A strong breeze played with Marcus's hair and passed him. He grinned. It was the same breeze

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