Alex Johnson: The Unknown Heir

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Alex Johnson: The Unknown Heir

By: Rex Magnus CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Coupled with his identity as the heir of one of the most prominent mortal families in the mortal world as well as one of the most powerful sects in the immortal world, Alex Johnson who had been bullied all his life and had thought he was hated by heaven shall become one of the most powerful controllers of the world overnight, and gain something no one has ever dreamed about in their lives. And like that, he that barely have enough money to eat once a day in the past shall become the richest person in the nation within the blink of an eye, and with his identity and power, he would not only take revenge for all the bullies he had received in the past, but he shall also have what it takes to go against the world and heaven, he is Alex Johnson, the heir that wasn't known. Tags #Small_Harem #Word_Domination #Light_Romance #Op_Mc #Billionaire_In_Disguise and a few more. Please, drop a review if you like the novel. Also, you can check out my other two books that are also in this platform; The God Level Son-In-Law and Myriad Returning System, thank you.

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162 chapters
Chapter 001 - Bastard, Are You Blind Or What?!
**** Potter City On a somewhat crowded street in a hot summer's afternoon, a young man in his late teens could be seen pedaling a bike as quickly as his legs would allow him.Looking at this young man, his body was already entirely drenched in sweat, and his attractive face, which was also completely covered in sweat beads was etched with fatigue.But despite this, the young man appeared unconcerned as the hastiness in his eyes was much more intense.He continued to cycle the bike hysterically as if his life depended on it, dodging both objects and creatures.The young man's eyes finally shone with intense light after a prolonged period of unceasing cycling, as if he had suddenly seen light at the end of a totally dark tunnel.The young man immediately increased his pedaling speed and applied more energy to his legs when he abruptly heard the unexpectedly loud vroom of an approaching car.The young man's delight first gave way to a bewildered and perplexed expression since he was ful
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Chapter 002 - I'm So Dead Today!
***** The speaker was an extraordinarily beautiful lady who has a killer body but a cold countenance. As if she was a goddess, she trotted to the place, then it instantly became completely quiet and everybody turned their gazes filled with bright light and enviousness at her, but as if the beautiful lady wasn't aware, she ignored them all. Her eyes abruptly furrowed slightly before reverting to the initial coldness in them. “What's going on here?” She asked again, then Cliff Sotto hurriedly swirled around. “Class President, what are you doing here?” A bright flattery smile appeared on his face as he gazed at the beautiful lady before him, but what he got in response was an unchanging emotionless gaze. “I ask you, what’s going on here?” The smile on Cliff Sotto's face Immediately disappeared before his face became pitiful, then he pointed with a helpless countenance at Alex Johnson. “It was him. I don’t know what was going on with him that made him have suicidal thoughts. Coul
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Chapter 003 - Bullied Pitilessly
***** Inside a huge dormitory room that was well furnished and doesn’t resemble that of students, five boys could be seen currently seated in a circular position on the floor, playing cards.One of them was displaying unreserved excitement on his face, while the other two were showing signs of nervousness. he As for the remaining two, they wore expressions of unhappiness on their faces.“Fuck you, just one more minute and I would win!”The boy with an unhidden excitement on his face exclaimed loudly as he enthusiastically played a card.“Fuck you too, you bastard. Anything can happen before then, so don’t you dare raise your hope too high or you'd end up weeping!”One of the boys with nervousness on their face spat angrily before also playing his card, making the boy that first spoke giggle without any sign of being offended by the foul language used.“Who’s still minding this cheater? I should have known you were up to a shady business when you suggested this game all in t
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Chapter 004 - Fired At Work
***** “YOU BASTARD AND USELESS PIECE OF TRASH, DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME NONSENSE. PACK ALL YOUR THINGS NOW AND LEAVE, YOU ARE FIRED!”At this moment, the filthy-looking and overtly wounded-stricken Alex Johnson could be seen standing with his head bowed while shivering. And before him was an out-of-the-world furiously middle-aged man whose eyes were currently crimson red as he sent his spits flying across the place. This middle-aged man was Alex Johnson's boss at the pizza shop who had never once treated Alex Johnson nicely since he’s been working for him.As if Alex Johnson had offended him somewhere before, he had hated him to the bone since his first day at work.He always gave Alex Johnson a lot of tasks above his pay, but no matter how great Alex Johnson behaves and no matter what he does right, he was always scolded by him and even punished a lot of times by having his Salary deducted.Poor Alex Johnson.This was why he had become utterly petrified when he realized his
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Chapter 005 - A Bad News
***** Although Alex was physically and emotionally broken to the extent that he could barely stand up straight, he knew he mustn’t be lazy, not yet, not even if he was only left with just a thread of life.So, upon leaving his former workplace, Alex instantly rushed to his and his grandmother's house which was located in a slum area.On his way there, it was as if he was a jinx or something nobody wants to get close to. Everybody he passes by would Immediately cover their mouths and run away from him as far as they could, but Alex simply wasn’t bothered by this.He doesn’t even have the time to notice them.Rushing back home, he took a cold water bath to wash away all the dried blood and dirt on him despite the extremely biting pain killing him.When he was done, he hurriedly treated himself with the expired first-aid kits in a corner at home.Just as he was done and deliberating on where to go work next, Alex received a call from one of his customers, and although his f
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Chapter 006 - An Unexpected Person
***** Presently, Alex Johnson could be seen gazing at his front with a dumbfounded expression on his face.Looking at him now, it was as if he was witnessing the most unbelievable and unexpected thing in his life.That’s right.After leaving the Café, he started searching about worriedly, but no matter how much he searched for her, she was nowhere to be found.He went to her hostel and was given cold shoulders and treated like a beggar by her friends before he was contemptuously chased away.Just when he was about to become overwhelmed with extreme nervousness, he found her, but never in his entire life had he imagined what he saw her doing.Growing up, because Alex Johnson was almost the twin brother of poverty, he has no friends apart from one.Although her family wasn’t as poor as his, they had clicked perfectly well right from toddler, and they became best friends who couldn’t do without each other for just a single day.They even promised to marry each other once
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Chapter 007 - The Elderly Man
**** Standing before Alex Johnson right now was a disheveled and vagrant elderly man who was clad in a raggedy brown garment whose initial color should have been pure white, and his grey hair was filled with bits of flower seeds and small twigs from trees and the woods.It was as if the old man just came out of a jungle.Seeing this elderly man, Alex suddenly looked stomped for a while, then a bright and foolish grin appeared on his face as if the old man was his long lost friend, completely forgetting his troubles for a second, then suddenly, he sighed pitifully with a nostalgic expression on his face.Before two years ago, when their circumstances hadn’t gotten this worst, Alex and his grandmother were always able to eat their fill every day despite their struggles. However, ever since he knew this old man which was ten years prior, he was always homeless and extremely impoverished.Because of how pitiful he felt the old man's life to be, Alex always made sure to sneak f
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Chapter 008 The Elderly man's Identity
***** “Old man, I need to go urgently,” Returning to his senses, Alex hurriedly uttered before turning around.As he prepared to hastily hobble away, an object unexpectedly landed in his hand, specifically wrapping one of his fingers. Because of his extreme nervousness which caused him to be unaware of what had occurred, he instinctively clenched his hand around the object.Although all that happened, he has no idea at all, so he continued scurrying away as if someone was chasing him.Without realizing it, the hand with which he grasped the object was the one he had previously used to wipe away blood from his nose. As he does so, a faint bluish light suddenly appears, intensifying and piercing through his skin before vanishing entirely.The old man who saw all this watched Alex's back with a thoughtful expression on his face for a while until Alex disappeared, then suddenly, a bright smile appeared on his aged face.“I knew it! I’m so smart!”He chuckled happily to himself
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Chapter 009 - Me?! Your Godson?!
***** The moment Alex reached the hospital, he raced once again like he was being chased by a hungry lion, startling everybody he met on the way.With a loud bang, he entered the public ward where his grandmother had been admitted for over a year now, then to the bed she has been using.But the moment he got there, his eyes widen and his body trembled slightly because the person on the bed was unknown to him, and he knew that there were only three possibilities for that, one, his grandmother has been discharged, two, she was moved to another place, and three, she was gone.Knowing well that nothing could be done without his consent, he automatically cleared the first two possibilities, then his breathing abruptly quickened and his legs began to tremble.He suddenly gazed at the faces of the people within the ward, but most of them were unknown to him and were presently staring curiously at his face.Just as he was having a high hope, thinking he had entered the wrong ward,
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Chapter 010 - Difficult To Convince
**** “So… what you mean was that you, the Divine General Rex Magnus is my godfather and she, the leader of the most prominent family in our nation is my Aunt?”Currently, Alex could be seen seated on a couch in a lavishly decorated room in the hospital with his handsome and weary face frozen in disbelief as he stared at the stunning couple before him.As for the attractive man who had been staring at him with an apologetic and guilty expression on his face all along, the moment he heard Alex’s perplexed inquiry, he nodded his head in response to it, and upon seeing this response, Alex became more thunderstruck, then after a while, he breathed out deeply before he eventually opened his mouth again.“And my fa…” He suddenly trembled slightly as if he was about to say a word that was extremely heavy for his mouth to utter, then he breathed out deeply again before he ultimately continued.“you also said my… my fa… father was your… your beloved brother-in-arm and the first son of
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