Chapter 45

[New skill Learned : Necromancy]

[Skill Perfected : Necromancy]


Marcus snapped his head back as the system said...but soon his eyelids went round when he saw something small, glowing and appearing from the sea water.

It was the dead scorpion he had thrown into the water. Marcus was not an Idiot so he understood what was happening. Marcus knew it was because of his orders that these skills were created, which meant he could possibly be the first ever Omnivoker!!!. 

"I am a Necromancer, Tamer, Soul wielder as well, that fills in the first three letters of The Omnivoker's Code. NTS!!"

Marcus said. 

He looked at the Scorpion levitating above the water. But it wasn't the Scorpion's original body instead it looked like a Blackish wisp which took the form of the scorpion's original body. 

Marcus motioned it to come closer and it did!. The wisp landed on the sand and started shuffling towards its master. 

Marcus he

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