[Duel With A God - 3]

"I AM SORRY...."


The Man in front of him grinned as Marcus's eyes widened at Naraga's words.

The Golden haired man holding his thunder bolt was none other than the son of Ravens. 

The So Called Earth's Bane!! CRAYALUS RAVENS!!!.

Marcus couldn't move, Crayalus was leaning his hand on Marcus's shoulder.

"What did I say Naraga" 

He turned to look at the trembling God. 

Naraga was silent, he was terrified.

"I asked..." 

The Time stopped and the atmosphere became tense. 


Crayalus shouted, his voice blew Marcus's eardrums off. Blood oozed from his ears as his vision started getting blurry. 

Crayalus's eyes were white with rage. His Golden Hair stood up and transformed into a platinum dye. His teeth were gritting against each other which made the Ground under them shake in fear. 

Naraga's Skin peeled off and his limbs were decapitate

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