[Its Easy To Kill A God - 1]

Naraga's body went up in flames as The Demon glared his fire red eyes at him. 

"Yapping in front of the FLAME BERSERKER is equal to DEATH...My friend"


Demon Marcus danced his way to the burning Naraga. He reached his ears as he bend over. 

"Stop acting..Let's Just start the fight....KEKEKEKEKEKEK"

The Fire puffed as Naraga's burning fist sped towards the demon's cheekbone. With a flash the Demon who claimed to be The Flame Berserker dodged the attack. 

Demon Marcus travelled through air and was behind Naraga in a second, Naraga was still on the rebound of his punch. The Heavenly Demon was way too fast for the God's eyes.

The Demon leaned his chin on the Fire Sentinal's back as he smiled wide like a maniac. 

"You are pathetically weak for the standards of a God"

The Demon chuckled. His chuckle rang inside the god enraging Naraga as his veins popped in uncontrollable rage.

The One thing he hated to

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