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Karmagha is a very powerful kingdom who dominated and destroyed other kingdoms in time past. However, this powerful kingdom was cursed by an evil sorceress which later resulted to famine and barrenness in the whole land. The fate of this kingdom is now in the hands of a young boy named Forgus. He was born to the Royal family during the period of the curse and has been chosen by the goddess to liberate the land. After many years of learning sorcery, he is now to face the evil sorceress to deliver the land from her curse.

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The Inception
Is that a sound of trumpet? Hmm. It better not be! Otherwise, Karmagha is finished. Trumpets are blown whenever there is an outbreak of war. Karmagha is not ready for any war, it has not fully recovered from the outcome of the war between it and Amsnath in 1408, two years ago. Who will deliver this weak city from the mighty hand of the people of Hashan? The people of Hashan had besieged the water region and tried to block the water flow into the kingdom. There was drought in the land, the average people who could no longer fend for themselves, sold themselves as slaves to the wealthy people in the society, who in turn, provided them with food.The siege was much; people’s faith was on strong warriors to safe them who tried their best but could not drive the rivals. A man of the people of Amsnath named Karmagha sojourned into this weak kingdom. He was 8 feet and 10 inches tall, he had six toes on each foot and six fingers on each hand. He lived in the mountain and feeds on live fishes
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Curse Pronounced
It is now the 12th hour and the full moon appeared. A male sorcerer named Magnus was there to assist; they decorated the altar with spring blossom and flowers then they placed a toy on the right side of the altar which symbolizes fertility. They made representations of the waxing crescent Moon, the first quarter, the Full Moon, the last quarter and the waning crescent from a silver paper. The four sorcerers decorated the hardboiled eggs using one for each phase of the moon. Evelyn, Carrita and Magnus glued the thread to the eggs and decorated the branch of spring blossom they had brought in a vase.The chiefs had assembled at the palace with the king. “As our manner is, at the time of the renewal of covenant with our great Saramandra, we are expected to wine and dine before her. Let’s celebrate to a fruitful year.” The king said in excitement. They all began to eat, some of the royal sorcerers were there to protect them in case of any danger.Evelyn took the moon symbols and sprayed
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Promise of Salvation
*** 3 MONTHS LATER ***It’s the Karmagha’s market day. On this day, people from different clans come to purchase commodities including agricultural produce from Karmagha due to the great yield it has yearly. The Wonderful Market – so it is being called – was 25 miles away from the palace. The topography of the place is one that you can be on this end of the market without seeing what is going on few metres from you but you can see what is happening in another part of the market 10 to 20 kilometres from you.The air has been infiltrated with dust as a result of the movement of individuals and horses in the market place including camels and donkeys used to carry loads. People of Karmagha who have gathered their farm produce displayed it and then used their hands to beckon on passers by to patronize them. At one end of the market, there is this band of musicians playing instruments and displaying all kind of dance steps. Passersby who are intrigued by the music dropped money for them in
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The Chosen One
“Push, my Lady, you can do it.” The royal midwife who is in charge said to the Queen. “I cannot feel myself, I don’t think I can continue.” “Don’t say so my Lady, the great goddess is with you, for this is the hope of the people of Karmagha.” Carrita reassured the Queen. “The baby’s head is coming out my Lady,” the midwife said and then turned to other midwives there with her; “Make ready the water to wash the child.” One of them went to get it done while the other two were close by assisting. Carrita was standing by the left side of the bed close to where the Queen’s head was, cheering her up while the maid that ministered to the Queen was by her right hand. The Queen shouted in pain and with that force pushed out the baby; the cry of the child was heard. Shammah who was standing outside heard the cry and went to inform the king after proper inquiry.Carrita took the child from the midwife in charge, raised him up and said “This is the chosen one.” Then she handed him back to th
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First Battle
There years later, baby Forgus was in his room with the sorceress assigned to keep an eye on him. The bead was safely placed on the cloth used to cover him on the bed. It was bed time but he is finding it difficult to sleep. He turned to the sorceress and said, “Tell me a story.” Then he sat upright to listen. “Okay, listen very carefully I will ask you a question after the story.” He sits well and this time with rap attention. “Once upon a time, in a land terrorized by an evil sorcerer. He made sure no one sleeps comfortably in the land for fear of him. He might strike at anytime and he has edge over everyone due to his strong knowledge of sorcery. None was able to stand him; he even scares children away. But one day, a boy named Forgus” he smiled on hearing his name, “met him, pretended to be on his side; he killed him from behind and that was the end of the evil sorcerer. Now, my question; who saved the day?” “Forgus.” “That’s right. Give me a high five.” He was happy to hear
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Magnus Institute of Sorcery
Getting into the open space around the lifted hand of Karmagha’s sculpture, there is a vast land that is hidden therein from being visaged by those in the ordinary world. There is an inscription on a board hanging on the air in a portrait manner without any support for it which reads ‘Magnus Institute of Sorcery.’ One cannot just enter into the open space although you can’t see what is going on within; trying to enter, it’s as though there is a barricade preventing one from doing so. Magnus and wife had placed a spell there that no one can enter into the institute without being granted access; this they learnt from a faraway land which none of the sorcerers and sorceresses in Karmagha have knowledge of.There are bungalows scattered over this vast land where the students lived in. People from various communities came to learn more of sorcery here especially the young ones. The place was built like the normal conventional high school; only that there are five classes of learning due to
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Love and Chase
Forgus entered the library only to find Ella sitting all by herself. She’s reading ‘The Ultimate Book of Spell’ written by Miranda Goshawk. He went to her and said, “Can I join you?” “Sure, you can.” “What are you up to?” “Trying to understand Hobert’s magic.” “That’s a simple thing to do.” He stretched his wand towards the book on her hand, performed a smooth swish and flick movement and said, “Wingardium Leviosa.” The book was elevated to the mid-air above her head, then he began to toss it back and forth. She tried to take the book but was unable to. “Stop it!” she said, “I’m reading this book, hand it back to me!” He refused, kept on swinging the book around the library. It obviously turned to a ‘chase and catch’ something. The joy in his heart knew no bound; she kept chasing it breathing heavily. He tossed it close to one of the shelves, she leapt to take it and landed on the floor after hitting herself on the shelf. Forgus saw the books about falling on her, rushed to he
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Kampela and The Lady From Amsnath
Kampella is a little town that was discovered by Sajious. He left his father’s house in search of a better place to stay with his offspring. He’s great in livestock and sought a better pasture for them. He sojourned into Kampella and decided to fallow the whole land for himself and his offspring. The place was named after the third son of his second wife. He loved him so much; he was his smallest child then. However, as he grew older and acquired wealth, he picked another wife from his kindred who bore him more children.In the late 18th century, King Dovia of Karmagha led his people into Kampella and wiped out everything having breath therein. Dovia slaughtered the king, his wife and son not knowing that Evelyn had hid herself. It was a great massacre; the livestock were taken by the warriors and the city was burnt.Magnus went out with his wife that day to visit someone in the neighbouring town. On his return, he discovered his house burnt down and his children all dead. He rushed t
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Quest For Solution
“Forgus! Forgus!” Flora paused for a while and said, “Where has he gone to?” She continued her search to the point of going into his room but he was not there. Anglo was close to the room with one of the female teachers discussing. “Do you know the whereabout of Forgus?” Flora said to him.“No. is anything the matter?“Help me look around for him, I need him to do something for me.”They both went in search of Forgus, entering different places in the vicinity calling on him but no response, he was nowhere to be found. Then Flora proceeded to the rocky part of the field in further search of him, he always goes there whenever he wants to be alone. Seeing him from a distance, she just stared with wide opened eyes and didn’t shake. After some moment of gazing, Anglo came there and was about to call him, she used her hand to close his mouth. They watched him closely without saying a word, then they went back. Later that day, Forgus was with Mr. Sarma in the library; “How’s it going wit
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Hope Sparks
Chief Manda’Uke tapped the king to allow him speak.“Dear people of Karmagha I greet you.” There was relative calmness. He continued, “The king is not in oblivion of the ordeal in Karmagha and I must tell you that he has been doing his best to manage the situation. We are all aware how he’s been of assistance in the area of food to everybody in this Kingdom though he’s also affected. As for the curse on the land, it will soon be lifted: the goddess Saramandra had assured. Don’t lose faith in Saramandra, remember the goddess showers us with rain at least three to four times in a year. This is because of her love for this Kingdom. The chosen one will soon surface, when I say soon, I mean very soon. He will defeat the evil sorceress and return the kingdom to its normal state. Our salvation is near now.”There was distant charter among the people“He’s right.” “I think we ought to have faith in the great goddess, if she has been showing us mercy to send rainfall, then she will certainl
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