I got transmigrated with a cheat system

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I got transmigrated with a cheat system

By: AATAnime OngoingFantasy

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“Aren't we all tired of reading about heroes who are binded by law and righteousness and can't act on their own free will or villains who are just bad and evil, why don't we try something different, something like anti hero who aren't binded by the law". Follow zero who is regarded as a useless hero on his adventure across a mythical world full of adventures and danger.

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  • AATAnime


    This is my first book and I hope you all enjoy this adventurous story as you follow the main character and dive into the world of fantasy as I try my best to bring the character and everything in it to life.

    2022-09-03 03:23:27
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The other world
A college boy can be seen running along the roadside."No, no, no! I am late for school now, I shouldn't have played video games all night long".Suddenly to him, the world paused, everyone, animals, and plants got frozen with the time apart from the college boy whose name is 'zero'."What's happening? Why did everything pause?" he suddenly said after noticing the strange phenomenon.But unknown to him everything is not paused at all, everything is currently moving, but he is in a strange dimension.Suddenly, a strange glow circled him, a magic circle."Eh! What's happening to me, this is not really my day" he cried.(------------------------------)In a kingdom inside the castle lab, mages and knights can be seen. In the middle of the large lab, colorful bright light can be seen revealing different people with confused faces under a magic circle."Welcome heroes to our world, Hart," said an old man."Hmm… where are we? What do they mean by their world, Hart, and why are we in a stran
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After the feast ended, everyone returned home. The heroes were carried to their room drunk apart from me who didn't eat or drink much in the party so I was led into my room by a very beautiful but yet serious looking maid."Wow! Hero, I am impressed that you didn't get drunk like the others, was the party not to your taste", she suddenly said."I actually enjoyed the party, the king is really nice to host a feast for us heroes, but I don't think it is wise to get drunk on your first day in a strange world" I answered her with a calm expression."Ohh I see! That's quite smart of you hero, I thought you are like the rest, but you have proven me wrong that you do not allow the title to cloud your thinking"."Well why do you say that?" I asked"You see apart from the quest of saving the world from the demon kingdom and rise of the demon lord of chaos, you will face many other challenges and fight many monsters basically for the heroes, this is like a suicide mission especially to those wh
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The useless hero
I placed my hand on the awakening glass hour, but the bright light I was expecting didn't happen."Eh! Why is nothing happening?" everyone started questioning, the whole place got rowdy."It seems our dear hero here, does not have any class or ability" the old man said with a hint of sadness in his voice."Then why is he summoned then""So he is weak, how will he help us in defeating the demon lord?"."Yeah!" Everyone started complaining and making jest of me for being a hero without any special powers."Even though I don't care about this world or anything, at least give me a good damn power to survive here before returning home" I said to myself.The King quickly stood up and said, "that's all for today everyone, the heroes, I mean the real heroes have been introduced to the world and awakened their powers".I can tell obviously that the way this king will treat me in the future will be different.After the end of introduction, every citizen went back to their various homes and jobs
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Cheat system
Later that day… After talking with the old man.I was in the room given to me, possibly the best room in the inn. I layed on my bed and fell into a deep thought "Where is my golden finger, I can't possibly get transmigrated into another world without power or something, not even the common popular system of all Isekai novels."Men! I hate this world and their hypocrite humans, curse them because how can you summon innocent humans to your world just to save it from it's calamity""Like seriously now that I didn't get any special skill I am discriminated against like it's my fault".Suddenly I heard a strange robotic feminine sound in my ear.*Ding*[Host has been found][Criteria: No Skills, Another world][Host has been granted the cheat system].[Another System found with the host][Merging both system][Merging: 20%...40%...60%...80%...100%][Merging completed][System level 2][Searching for the host initial talent][Error found, searching other talents][Error][Error][Error]*
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Pathetic hero
I confidently strolled out of the blacksmith shop and then started heading towards the forest.It was about midday by now, so I had a solid 6 to 7 hours to grind some monsters for exp.Passing by a few people, I heard their derogatory comments once again, but I continued to ignore them.After all, I was going to be stronger than all of them, and with this cheat system, I would be known as the strongest hero one day, at least, if I decided to go on that path. You see, I was also thinking about being a villain, I mean, that sounded fun, didn't it?Imagine getting all the exp, the gold, the girls, and the power, it would just feel too good!But, of course, that would be for my future self to decide, right now, I needed to gain more exp!Walking into the forest, there was a complete change in atmosphere, as the trees blocked the sun, causing the surrounding air to feel cold and damp.But, even with this coldness, I couldn't help but start sweating, as my hands struggled to grip on the swo
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The hero vs orc
Then, I saw it.A huge green monster through the trees.Standing on two legs, a loincloth to cover its privates, with an ugly face and two big tusks that extended from its mouth.An orc.And I would have to kill it.I moved around the trees, hiding myself from it, making a big plan to sneak up and end it with one hit, a nice clean death.But then, it sniffed, grunted, and then, it turned its head in my direction.'Fuck.' "I guess sneak attack won't work on you" I said as I dashed towards the orc.*Grunt*The orc raised its club high and smashed to my side. I could tell the big ugly just smirked.When the dust cleared up the orc was surprised that I didn't turn into a meat paste."Hey big ugly" I said as I stood on top of a big treeThe orc looked at me and I smiled "Your mama is an ugly bitch" I said.I am pretty sure that the orc didn't understand what I said but he knew I was insulting him and got really angry.He jumped high, and smashed the tree again, but I quickly left before h
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The hero vs the orcs
I saw lots of orcs running towards me."I guess you guys did hear the call" I said and dashed off towards the herds.I began to slaughter many orcs, I did a lot of sword moves and killed lots of orcs.Suddenly a blazing fireball was launched at me with great speed as I couldn't dodge it and I got flanged to the tree."Craap! Where did that come from" I said.*Ding*[An higher orc mages detected]"Well thanks for warning me in advance, shitty system" I yelled.[Do the host want to copy class and ability]"Copy" I said as I evaded a flying rock being thrown at me.The sword I was using broke, so I quickly picked up the club on the ground. At first I thought it would be extremely heavy because of how massive it is but surprisingly not.I didn't get used to it at first, but later on I became perfect with the club as I bash their head into meat paste.I was covered with blood, which feels like a reliving water shower to me.I kept on fighting while evading the fireball assault, I couldn't
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The nine tail fox
I took my battle stance, ready to fight the leader of the viper who I call scarface.He unsheathed his big sword and said "My name is griffon leader of the viper, I am telling you so you can know who beat your ass""Stop talking scarface" I told him."You are quite arrogant, aren't you for an hero"*Hahaha* I laughed"Hero my foot, you guys aren't worth saving" I told him. My sentence seems to anger a lot of people but I don't care."I will show you!" he yelled and attacked me with an impressive sword move. Due to my broken sword I had to avoid the attack. The only way to attack is to get close to him, I think my level should be higher than his.Don't you think this is a little bit unfair, seeing the difference between your weapon and mine. *"hahaha* "don't blame your weapon, just let everyone know the weakling you are," he said and slashed his sword towards my neck.*Ding*[Class detected: swordsman][Unique skill: None][Skill: sword][Do you wish to copy][Y/N]This guy doesn't
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Slave contract
*Ding*[Nine tail bloodline detected][Does host want to copy the bloodline]"Hehe, this is great, system copy the bloodline"*Ding*[Copying bloodline][Time estimated: 10hrs][Cheat activated; Time estimated: 0hrs 0mins 0 secs].*Ding*[Copying completed][Cheat activated; bloodline uprade: Pure —> Royal grade].[Does the host want to merge with bloodline]."Not now, I have to take care of this young girl" I told the system."System activate the healing mage class"*Ding*[Class activated][Skill can now be used]"Ok let's do this", I said as I rubbed my hand against each other and pressed it on her body.A bright green light shone, covering the mountain area. The young girl's injuries began to heal at a very fast pace.2mins later…"Cough!!" The unconscious girl began to wake up."Where am I?" The young girl said as she sat up properly, noticing her surroundings she felt relieved."Hey" I said when seeing that she didn't notice me."Huh who are you and how did you get in?!" "That
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Wanted Hero
Three months ago…My name is Frank, a holy knight for our great kingdom. I am currently on a mission sent by the king to look for more clues of what caused a whole forest to become barren.We got to the town at the far border of the kingdom.I got off from the horse and looked at the disgusting little town in front of me."Alright everyone, the adventurers should go around town and gets some clues pertaining the forest, while we go to the scene and see if we can find anything also" I said.When I and the knights were preparing to move out, the town leader came to me with some guys at his back."Greetings great knights and greetings to you especially sir holy knight" he greeted us.I kept quiet allowing my fellow knight to do the talking "What do you want old man?""I believe that because of the weakling hero that his majesty sent the holy knight to our town".I raised my eyebrows and cleared my throat "What do you mean the weakling hero, was he here?"The surrounding people were surpr
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