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Herbert Halloway was a political and high-profile criminal (mafia boss) whose malevolent acts were with zero traces. He was wanted by the Nigerian government - five Supernumerary (SPY) female Police disguised as cocotte at the Oriental Hotel. Herbert Halloway fell head over the heels forthwith he caught sight of them. The five Supernumerary female police executed the duty. Herbert Halloway’s Achilles heel had been gripped. Amidst the police plan to apprehend him, one of the Supernumerary police discovered that Herbert Halloway was her father who saved her mother, Ma’am Akwete from being murdered years ago. She was coerced to disclose the police plan to Herbert Halloway and he was on the run with his daughter.



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Chapter One
“Who killed Chief John?” detective Sam asked.Herbert Halloway smiled.“I don’t know,” he responded.Herbert Halloway was one of those suspected to have executed the operation which took the life of Chief John. Chief John was a political councillor who was vying for the position of the Chairman of Mushin Local Government and he was the favourite. It had been rumoured that Herbert Halloway was sent by one of the opponent party of Chief John but the police had invited them by for interrogation which hadn’t amount to anything.One of the sergeants entered the interrogation room and began to mumble with the detective. After a few minutes of talk, Herbert Halloway was led out of the police station and they had a brief talk with him before he went to the motor park and drove out with his men who had been waiting for him.Herbert Halloway returned to his base in Mushin and headed to the conference room. The conference was an emergency one and his disciples began to phone his cabinet. Herbert
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Chapter Two
The police were with the divisional police officer (DPO) of Mushin. They were to give their reports concerning the recent rumoured allegation against Herbert Halloway. Sergeant Clinton one of the most intelligent police officers in Mushin, he was recently transferred to Mushin because of Herbert Halloway and they had been doing everything in their power to ensure that Herbert Halloway was gotten red-handed.Amidst their discussion detective, Sam walked in. He went to take his breakfast when he was done interrogating Herbert Halloway and later came to join Clinton and the DPO in the office. Detective Sam had a cordial relationship with Clinton and they were transferred to Mushin together. Mushin was one of the most dangerous cities in Lagos and sometimes referred to as the capital city of crimes in the Lagos State.Some of their former co-workers did refer to Sam and Clinton as twins due to the collaborative work they did execute and never failed when given one. Hence, when Herbert Hal
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Chapter Three
Sergeant Clinton and Detective Sam booked an appointment with the commissioner of police and had a meeting arranged. They spent a few minutes at the reception before it was their turn to enter the commissioner’s office. The commissioner wasn’t aware of their presence if not he would have said they should have been led to the guest room instead of office.“Oh, My God. I can’t believe you’ve been sitting there at the reception since,” the commissioner said.“Yes, sir, we have. We just have to follow the normal protocol and I am glad we were given an audience going through that,” Detective Sam said.The commissioner stood up, “let’s go to the lounge. You guys will get served some drinks. I am certain you’ve come here concerning the latest development which was assigned to you.”They nodded and walked behind him till they reached the lounge. The commissioner ordered two of his staff to get them drinks to use and accompany their discussion.“So what’s the new development?” The commissioner
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Chapter Four
Sergeant Clinton and Detective Sam returned to the Mushin where their offices were. When they touched down at the police station, they headed to the DPO’s office. When they entered, a senior police officer was behind them. They didn’t notice until they entered and he walked to the sideway as they were crouching their bum on the seat opposite the table of the DPO.“Welcome, Detective Sam and Sergeant Clinton.”When they sat down, the DPO’s attention was seized by the presence of the police officer who stood and seemed to have a message for him.“What’s it? I hope there is no problem.”He saluted, “Mr Segun has been killed.”“What? Segun too?”The police officer nodded. They were a sudden change in the disposition of the DPO. Sam became curious. The police officer walked out immediately he passed the message if not he would have asked him what had gone wrong.“What’s it, DPO? Who is Segun?” Clinton asked.“We’ve lost the last spy we have in the Herbert Halloway’s Castle. The most painfu
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Chapter Five
Herbert Halloway had prepared his entourage and would be leaving for Oriental Hotel. It was one of the biggest and the most popular hotels on Lagos Island. It was early in the morning where he sat in his office. None of his family could be traced not even where he was from as it had become a mystery. The police had made effort to trace his root but it was all to no avail.The fleets of cars in his garage had been prepared. He was seated on his favourite big sofa where he was smoking vehemently. His bouncers were behind him with their chest jiggling like an hungry Dog. Some of the guard walked in.“My Lord. We are ready to go.”Herbert Halloway nodded. Forthwith he went on his toe, they trembled and adjusted. The exit door had been opened with the two guards incharge of the door having their head bowed. Herbert Halloway was led out of the room to the garage where the cars that would be conveying him to the hotel had been prepared. They were also other ten cars which were to serve as a
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Chapter Six
Herbert Halloway was interested in having more questions especially knowing more about their status when one of his bouncers walked rapidly up to him and whispered into his ear. He gazed at the back with a surprise. It seemed he was alerted of an impending danger.“We will talk later, ladies,” Herbert Halloway said and walked out of their presence.The disguised Supernumerary police thought they had been gotten. Despite their feigning disinterest in having a conversation with him, they weren’t comfortable with the fact that he was leaving. It was all a strategy they employed so they wouldn’t look desperate and make it seem like a set-up.Sergeant Clinton and Detective Sam were left awed in the corner where they sat. When he stood up from the presence of the ladies after having a short conversation with his bouncer left them confused and they were twirling their eyes around trying to know what had gone wrong.They gazed at his rear with their cap as Herbert Halloway walked out of the g
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Chapter Seven
Detective Sam was in the strategic room when the DPO entered. He had initially gone to his office and he was told that he hadn’t resumed work. He was surprised by the sudden presence of the DPO and he paused what he was discussing with the ladies.“Good Morning, sir,” the ladies saluted.Detective Sam and Sergeant Clinton also extended their greeting.“I was just told that you guys resumed to the police station late last night. I thought you ought to be at Oriental Hotel.”Detective put forward his word.“Yes. But everything was shortened by the sudden vacation of Herbert Halloway. In the middle of the night when the ladies had already won his attention, one of his bouncers approached him and immediately, he walked out of the premise hence, we also have to leave since we have nothing doing.”“What! You mean he left there that night?” The DPO ask having a thought.Detective Sam and Sergeant Clinton nodded gazing at him. They were already wondering what he was thinking. Suddenly, he bro
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Chapter Eight
Detective Sam and Sergeant Clinton booked an appointment with the police commissioner even when it appeared unnecessary. It was a lengthy hour of discussion trying to convince the police commissioner about their plan to engage in some disguised illicit act to bring Herbert Halloway completely to his kneel. At the end of the discussion, they were able to convince the police commissioner after drawing out their plans.They both left the police commissioner’s office satisfied and felt fulfilled. The commission had begun working on their demands, especially the part where more personnel were needed. He knew what they were entering and he ensured the best were recruited and sent to Mushin for proper inspection.Detective Sam and Sergeant Clinton returned to Mushin and met with the DPO. They disclosed everything to him and he was happy that it went well. When he was told, he had doubts about it due to the resources it was gonna take, he doubted the police commissioner would be ready to be t
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Chapter Nine
Herbert Halloway had touched down at the hotel where he was texted to meet with her. He seemed to have been bewitched that most of his guards had thought of resuscitating his psyche, they had never seen him that nervous before since they had been working for him.“How are you, Cynthia?” Herbert Halloway said.“I am fine, Chief. How about you? How have you been?” She asked.“I am fine too.”Cynthia looked around and feigned not to be comfortable with the group of his men that were around them. Although, Cynthia also came with his men. They were the newly recruited police who were incorporated into the mission and they were meant to act according to the script and feigned like they were truly one of the guards of Cynthia.When Herbert Halloway noticed that he wasn’t comfortable with the presence of his men, he invited one of his bouncers nigher and whispered into his ear. He ordered the rest to leave. They were surprised that the ferocious Herbert Halloway was being controlled by an ord
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Chapter Ten
Cynthia returned home and feel fulfilled with what he went out for. She never thought she could return with such an amount of information. Her colleagues were already seated in the parlour. That would be the last major day they would be spending together. In the hotel room where they had been lounging were Jessica, Alice, Sophia and Agnes. They were filled with goosebumps when they caught sight of her. They couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.“How was it?” Sophia asked.Sophia was the tallest among them. They were all curvy and had almost the same figure-8 shape that seemed unresistable. Cynthia ensure he was comfortable and drank the water she was given before she said anything. She brought out her phone and played all their conversation because she recorded everything as they were told by Sam and Clinton but were meant to do it cunningly.When they finished listening to it, they were surprised by the amount of information she was able to get from him and he sent the record to
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