Ch 70: Fetha Obsession

What Rosetta and Ronal are talking about is the obsession dear Fetha has when it comes to the opposite sex. She takes great enjoyment in the part of hurting them, torturing them, breaking parts, and destroying their spirit until they become very mindless pets for such a vampire like her.

“The other reason Fetha was picked is because she is going to take her time with this person, making him scream for the longest time, wasting time playing around,” Ronal says, complaining.

“Oh yes, if I was to go with you there was no doubt in a matter of time you would have ended the duel where it wouldn’t have been much entertainment.”

“Well you speak the truth there sister, but you can’t blame me when I think it just isn't worth the effect.”

“That is yet to be seen for the moment, let us just enjoy the show shall we.”

The two then go to silence their discussion to watch the duel between Fetha and Marcus going on.

Marcus takes his steps back doing all he can to just control the focus afte
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