The Curse Mortal

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The Curse Mortal

By: Matthew OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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When someone who has lost everything home, friends and family, even their own humanity, reborn a creature that must live in the shadows calling it a new home and gaining a desirely hunger for blood. What a person like that has to do with no longer life inside no blood to keep the heart beating. there is only one thing to keep such one like that to stay alive and move one. That is the power of Vengeance. It can cause any living being with no hope to live again with burning purpores to destroy the one who did this. Follow Marcus on this dark journey with blood and pain where he must do anything to calm power to make him stronger as it will help complete killing the one that has cursed him to what he has become. Clear note: the art cover is not mine just using it until I can get my own in the future.

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  • reader archeron


    interesting start to this tale. we shall see where it goes

    2022-07-31 06:46:41
  • Sweet savage


    A start nicely done and a story promising to flow. keep it up author!

    2022-05-28 05:41:21
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75 chapters
Ch 1: The night a kingdom fallen
“Every time I see a sight like this in the world, It brings a bit of joy to this cold, Blackened heart of mine, just watching it burn.””A man said who wasn’t a normal mortal, but instead a powerful vampire known to be called Caleb Youngblood. “Damn…. You, I am going to kill you for this”,” A young man said, fighting the pain in his badly wounded knees. “Hmm… promising words coming from you. I would be impressed if you can keep such a promise, slim as the chance may be.” Caleb sounded to be impressed with a mortal. The young man forces himself unsteadily to his feet, gritting his teeth against the pain, His shaking hands gripping his sword, his knuckles turning white from the effort.. "I am…. Not going to promise…. It's going to happen!"He yelled as he started to charge at him. "That's it! Come at me with that burning hate in your heart.” Before the two could clash with each other, the world faded to dark until awakened wide eyes inside a dark and cold cave. The one to find such
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Ch 2: No peace for those being hunted down
Already the kingdom of Girean has fallen and king Abram is no longer ruler.   The only ones to escape were the queen, her daughter, one servant, and 15 soldiers.   They have traveled for at least two days from the night attack on their home.   Now they camp deep in some woods at night resting to go on the next day as this group.   “I can’t believe this is happening to my mother , father… our home…. gone.” the daughter said with tears coming down her face.   “I know my dear, I know, but we can not let what happened to weaken us, we are alive and must stay strong to retake back home do you hear me? Arlene”      Read more
Ch 3: Annoying Elves
The two sibling wood elves had taken notices of movement happening in the woods of their home.   They search to soon find two female humans who are showing signs that they were running for their life.   These two kept an eye still for a little longer to see if anything was going to happen and if it was going to be a threat to their home that they needed to act against.   Soon someone else appeared to stand before the two human females as they stopped, surprisingly scared.      This person didn’t show their face as it was covered well by the hood, so they could not tell if it was male or female.   What surprised the two wood elves was how this
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Ch 4: The Home of the Wood Elves
Marcus didn’t imagine this night to bring problems one after the another and this problem before him got in the way of getting to the preys.   Nonetheless, to him this is just another thing to remove from the way, so Marcus made the first move charging straight at the wood elf male.   The male wood elf was ready as he swung his short sword in a downward move.   Marcus easily dodges it then strikes back with one of the daggers to cut the side of one of the legs.   After that, he quickly made another move once behind the wood elf slashing down a dagger into his back.   That wood elf cries out in pain then sends one elbow back to hit the one attacking him, but
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Ch 5: Queen of the Wood Elves
The young princess opens her eyes feeling that her head is laying upon something soft.   She moved her head to the side to see that it was her mother's face looking upon with a smile that is when the girl believed what she saw might as well be a dream.   Once Arlene rose from her mother's lap she took a look around to see that they were not back at their home, their castle.   “So what happened was real,” Arlene said in a low sad tone.   Her mother could see that sad expression on the girl's face, understanding what feeling she is going through right now.   Queen Edith places a hand on hers to at least let Arlene know that she is not alone in this world.Read more
Ch 6: The blood on his sword
Standing before the Queen of the wood elves Marcus offers her and her kin lives in exchange for the two female humans.   In truth, he's using this card play to fool the Queen into giving up the two females without having to make it difficult to think she was saving her people from the man who was paying him.   Marcus could care less what happens to these elves once he reports back about them.   “So what is going to be Queen will you agree to may trade or will you be the one to cost the doom of your people's lives.”   “Hard to answer you while you hold one of my people's heads in front of me. It makes me want to do the same with yours, I would like it to return to us as that man should rest at home.” &
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Ch 7: Betrayed by sell sword and a brother
Marcus was impressed that the wood elf Sineat was still able to stay alive, but for how long could she keep that up.   “So still fighting death judging by that wound, I gave you with my sword if not taken care of soon, you will bleed to death long ears.”   He tells her while she tries to stand on her own two feet, but struggles greatly that Sineat fell to her knees with a hand over that wound that leaked out blood.   “You're going to have to take it easy or doing that would cause it to speed up faster.”   “How….. could you….. Do this.”   “Asking me that, what the point of answering a question from someone who is about to die.”  
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Ch 8: Taking away another brother dream
Listening to Elwood pathetically offering more money Marcus turned his head to the side to make eye contact with his young brother.   Then they both laugh as if they heard a joke.   “Trying not to work on me now with more money would be nice, but your brother here has given me something far more than that.”   ======================== {a few days ago}   Marcus was on top of a tree leaning against it as he stared deeply into a dagger.   He wasn't far from the camp of King Elwood's army but sought no interest to be a part of it.   While Marcus was alone l
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Ch 9: What we become
Marcus was a little surprised to be seeing Phoenix standing in front of him at the front entrances.   “So what the reason you're here could it be that you want to fight me because I betrayed your king.”   “I would love nothing more than that, but you already know that I can not.”   “Yes and that I will easily kill you.”   Phoenix wanted to kill Marcus more than ever after hearing that comment, but he held back believing a day would come for him to pay.   “Enjoy while it least for you because your time will come for what you have done.”   “I am ready to pay that price, but that is after I have compl
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Ch 10: A fight with a Wyvern
Another day where the sun comes to rise as Marcus was on the road paths along with the chubby man whose life he saved from the other night.   Upon the round, Marcus was quietly resting as the chubby man drove the cart.   The man was kinda concerned for his will being around this person who came to his rescue at the hands of some bandits that plan to take what items this big guy had as a traveling merchant.   He focuses ahead of the road, but at times would keep an eye on Marcus as he is no normal being after witnessing what he can do.   The chubby man pries inside so that he makes it to a town soon alive and not food to him.   Right at the moment, someone a
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