The Dangerous Wealthy Punk

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The Dangerous Wealthy Punk

By: Mmesoma Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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George was abandoned, and the heir of the Hopkins family group was framed for a crime that he knew nothing about. And stripped of his power, he is chased away from the family to rot in the streets. But on this street, he found love… Or did he? It turned out that all these years he had only been lying as Georgia, his girlfriend, betrayed him by revealing that she was getting married to someone else and to make things even worse for him, she revealed that she never considered herself in a relationship with him. O C With his landlord planning to chase him away from his home, he could not see any light at the end of the tunnel But just then his family rejected him and sent someone to beg for his mercy. They wanted him back to take over the company now that the family was in troubled waters and it turned out that his investment paid off. He was now the richest man in the City.

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    Nice story

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162 chapters
Chapter One
George, a young man in his late twenties, with dark brown hair, rode fast in his bike with sweat dripping down from the corner of his face. He just finished up with the last order of the day and his only intention now was to get his pay, go to the shop, and get a gift for his girlfriend, Georgia since it was her birthday. A sigh of relief escaped from his mouth as he sighted the building just before him and he walked into it. "How may I help you?" The manager twisted his face with so much disgust immediately he laid his eyes. "I'm done with the delivery for the month and I am supposed to get my pay today." He replied The hateful glare of the manager swept off him from his head to his toe. "Isn't it enough that I have to take you in as a worker here, you also have to pressurize me for pay?" He hissed. Ever since he got the job in the company. He has always been the company's thrash but that did not matter to him. He had gotten the job three months earlier just so that he would
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Chapter Two
The news hit him hard like an avalanche of rocks, crumbling down on his world as a large gasp escaped from his mouth, taken aback."It's not true right?" He stared right into her eyes, searching for even the slightest trace of doubt in her eyes.But.. It was nowhere.All the love that seemed to be carved in those sockets seemed to have flown off almost immediately."Just take a good look at yourself. Everyone sees you as a piece of junk, how long did you think that I was going to cope with that?" She hissed once again.But it was difficult for him to believe that she was going to leave him just like that.Not when she told him that she was going to stick to him no matter what.Not when she was the last person who kept his world running right after he lost his foster mother."Just tell me that you are really angry and you are taking it out on him." He added but a burst of laughter escaped from her mouth.She shoved her hands intentionally towards him to reveal the diamond ring that gli
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Chapter Three
"Is this a prank?" He muttered.Growing up, he had always known him to be a prankster. But that was pretty long ago.But now.Was he trying out a prank just to bring back the old memories for a faster renewal?"A prank?" His eyes farrowed towards him but the look on his face was not giving him away even for a single moment."This is not a prank George and I am dead serious. The family needs you now." He emphasized.But he was confused, staring at__ him still trying hard to figure out why the family would want him at that momen__t."I am just such a worthless piece of shit and the family can always 09060912508 without." Those were the exact words that his grandfather had spoken to him."Why does he suddenly want that worthless piece of shit back now?" He frowned.Henry hesitated for a while for reasons that he could not pin down at the moment.Random thoughts ran through his mind as he waited for him to say something, already getting tired of the excessive silence that enveloped the wh
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Chapter Four
"Do you expect me to keep on waiting for you?" The frown that was hanging on his face was just way too vivid as she fell to the floor with her pride crushing down right before her."I am only here to ask for my account balance but she decided to take me through the glorious process of naming me a beggar." The banker was dumb enough not to pick out sarcasm in his voice."Ella? Is that what you are paid for? To go about bad-mouthing people?" He frowned."But take a good look at it." She paused all of a sudden."Do you even realize that it is the investor that has the highest deposit in the bank and your attitude almost chased him away?""What happened to give him the details to see if he was a beggar or not?" The frown that was hanging on his face deepened even moreBut she could hardly be convinced by the previous statement that he just made. Cold sweat broke out from the corner of his face almost immediately and she broke into shivers."It's him?" She could hardly make out words to ex
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Chapter Five
"Sorry guys. I had to get the booking list." A lady in a business suit stormed in a few minutes later, whipping the sweat off her face with her handkerchief.Her eyes sped off towards George almost immediately and sped off towards the well-dressed couples, random thoughts ran through her head almost immediately but she could hardly make anything out of it since she didn't want to make a mistake.Meanwhile, Michael could already read the thoughts in her head and she gave her the response that she was looking for even before she asked."He is certainly not with us. Just some sort of beggar that we picked up from random begging." He added.Her eyes sped off towards George's fall while skimming from his head to his toes."We are expecting some dignities here today and I will advise you to leave immediately before you give this store a bad reputation.""I can always refer you to somewhere they give free meals." She returned our hands to the computer that she had been working on."Oh. That
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Chapter Six
A tense air filled the whole hall as anyone could not get a grasp as to what was going on."Sir, I think that you are making a huge mistake here. This is the punk that claims to have money just to cause a...""Punk?" A thunderous slap landed on her face even before she could finish the statement.""Do you realize that is who I am waiting for?" She yelled at him.Even though it seemed as though her face was up in flames, the revelation of what she just heard struck her even more.She stared at George for a while with a dark smile hanging on his face.The confidence, the classic words. She would have read meanings to them earlier. Now she knew that she was in a whole lot of trouble.But she could not believe him for just his words and there was no way that he was anybody important. She could not let him fool her boss."I think you are making a really huge mistake ma'am. He is a pure punk.""At least I can testify to that." Sophia mattered."Are you trying to say that I don't know what I
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Chapter Seven
Memories flooded once again but he was able to control himself this time as he made his way to the table. But even before he could get to draw the chair out, Olive helped him with it. "You came alone. Aren't you afraid that I might want to do something to you? Even if it might, I would be facing the law?" "The only thing that I know about you is that you have a good heart. I have always wanted to meet you all this while." "Wished that you had noticed this good heart earlier." He noted but without a frown. A smile hovered on the lips of his grandfather. If there was anything that he wanted for that night, it was the fact that he did not want the discussion to storm off in that direction. "I think we should eat first." He finally averted the discussion. "Okay." The meal was brought and George had to try as much as he could for his stomach not to disgrace him with the rumbling sound. And hopefully, it didn't. No matter how hungry he was, he had never thrown away his manners. S
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Chapter Eight
His mouth was water pouring, and his eyes stuck to his reality. He couldn't believe it as he thought it was just a dream. Hopefully, he prayed it shouldn't be a dream but a mind fantasy seeing him.Damn, what the hell is he doing here? Must he appear in every scene of my life?He walked straight into the building and pretended not to see him, but was inevitably stopped by Kevin."Hey you, what on earth are you doing here?""Oh! You. Do you work here?"What sort of question is that? Punk like you shouldn't be seen anywhere around here. Or I guess you are either here to re-apply for a job or you are here to repeat history""Yes actually, I am here to apply for any job I can find my hand doing. Thank God you are aware"He tried taking a step forward when he was still stopped by Kevin."You still have the gods to lift your legs? Please stand there while the receptionist comes for you" He said while looking at him with contempt and an intention of laughing.A few seconds later, the recepti
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Chapter Nine
"Hold on. If you don't have respect for yourself, at least try to have it for the manager of this company"George quickly grasped through his words and stood humbled.Henry moves closer to Armstrong and silently explained"This is the new personal cleaner that tidies the desk and interior of the manager. He was just employed yesterday and is currently on an emergency journey with permission from his boss."Oh, I can see. I suspected such although, I thought he was an old staff member in the company.I have never seen him before anyway. Hope it's fine with the ratched ass?""Yeah, it's cool with him. He just needs to acquaint himself with the environment here, and the nature of the job expected of him to execute"Henry defended by blowing up the big lie. The arrogant Armstrong lastly informed him of an important discussion between them."Never mind anyway. I need to work on some documents and award some contracts. I may not have the time to come to your office today but bear in mind th
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Chapter Ten
He picked up the phone to his surprise she took it upon herself to call him first."Hello pretty. Wow, yeah, you called" He speaks while trying to organize himself and the kind of words he would use on her."Yeah, greetings young master. I believe you got home in peace?""Yes dear I did""Alright. Hmm. Hmm. I just wanna…""Oh, emm(cough). I am fine and what about you? How is it going with you?"I'm cool. I just wanna have cool words with you, like yeah, talking" She said as her words were staggered.He was also staggered as he did not know what to say. Suddenly, he started to feel an aura of tidings coming to him as they talked but by this time, he wasn't sure whether to go deeper on her or to just maintain casual words and friendship with her."Alright then, em. When would you be free during the week? " He asked."Uh, hope there are no issues? She asked in a gurly manner."Nope. Just a date, so we can, you know, get to know each other""Okay. I will get back to you with a text before
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