The Elderien Chronicles

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The Elderien Chronicles

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"I, Alastair of the Elderien's Keep, renounce you, Jaghryx as my Dragon. I break our connection, I break all that binds us together and I renounce my status as Dragonlord." *** Forced to renounce his dragon in an attempt to correct a fatal mistake, Alastair finds himself in a world of grief and chaos. But when he meets a child with a destiny far greater than his, he is forced to tear down the walls he had built to separate him from the world around. Will he succeed in bringing her to the light, becoming the salvation the world might just need against a great evil, or will she fall to the darkness, becoming the very thing that destroys the world itself? Stay and find out!

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211 chapters
The sins against the past
(On the night of the Mages' Massacre)Alastair groaned as the strain of the magic he was channeling began to exert its effect on him.He fell to his knees, hands grabbing his head like doing that would make it all better. His dragon roared in the sky as it flew around, lighting up the night with a stream of fire that it shot at the clouds.Jaghryx, his dragon, flew down towards the Elderien's keep, the home of the mages that live in Elderien. As the beast approached, the mages shuffling through the grounds of the keep began to dash into various houses they could find. Then Jaghryx opened his mouth and Alastair watched in horror as his dragon shot a stream of fire at the unlucky mages who could not get to safety on time. "Keep your shields up! Do not let the fire through!" The head Mage barked at the others who still stood their ground, magical shields raised to block the flames, but others were not so lucky.The air was filled with the smell of burning flesh as mages screamed. Their
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The presence of a great evil
(Sixteen years later)"Thief! Catch that thief!"Someone screamed from a distance, it was a woman's voice but for the hooded man walking away from it all, such things were no longer his concerns.Alastair walked through the marketplace of the capital, dragging a cart filled with weapons behind him. It had been sixteen years since he was banished from the keep and all through that time, it had been quiet. He checked his menu. Name: Alastair Status: Undecided Energy level: 500 Affiliations: Undecided Animal Companion: Nil He was much weaker than he had been. He knew he needed to level up but he did not want to use his magic.He could no longer feel Asmodeus' presence in his mind. He could only assume the powerful demon had returned to Hades, where he belonged. Asmodeus was the only demon who could traverse between the realm of the mundanes and Hades. But in order to remain in the realm of the mundanes, he needed a host. That was something Alastair had provided for him. But that w
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The savor of old strengths
Bells. The cathedral rang it's large bells which could be heard all across the capital. It was time for the priests to make prayers to the gods, and all were expected to be inside their houses.All through the day, Alastair had searched for the mysterious girl that had evoked the dark magic he'd tried so hard to contain. He was not especially having much luck in finding her. Alastair walked from one region of the capital to the other and wondered if he was doing the right thing. There was a pretty big chance the pickpocket had already left the capital, but nevertheless, he kept trying. Along the way, he was tempted to use a tracking spell. Things were so much easier when he still practiced his magic. He would have been able to find her in a much shorter time. All mundanes left a somewhat magical trail behind where ever they went. Mages picked up those trails and use them to track people.Alastair stopped in front of the cathedral, stretched forth his hands, and opened them. He gazed
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The dream of a thousand voices
Alastair gasped as he opened his eyes, the screams of the people around him echoing through the vast space that seemed to spread across an ethereal plane. He breathed heavily as he looked around, not knowing whether he was still alive or dead. Then a mage ran straight towards him, screaming from the fire that was burning its flesh. Alastair raised his hands to protect his face from the screaming mage but the mage passed right through him.Was it a dream? Dreams did not feel that way to him. He seemed alive and conscious but still, it was not quite a vision.He began to walk slowly along the cold, dusty ground which looked clearer than crystal to the naked eye. Each step evoked a sensation of cold and a mass of dust. Alastair kept walking until he saw a smoky figure ahead. He looked closely and immediately recognized who it was.Asmodeus!Alastair felt a wave of anger come upon him and he ran towards the figure. The figure just stood still as he approached, but when he was about to gra
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The beast's weight
The sorcerer stood outside the large space just anterior to Alastair's house and he watched as the Vines crept up the walls of his house. Then, as the largest branch of the creeping vines wrapped around the door and pulled it away, Cara screamed again, clinging closer to Alastair that time. Outside, he could see a sorcerer standing, hands stretched sideways with drops of blood hitting the ground at intervals. Alastair had an idea of what to do, so he grabbed Cara's hand tightly."We will leave this place now. Get ready." He said to her and she nodded. Not that she really understood what he was talking about, but for the sake of that very moment, she just did what her mind told her to do.Alastair sighed and in one swift movement, attempted to dash out of the house, holding Cara's hand. But the sorcerer standing outside his house suddenly controlled a swarm of large, climbing vines at them. The swarm quickly United into a large mass and hurled at them, but Alastair formed a large sh
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The Healer's house
The journey had been a perilous one for Cara, dragging a man with such weight was not an easy feat. But she was not someone who could leave her friends behind. Not that she actually considered Alastair as a friend though, but he had saved her life more times than she could probably count, and that had to mean something. The walk to the outskirts of the capital ended in a terrible shape for both of them and along the way, Cara hoped they did not encounter any more sorcerers.How would she fight them? She was defenseless and she would have to fight for Alastair as well. She was not sure she could do that. So when she was finally able to get to the house he'd shown her in the vision, she knocked like her life depended on it.It took a moment before the locks of the door gave way and the hinges creaked. The door opened and standing inside was a rather large woman in a green dress, holding candlelight in her hand with sharp green eyes. When she saw Alastair, she gasped and the candle fel
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The guilt
Neither of them spoke about what happened.As Alastair Led the way through the thick forest with Cara walking absentmindedly behind him, he wanted to bring up the conversation about the tremendous amount of power she had displayed earlier. He wanted to read her mind, to see what was going on there but that felt like a violation of her privacy. He couldn't do that.They could have taken a horse, infact, Alastair had found one which belonged to a man named Osmond but he had insisted Alastair paid fifty gold pieces for it. It was a bloody rip-off but old Osmond was considering how desperate they looked and how late at night it was.But Alastair refused to purchase the horse. They decided to walk instead. Besides, the gods were wise for creating mankind with a pair of legs.So as they kept on walking, Alastair comforted himself with the chatter of the owls that filled the air. He'd always sort of loved the creatures, although most people found them extremely creepy.Alastair took another p
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The resurrection
Whimpers and soft cries woke him up. He sat up slowly and looked at Cara who was crying in her sleep. Her body was smoky, and the space around her was hot, very hot. Alastair slowly approached her. Tears dropped from the sides of her face as she kept on dreaming. The space was becoming even hotter and he knew he needed to wake her up. But when he touched her hand, he suddenly gasped as he got sucked into her nightmare.Fire.A village was burning and the fire was spreading rapidly. People ran as best they could, mother's trying to keep their children safe. It was not dragon's flames, it was something else. The fire had a source and he needed to find Cara at that moment. Perhaps that was what she feared, the nightmare. Perhaps that was her village getting destroyed.A woman bumped into him as he staggered through the crowd. It was getting more difficult to navigate through as more people kept pouring out. Something had formed an invisible barrier around the entire village, preventin
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The pangs of old sins
The sun rose up in all its glory as Alastair and Cara descended down the hill that led to the Elderien's keep. Like she always maintained, she was silent throughout the rest of the walk. But that time, Alastair did not want to bring up the issue that she just returned from the dead. She had something powerful within her and perhaps not pushing her was the right thing to do at that moment. They continued to descend further and took the little path which cut through a little bush-path. As it was early in the morning, no one was seen along the way. The walk continued in silence until Cara suddenly decided to break the silence."I died, did I not?" She started, Alastair looking at her she spoke."When I fell from the cliff, I died, right?" She asked again."Yes. You did. You do not remember?" Alastair asked her. A fly suddenly buzzed across her face and she smacked it with her palm. The buzzing always irritated her and she found bees even worse."I remember falling. I remember feeling li
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The prophecy
He looked down on them both and then crunched, his bones cracking as he did. He slowly took Alastair's face in his hand and looked at him."You have grown thinner over the years. Perhaps life hasn't treated you well?" The old man said and Cara watched as Alastair sobbed."Master...""You should not have come back here Alastair." The old man said and stood up, walking away from him."I know, master Orion. But I just need you to take her in. She is a mage and she needs your wisdom." Alastair said and Orion looked at Cara."You risked your life to bring her to me. Who is she? Your daughter?" Orion asked but Alastair did not reply. Then, he directed his gaze towards Cara."What is your name, child?""Cara." "And you are a mage?"" He says so." Cara said and looked at Alastair. "Hm." Orion added and walked away."Throw Alastair out of this city...""But master Orion, the judgement was passed!" Blaize objected. But Orion continued"...take the child to the Inyens. They will tell us what we
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