The Fate of The Reincarnated

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The Fate of The Reincarnated

By: JefferyXXVI OngoingSystem

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[System loading….] [Special class unlocked] [Kaleidoscope class selected] ___________________________ After a horrific tragedy, fifteen young people's lives are suddenly taken from them. But instead of sinking into the dark abyss that is death, they find themselves being carried away to a terrifying cavern, a region beyond the grasp of death. They come to an incomprehensible divinity who makes them an offer that is both dangerous and yet full of hope: defeat the Demon King or perish into nothingness. —————————————————- They accept this dangerous offer, choosing to have another chance at life. However, the reality into which they are thrown defied all of their predictions. They were thrown into what seemed like a light novel and endowed with amazing powers, which they are taught how to use. They struggle to maintain some form of normalcy as the Demon King casts a long shadow over them. The only reprieve they can hope to find being after defeating this evil foe. ——————————————————- Journey with Finn Crest-Angel as he confronts the unanswered questions surrounding his death as he travels through this uncertain world. His quest turns into a tale of survival, self-discovery, and finding a destiny linked with bravery and sacrifice as he tries to seek the truth while also facing the approaching darkness called the demons. ________________________________ The story starts with a calm before the storm arc but i promise you it will not be boring, after the first 20 chapters where the mc finds his footing the story plots start to shine and the plans of the demons are shown more. Please comment any mistakes or suggestions you have for the book! Thank you very much!

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  • Yoshitaro Mizuki7


    I’ve read up to final chapters and I’ll say it’s quite good despite not having any hard hitting moments, i bought a few chapters and the mc is going to an adventuring school Which is promising, the writing is nice and action is nice to. good book author. I’ll be following it

    2023-08-14 07:55:35
  • Malcolm


    Good book, i like the plot and characters although slow and convoluted. It is a very good book, the fight scenes are really good and so is the dialogue. I will definitely be finishing this.

    2023-11-06 07:26:55
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97 chapters
0. Prologue
Merlo downed a prestigious glass of wine and truly appreciated the taste of the divine brew, if he could choose who would remain in the world he would most certainly pick the farmer that cultivated the crops and distilleries that created the wine.However, all thing's must come to an end including his stay at the Trailing Rosé. He swiped his arm along the tables and gently tapped the floors with his feet. Maybe he would create another one in the paradise/ that would spawn from the eradication of humans. He wasnt sure. However, there was one thing he was very sure about."Sleek mahogany tables, marble tiled walls and an interior decor that would please even michealangelo." Merlo pointed his hand toward the south. "This is where Vancrest should be...maybe a little bit more to the left."[Earth magic: World splitter], the earth rumbled as a shockwave was sent through it. A crack manifested from his foot before going out to the world, trees cried, mountains crumbled and the most pleasant
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1. Golden gate
He awoke confused with a chill going down his spine and a constant headache pounding in his head. He was having trouble focusing as his eyes darted all over the place. He eventually managed to sit up as his vertigo subsided, and when he did so, he gradually became aware of his surroundings. People were sleeping soundly beside him and along his sides."Urghh." He thought to himself before getting up to get a better look at his surroundings.The room enveloped him in darkness, yet his eyes had adjusted enough to make out the shapes and forms within. The amount of visibility he had wasn't as good as it was in the day but for now, it would suffice, watching his step, he walked over till he reached the source of the voice."Hey, you! Come over here." The voice called out again.Was approaching a foreign voice the wisest course of action in this situation, given that it was dark, he didn't know why he was here, and neither did he know who these guys were. The only thing he could value more t
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2. Copper-5
Though it seemed like a long journey through a never-ending void, Finn eventually popped out into a room after he was subjected to what could be explained as "a rollercoaster through darkness." Finn held his mouth trying to push back the vomit he almost spewed on the all-white floors. "All white floors," Finn looked above him seeing nothing but white, the opposite of the last room he was put in."Choose your class." A blue panel popped up from what seemed like thin air.Finn stood there quietly for what seemed like minutes before asking himself if a floating panel just popped out of thin air. "I don't know how you did the last bit but the budget for this prank is insane.""Pick your class." The floating panel said again and Finn slowly walked toward it.Finn looked underneath the floating panel, passing his hands both above and below it to look for strings that might have propped it up. "Really, really... high budget." Finn looked at the blue panel and written on it was what he last
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3. After dawn
A man walked on a roof, his clothes tattered and torn and his tie within his palm. He touched the guard railing that prevented exactly what he wanted to do. "Fuck." He sighed. He hated this place. He hated his life."Wake up... wake up... goddamn it Sir, wake up!" Dusk screamed and Finn popped up from bed drenched in sweat."Christ." Finn held his head. "What is it, what do you want?""We have to test out your abilities.""Let's just do this tomorrow," Finn got back in bed but jolted back up when Dusk sent a shock through his body."I need to gauge your strength and class, that way we can hide it more efficiently tomorrow." "Aren't you my class or something, figure it out." Finn fell back onto the bed and Dusk shocked him again."I'm your assistant sir. "Dusk continued." We need to do this Sir, thats if you want to not risk being investigated for having stats above the humanly possible stat limit.""I hate when your right." Finn opened his eyes looking straight at the ceiling. "Let's
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4. Unorthodox
Slaying a quartet of goblins was the trial Finn needed to conquer to earn his adventurer's permit. "Umm. Emma. Shouldn't I have been the one to kill the goblins?""Oh, Yelan didn't inform you about my methods." Emma cleaned her hands. "You know Gales hasn't been having the best coppers in recent years.""Isn't Iron only two places above Copper?" Finn thought to himself, he dared not say it after seeing what she did to the goblins.[Air construct: Chair] Emma gracefully seated herself upon a invisible chair, inducing a slight chuckle from Finn, who swiftly regained his composure."Killing four goblins. Kill one Gui. Kill two Jinxes. These are monsters a group of villagers with a pitchfork can kill. At copper-5 you'd take stronger quests than these, so why set the bar so low?" Emma folded her arms. "I understand the Ianbris guild needs more talent but even still... Well, whatever you thought we were doing today it would be better if you removed that from your mind.""What do you mean?"
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5. The Tavren’s cloud
Although almost three hundred feet in the air, he could still hear the town of Gales. The townsmen danced and sang by the fire, cooking and celebrating what seemed like a festival. The sight was surreal and it made him look back at his past life, he couldn't remember much from it but he could vividly see himself constantly working at a dead-end job before retiring into the night- every night. He wasn't completely sure what he was feeling, it was a mix between hope and disappointment and he couldn't quite put it into words. The emotions confused his mind.Although it didn't seem like they were moving up, he could see the clouds slowly go beneath them as they rose above the floating water droplets. The feeling was serene and he almost felt himself falling asleep on the air bed. "What are you?"Finn snapped back up with haste and looked at Emma who asked him the question. "What do you mean?""You aren't a Crest-Angel I know that, how you got your name into the city registry is confusing
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6. Mana
Mana was within everything, whether it's within plants, animals, humans, or demi-humans. Each entity on the planet possesses mana, although in varying quantities. Despite everyone being born with mana, the ability to transform it into an elemental form isn't universal.Elements vary from person to person but they usually revolve around the basic seven being Water, Air, Earth, Lightning, Fire, Yin and Yang. With Yin and Yang being raw applications of darkness and light.The existence of mana was said to have dated back to the beginning of mankind and although no one knows when it was transformed into an element, ever since a few centuries ago. It's been as rampant as dogs."I know training in an open environment is always better but why exactly are we in the middle of the desert?" Finn asked Emma who kicked her feet up on an invisible table."This 'desert' wasn't like this a hundred years ago, it used to be a city called Thyme. Good city even better people.""What happened to it?" Finn
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7. The encounter at Alza
Though the origin and discovery of mana weren’t known about, everyone still living knew that it didn’t come without consequences. The effects weren’t immediate, but as people began using mana for various tasks, otherworldly beasts, akin to monsters, started to emerge.Hagure, Jua, and Demons – among these, the most destructive was the first and most dreadful creature known as the Demon King. These creatures exhibited a clear affinity for mana; they descended upon villages, consuming anything that held even a trace of mana, be it livestock or innocent children. To combat their strength, cities established guilds, enlisting individuals who could wield magic to join their ranks and defend against the onslaught. Eventually, the reign of the demon king came to its conclusion, and his dominion came to an end. However, this didn’t mean that all the monsters that walked the Earth were destroyed, quite the opposite. They kept on coming, Quinx’s, Keepers, Seers, all the monsters that existed, r
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8. First mission
Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.The same ticking noise repeated over and over again, creating the only sound that could be heard in the room. Wind blew the curtains unleashing a ray of sunlight onto the bed and his eyes."Emma!" Finn burst up from sleep, looking around for his teacher."Calm down," Dusk said. "She's safe, you passed out and Hex brought you to a hospital.""Phew." He let out a sigh of relief. "The demons are really strong... you know I have no intention of fighting the demon king right? I'm not going to change my mind.""I won't force you.""Good." Finn tugged the bed sheets further toward his chest before going back to bed."But what exactly is your goal then sir?"Finn paused upon hearing the question, his past life flashing through his mind in rapid images. His sadness, anger and pain. This was a second chance at life and he wasn't going to make the same mistakes again. "I'll become stronger.""Stronger for what reason? As Madam Kilforhlm said, there are better-paying jobs
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9. The outcast
Gales was significantly larger than Finn had initially thought, he realised. As he wandered through its streets, he saw both scenes that were familiar to him and scenes that he had never imagined. Shops supplied rice dumplings, and tables had tungsten crabs for sale. These observations had people thinking about what had come before. Would he experience the same destiny as others who came before? He didn't want to think about it too much."Are you referring to the four cities or just Gales?" Kyla questioned."Four cities?" Finn's curiosity peaked in his voice."Are you some sheltered noble who recently lost their parents and inheritance?""Something along those lines.""There are four cities: Halestadine, Gales, Leigrix, and Rosso Horizon, all under the great nation of Vancrest.""I'm aware of that," Finn fibbed."So, what exactly would you like to know?""The location of BaneStead in Leigrix.""It's not too far from the main gates."They walked past a brothel, and silence fell between
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