Capital, Florence Territory,  Lumine Kingdom.

“You tend to be so good on getting the attention of the crowd, aren’t you? You look so handsome. I’m not going to lie. You look so cool that I got stunned for a moment. But then, you did the great job on etiquette. I commend you to that. I can’t wait to slap the faces of those rude nobles in this capital. They seem like lots who skip etiquette in their lives!! Or maybe their nature for being so high and in the safe gates of Florence so they don’t know the danger the other territory are facing while they are having their social balls and tea parties. For the God of victor! If only I was told that I am required to attend and if you didn’t regain your consciousness I wouldn’t be here dressing like a fine lady! Oh right before I forgot, we are going to attend the ball that the Count of East is hosting. It is weird because the reason for the ball was simply the adoration of t

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