Heissenberg Thourne

❝“Why you must be awakened now?” That said and put another layer of chain. Uncared and viewed as nothing, pierce the guilts and flow the innocence away from purity. The two shall be and never be but that is nothing in That presence. Frantic, heart beats racing. Running away from present but the road is following in the steps taken. The traitor will not escape, they’ll meet the torturous end and by that you will see the Great being every each One wanted to be.

Gaze looking around and stopped to the stilled water. Calm and peaceful like the heartbeat that has lost it sounds. Still there is nothing that can appease the curiosity. The beaten and the damned shall never see the forgiveness that had been wishes. Kindness shall rob the ability to grow or to expand the possibility. Darkness shall taint the pure and will never recover the grandeur. Back to the old husk and never shall see the temptation of what called mankind.


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