There is more than thirty people behind of the sole lady in front with burning red hair. Their faces were painting such surprise upion seeing a God being humiliated without effort by this person exuding such refined smell of death. 

"Leader who is that?" A soldier said to Phoebe which stayed unanswered. The cold temperature were covering the high temperature of the fire around them. They are now wishing for that murky substance instead of this scorching hotness. 

Phoebe couldn't believe what her eyes is reflecting. He is much older from what his last image was. He is slowly resembling Cerbero. But what is making her wary was the different air around him that is making him feel dangerous. 

"Cygne?" She tried to call his name but like what she did to the soldier, he didn't respond at all. He is still glaring towards the man beyond her shoulder and as the one in front, she could feel the instense hatred he is

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