He felt like being carried by the water in an open stream. Floating freely with no worries he might get stranded. His limbs, his mind and his feelings were at ease. He even said, "I could live in this for eternity."

No light, no enemy, there is no one to be cautious with. Who is he? What is his name? He just wanted to exist. The sense of time or the flow that imprinted in his body. It felt like his circadian phase got twisted.

How long does he had been floating? He couldn't care less. Letting go of this lifetime bliss is like turning your back to happiness. It's awfully rude. Cygne reaches his hands to the ground and seems like grabbing something in the air. He couldn't see his limbs, nothing a light could reflect inside. But his heart has been in the comforts of calm sea. Quite addicting? Maybe. 

[What's bothering you? Let's just stay in this cozy, cope up like space.] Serene and comforting,

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