God's mission on earth

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God's mission on earth

By: Em's OngoingFantasy

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An angel is sent on a mission, by the greater gods, to the land of living. He encounters his worst enemy on this land. But also finds a love, and takes upon many challenges. Let's begin his roller-coaster journey to the earth.

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11 chapters
Greater God's announcement
God Jovi's palace Every part of the heaven is decorated with divine flowers and lights. It is looking so gorgeous that no one would ever want to leave from here. Everywhere there is fragrance of those beautiful flowers, handpicked by the deities for today's festival. Looking adorned with people's love too. Each and every deities were invited, no matter the ranks of theirs. Even the servants who have performed their duties flawlessly are invited to this festival in the veranda of God Jovi's palace. The festival is of the that divine star which appears in the sky only every 30 thousand years. The one who gazes at it, ask for any thing, it fulfills everyone's wish. Everyone is excited about this auspicious festival. The God Jovi's sons have already arrived in here. The eldest one, the handsomest of all, who has never been defeated in a war field is God Miles, the kind hearted heir of the throne. The youngest son of God Jovi is Jude, whose smile brings jo
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Long night for Miles
Later that nightInside God Jovi's chamber "Greetings your majesty." God Miles said as he bowed to the king. "Oh Miles, you have arrived. Come sit here." Both the father and son gets settled inside the sitting area in the king's chamber. "Right now I called you as a father, not as the king, dear Miles." Both shared a sweet a pleasant smile, before Miles said, "Father, it's great to see you again." And laughed. "Okay enough, now listen. Tomorrow will be your test, I for sure know that you will succeed that, but still it's my responsibility to again make you remember that what you are doing that for, you are going to be in my place once I am dead.." "Don't say these kind of things Father." Miles say in between. "That's the order of the universe my child, we are bound to follow. Even tho, we are God we can't exist forever. Yes we do have way longer living years than what is given to the humans, the greatest creation of ours. I have lived long, have seen you both g
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The conspiracy
After the king's announcement, there was huge hustle. All the other Gods were in shock, as to why so suddenly king has decided to put Miles through tests. If you are thinking that they were concerned for Miles then you are absolutely wrong. There situation is much worse than that of Miles. God Ardell's palace Everyone has been called at God Ardell's palace, one of the king's younger brother his whole family, wife and 3 sons, and goddess Regina, king's elder sister, her husband, son and daughter, were present in the assembly hall. All stressed for the same thing. "Why has he suddenly decided to put him through the test?" God Ardell shows his worry. "Do you think it's just because he want to crown him as the prince?" Regina asks sounding like she knows the reason behind it. "What else can it be for?" Cassian, her husband asks. "Sister, what else do you think it is for?" "Ardell you forgot, when a king doesn't want to rule anymore what he does. I think my guess is
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The day
Miles palace Without thinking twice about Ardell's evil plan, not minding like what would be his benefit in doing so, it can't be just to help Ava, Magnus goes to execute his plan. He enters Miles palace, as no one can stop him he is a reputed deity. He tells the guard that he is there to meet Miles, but he only came here to get help from his nephew working here. "Good morning sir, you here this early? Is everything alright?" Asks Warner, Magnus nephew. "Ofcourse my dear, everything is at it's finest. I am here to serve your's and mine lord Miles." Warner doesn't understand what he is trying to say or to why. "Don't get confused, actually I used to always serve him in every battle, so I thought it would be my greatest pleasure to serve him on his biggest day. He is walking towards the path of being king and today is his first day so I thought why not I take his breakfast and place his head ornament of special occasions on his divine head." Magnus reluctantly ex
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The truth
After the test of Miles, the court worked as usual but the respect for Miles in the eyes of people in heaven increased. And that disappointed Ardell. He summoned Magnus to come and meet him. Ardell's palace Magnus enters assembly hall of Ardell's palace where everyone as same as yesterday were present. The anger in them has increased to another level. Magnus bows down and greets them. Ardell speaks, "I gave you just one job to fix your daughter's marriage to Miles and you couldn't even do that. Do you even understand that now your daughter has limited chance to marry him. Tell me what happened there." Magnus politely replies, "My lord, I did give God Miles his breakfast but I think he didn't eat it. And about my daughter's marriage to him, I don't think she deserves that great man. Even if it is in her fate, she will definitely get him. I no longer wish to force it on anyone. Tho I will once again try to put it infront of the king. Can I please ask you one thing my lord?"
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Attack on heaven
Miles palace As ordered Magnus is presented in Miles palace, h this time not in his chamber but in assembly room. Miles doesn't want many people to know about this before it's confirmed and the reason behind it is known. Just Warner, other 4 servants and Miles know about this for now. Magnus bows and greets Miles, raise concern for being called at this late hour. Miles says, "Magnus I hope to get the true answers of my questions to you. I have always trusted you. Now it's the test of your loyalty. Why did you come to give me breakfast in the morning? Were there any other motive behind just serving me on my big day?" Magnus throws himself at Miles feet, "My lord, I have always been loyal to you. Don't say these things and make your servant ashamed of himself. Just like I used to serve you before being transferred to lord Ardell, I wanted to do so today on the day of your test." Miles lifts him up and looks him in the eye, and orders him to leave. Magnus tha
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Miles departure
Same dayIn the courtroom, The king announces, "Even though, we are going through this huge trouble because of the evil souls, we can't forget our duties. The announcement of my heir second test is to be made today and no one can stop this, matter how hard they try. The fate of universe is in our hand and no one can ruin it. We will fulfill our duties. So the second test for Miles is, he will be sent to earth, the mission of his is to be around our greatest creation, human, the nature of earth and to find the most beautiful thing there. After he have accomplished it his third and final test will begin in the continuously. He can enter the heaven only after he has passed both of the tests." It is not the first time that someone from heaven is visiting earth but this only happens rarely and to carry out a mission infront of humans is a huge deal. The power of every deity visiting earth gets havled till the time he is there. He or she will have to live a normal life. Till grad
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First day
On Earth The three of them lands on earth in a forest. Marcus takes our clothes for all the three of them to wear, so that they can get mixed with the people of earth. Miles wears a complete suit and as always he slays it with his handsomeness. Nicolas and Marcus wear some formal clothes too. They then begin their journey. They come out of forest, "Now the first thing we have to do is to find a place to live." Marcus says. "Don't they have great hotels, let's go there." Nicolas says excitedly. "Do you have money for that, don't you know how it works, we are not in heaven that all we have to do is get gold coins with what we do, here we will have to work to achieve that. Hotels are way too much expensive." Marcus says. "Then what will we do, before we start earning we will have to atleast find a place to live right." Miles says. "You are right my lord, but you don't need to do any job, we will go and find one for ourselves and give me some time I will find a place to
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A human
Forest Marcus and Nicolas returns to the forest. At their surprise they see that Miles is walking forward towards a woman standing there. To prevent him from making any mistakes, Marcus comes in between and greets her. Unknown woman, "Are you all also stuck here?Do you have any vehicle to go back? Mine is not working. I don't know what to do can you help me?" Nicolas, "These many questions, give us time to answer, young lady." Nicolas says. "We are also stuck in here with nothing to get out from it. But we can walk out. My lord we will definitely find a place to sleep tonight." Marcus says. "That means you still haven't, it's almost night."Miles replies. "Excuse me, I just can't walk out like that what will I do without my car." Woman says. "Then are you willing to stay here, my lady?" Miles questions her. Miles pov When I saw a her for the first time my insides jumped to my mouth, I don't understand why I am feeling this way as I am the God, how can I be so overwhelmed by seeing
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Guest house
Kiera pov The other 2 aren't the problem but this freaking so called Miles, the young man seems way too arrogant. How am I supposed to walk out of here with a man like him, is it even safe? What if I piss him off and he murders me??!! Oh my god kiera shut uppp. We all were just walking casually then suddenly Nicolas asked me, " hey lady kiera what I was thinking is, it's already evening and we are not from anywhere near here, we have came from a great distance...." He stopped in the middle and looked at Marcus, who seems to be glaring him. But he still continued, "...can we live at your place for the night?" I saw all there of theirs eyes brighten up. We all suddenly stopped. They are waiting for my reply... oh no.. my agreement. But I can't let unknown people in my house can I? No worries I have a better option. I grin and then replied, " I have a guest house and I live there only, if you wanted then you can stay there however long you want.." Now
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