Timothy (2)

Another day has come, this is different from the usual morning I have. Felt light and refreshing, I went out of the house with full of energy. It felt like there is a new purpose for me to get up today and the day the next day and so on.

A smile grazes his lips which had attracted unwanted attention. Another bunch to be added to his Romeo’s plate.

The punches, the kick and slamming of the body seem so normal that it doesn’t hurt me anymore.

“Give us your money and we will spare you brat! Hurry up before I kill you!” I couldn’t help but smirk to such remarks which had cause to them to beat me more till I cannot talk to argue to them anymore. I am about to retaliate and give them the most brutal outcome but someone barge in again and to my surprise my heart skipped a beat upon seeing him again. It ain’t about seeing the love of your life. That someone you will spend the rest of your vitality together, it is that some


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