What bullshit?

Central Square, Luminus Empire.


That is what Sky thought of everything that is coming to him. How the prince identified him as the enemy? He is not even using any death power that might mistake him into a force of the dark. Even though he retreated, the prince still moved forward and attacked him on which causes Fall to intervene in between them by conjuring a sturdy barrier that even this strong prince can shatter, saving Sky the energy he doesn’t wanted to use by playing with this little prince.

A loud crash made Sky looked at Nikkita who is now coated with blood of her opponent. She looks scary but Sky felt proud seeing that his new acquaintance is this strong. After all, he is someone who is proud of people that can be his match.

[I apologize that I couldn’t make a decision until I tasted that cold sweet pleasure.] Sky wanted to scratch his cheeks when he heard her say someth


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