Extremely Cautious: But still got caught

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Extremely Cautious: But still got caught

By: Dr.Hero OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Ryan is a teenager reincarnated in a fantasy world with no talent or superpowers. He was a shady guy in disguise of a brilliant student, only to make a few bucks. but things started changing when he got kidnapped by a mysterious organization. NO Talent, NO skill but still he rose up to the ranks of the universe. The example of Fortune favors the brave. No such cautious personality ever existed, the name's Ryan.

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17 chapters
1.The Leo's Grant scholar Ryan is a Shady guy.
On the Blue star planet, In Blue star city which was the capital of the Blue star planet, there was a famous institute. This institute was known for its alumni, culture, and career guidance in the universe. Parents try their best to get their children into Leo’s grant institute because once their children step into the institute, it is guaranteed that they will have a great future and even have the chance of becoming one of the mighty figures acknowledged by the universe. The career that one can get from Leo's grant is astonishing. They would get selected in the top organizations and guilds that too at high positions. Leo’s grant had a massive campus. It was so big that it could be spotted from space. Finding someone on such a huge campus was nearly impossible. It was a public holiday today otherwise the campus would be filled with the best of the best students from around the universe. But still, there were few uninvited guests on the college campus on a universal public holiday.
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2.The Ryan is not weak but cautious-1
It was still dark outside when Ryan got up and dressed up. He went outside for his morning walk. The night was not over yet. Ryan used to go out for a jog daily. It was in his daily routine. He also felt peace and calm in the darkness. Everything was so quiet. There were no cars on the roads, he could run and jog peacefully as if the whole road belonged to him. In the same blue star city, there was a pair of two people standing on a tall building and looking around in the dark searching for something. There was an old man and a girl in her twenties, both were looking into the darkness with some glass on their faces. They could not wait for the day to come and they could go and do their job in the morning. They were wearing some special glasses which were able to clear the darkness and could zoom in on their vision. They belonged to Acronis, an evil intergalactic organization, and they were searching for something unknown. The girl in her twenties was a little distracted. The old m
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3.The Ryan is not weak but cautious-2
Ryan was not defending himself or offending the thugs. He acted like a good innocent boy. Ryan was not scared of them. But he was worried if he kicked their asses or injured them the cops might arrest him. Once the cops get to him and start investigating him. All his hard work for years would go in vain. He didn’t want to make a scene early in the morning. He had handled many such thugs in the institute as the institute never let anyone take these matters out of the institute. But he was not in the institute and there is a high chance that the cops would come for their morning inspection in a few minutes. The thugs punched him and pushed him down, Ryan quietly got up again. The thug shouted, “What can you do? You pithy ant. You wanna complain and call the cops? Nothing will happen as I am no one. I don’t exist in your world. You can’t complain about the death fool. Call whoever you want, no government can touch me as I don’t have any identity” the thugs laughed. Ryan raised his e
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4.Zelda is aghast about the mission
In the blue star city base in Acronis, there were two officers reading and checking files in the office. They were busy working in the office. They read and discuss important matters with each other. The room was filled with files that were checked or needed to be checked. They were busy with their work. There was a sudden knock on the door. A lady entered the office with a new file in her hand. She kept the file on their table and pushed it toward the officers. She looked at the officers for further orders. “This file consists of the investigation demanded by team C6” “Given the summary of the file” an officer demanded. “As per instruction C6 wanted the reports of an unknown boy who used to jog in the morning every day as a potential test subject. The investigation was successful. The boy is a student at Leo's grant institute and a super senior. He has been there for the last 7 years and he has the goal to complete every course of Leo’s grant. This person is indeed an excellen
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5. The victim wanted to get kidnapped
Ryan alarms rang and quickly turned off the alarm. He woke up, it was just like a regular day. He refreshed himself for a morning jog. It was his regular routine to exercise. It was a regular activity. He would do it without thinking about it, it was a habit now. Ryan went outside for a jog. He always used to take a round of the city which would keep him fit. He came to the same narrow road where he killed the thug a few days ago. He was not guilty or pitied by that thug. If he ever angered a mighty figure his case would be even worse than it. The world was ruled by power and it was not a big thing for the ants to get crushed by mighty powerhouses. He hoped that he will be cautious enough to not get stamped on by some mighty figure. Now, it was getting brighter a little. It was still mostly dark. The night was turning into day. His eyes fell on a girl who was standing with a support of a wall on the same narrow road. As if she was waiting for someone. She had an expressionless face
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6.The name Acronis shook the people!
Ryan was a little scared looking at the people around them sleeping. He knew the people sleeping won’t be calm after waking up. These people were not going to be calm as him, they will be scared and nervous and confused with weapons in their hands. These people were not prepared for this kind of situation. It was their first time getting kidnapped. Well, technically, it was the first time for Ryan too but he had faced a lot from his reincarnation experience and now all this looked small in his eyes. The capacity to take such surprises had increased by a huge extent. He was rather excited about something new. It was a new adventure for him. Anyone would be bored in one place for seven years? He was going to take it as a vacation. He quickly went near a tree to climb the tree. He found the trees were gigantic. Even the grass was like wheat fields. There were many small branches by which he could climb the tree. Ryan climbed up the tree with the help of small branches. He sat on the tre
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Ryan looked around for a while. He found many people shouting and screaming very badly. The jungle sure was dangerous. But he was safer staying in a temporary tree house. Everyone was busy doing their own stuff. After hearing the shouts and screams from the jungle, he didn’t dare to enter the jungle. He was having a good time on the tree. He even fell asleep as there was nothing else to do. That was a great way of running away from danger and not giving it a damn. but someone was not happy seeing Ryan sleeping like a pig above a tree. The teams in the Acronis base were monitoring the surroundings with the twenty screens in front of them. Every team was busy doing their monitoring the test subjects they brought. Zelda was busy checking the side thugs and another character that the old man brought from somewhere. The old man was doing nothing except check Ryan who was enjoying his sleep. The old man was quite annoyed by the fact that Ryan was sleeping. The old man kidnapped Ryan to
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8. Ryan vs Triceratops; battle for life
Ryan was quite shocked to see such a situation in front of him. He thanked his younger self for knowing a bit about dinosaurs, otherwise, he would have never been able to identify this creature in front of him The triceratops dashed and knocked the tree. The impact was big enough to shake the tree completely. He saw the leaves falling on the ground. The one got stuck in the trunk of the tree. Ryan almost fell from the impact. The triceratops again dashed the tree. After a few times, He understood that the tree was going to fall. The impact was massive. He had to do something and survive the situation. Ryann took out the knife from his bag and took the bag on his shoulder. The triceratops attacked the tree again. At the same moment, Ryan jumped and tried to pierce the skin of the triceratops. But the skin was too hard to get pierced or cut. The knife was not able to pierce the skin of the triceratops. Ryan somehow managed to tightly grab the triceratops and sat on the creature. He
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9. Lets get out of the cell
A day has passed since yesterday's incident of fighting the triceratops. Ryan was locked up in a cell with three other people. The two of them were the side thugs he knew. They were lying down as they were badly beaten and interrogated by Ryan. he found out that the girl and old man were actually watching his fight with the thug from far away. They came to check on the thug when the fight was over. They were actually watching Ryan getting bullied by a thug and didn't even take any action. What else could he expect from an evil organization? As a result of his anger, The side thugs were beaten badly by him. The other one was quietly sitting in a corner of the cell while saying words from the start. Ryan was walking from one end of the cell to another. He was waiting for a chance to get out of the cell. He noticed that there were many cells around his cell. Every cell had few of the survivors of yesterday's challenge. Every one of the survivors was given a personalized T-shirt with an
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10. Doing good and paying the price.
Ryan,who was standing in the monitoring room watching the screens, had no idea what just happened. The stranger knew him, but how? The stranger was giving him advice, and he didn't even remember the stranger's name. How did he get so much fame and he didn't even spend a week over here? He was totally clueless. Ryan had a question in his mind that how did the triceratops only run behind him and target him, but the stranger had already left the hall.He didn't got a chance to ask him this question. He waited for a few minutes. He looked around the monitoring hall, then he stepped out, took a step outside the monitoring hall. The moment he took a step outside the monitoring hall, someone just dashed him. It was a she. She was almost going to fall on the floor, but he held her hand and pulled her up.He was able to tell from her white shirt on her. she was a lab assistant, she had a frown on her face and she was running away. For some reason, she quickly held Ryan's hand, before Ryan co
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