The King's revenge

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The King's revenge

By: Fajrin OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Mike. After his mother's death, he was reincarnated into another body. He lives safely, peacefully and prosperously. But, an incident occurred, causing him to lose his family members. He had no other choice but to join the mafia grup. Until a conflict occurs between mafia groups and he has to fight to save himself. "My Beggest regret is wishing on people." That's The word he said during the war.

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43 chapters
chapter 1
"No! No! Don't do it dad! Hhiiskk..." A boy cried as he saw his mother being tortured by his own father. He couldn't do much as his father's men held him back. "Take him away!" The cold man said coldly. He was Miko Bramastan, a ruthless mobster. "No!!!" Miko's men took the boy away. Until her voice was no longer heard. Miko looked at a woman sitting with her legs and hands tied. Her eyes were watering, her mouth was covered by a cloth. Miko smiled wickedly, she picked up the small suitcase on the table. Miko opened the suitcase, inside the suitcase were many knives and different sizes. Miko fingered her collection of knives one by one. She took one knife that was not too big. She pulled the woman's hair. Tek!!!Miko stuck the knife into the girl's thigh.The girl had tears in her eyes, she couldn't bear the pain of the stab. Miko slowly took the knife from the girl's thigh. She took it slowly. There was blood on the knife, seeing that Miko smiled. She pulled the girl's chin.
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Chapter 2
For three days now, Mike has been locked up in the dungeon. Without food. He looked miserable, his clothes dirty and full of blood. It was not a pleasant life. "I can't live like this. I have to escape, but. How?" Mike looked around. He looked for an opening to get out. But there was no way for him to get out. While the door for someone to enter the basement was at the top. And it would open if someone pressed a button. Suddenly, the door opened and set up the stairs. He knew someone was coming. And it turned out to be his brother. Azka Bramastan, he was the first child of his mother. Azka slowly approached his brother. "What are you doing?" Mike said, Azka felt his shirt pocket. He pulled out some bread and milk for his brother. "You take this, eat it." Azka said. "But, what if someone finds out?" "Don't worry, Dad and all the servants have left. I invited all the servants to a party because it's my wedding to that woman." "Huh!?" Mike was shocked, as he had killed his
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Chapter 3
A 14-year-old boy woke up. He had been unconscious for 5 days. He woke up and sat up and held his aching head. "Aaakkhhh..." He looked around. "Where am I?" He said. "Arga!" A woman came up to Arga.She immediately hugged her younger brother. "Arga, you're finally awake. The doctor said you wouldn't wake up. But the world doesn't want you to go." Said the woman. The boy named Arga was confused. He looked at the woman with a surprised face. "Who are you? And who is Arga?" "Oh my! Have you lost your memory?" The woman immediately went to call a doctor. Arga looked at her hands, they were bandaged. His head was also bandaged. "Am I not dead?" Arga said softly. And it turned out that the figure was Mike, he moved his body into the body of a boy named Arga. "What's going on? Did I come back to life? How can someone come back to life?" Suddenly the woman came with a doctor and a middle-aged woman. The doctor immediately checked Arga's condition. "Thank goodness s
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Chapter 4
"Never mind, forget it. Isn't Arga okay now?" Eva said. Wiliam wiped his tears. Wiliam, Eva, Arga and Carissa got out of their car and entered a fairly large house. "Is this our house?" Arga said. "Yes, it is." Arga looked around the house. He noticed every corner of the house. When it was night, he got ready in his nightgown. She looked at herself in the mirror. His mother approached him in the room. "Arga, are you asleep?" Arga looked at Eva, seeing that she was still asleep.Arga sat on his bed. His mother turned off the lights in the room. "Go to sleep dear." She kissed Arga's forehead and stroked his head. "Mom, can I go to school tomorrow?" "School? Your condition is sick. And you just realized, it's better not to go to school, okay?" "But I'm fine, I want to go to school." "Arga, please obey mom's words okeh. I don't want you to get hurt, if you want to go out I will take you to see a good view." "Really?" Arga said, Because when Mike lived in the kingdom. He was l
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Chapter 5
After a few days passed, Eva allowed Arga to enter school. Because Arga's condition is very good, she also wonders why Arga can recover this quickly. Even though when he was still sick, his condition was very severe. Even the doctor said she would die. But it is true that the original Arga has died. Arga's body is now occupied by Mike's soul. But the original Arga died with Mike's body. While Mike moved his body to Arga. But Eva didn't really care about that. She was grateful that her son was healthy again and could go to school. Arga was taken by his father to school. He entered the class called by Carissa. The class she is in now is Azka's class, Mike's brother.Arga entered the classroom, her classmates immediately approached her. "Arga, have you recovered?" Arga nodded. "You finally came to school." "Yes, but where I sat I forgot. Because the impact on my head was very hard." Arga said. He was still wearing bandages on his head and on his hands. "Yes, you're hurt. Alright
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Chapter 6
The fight could not be avoided anymore. now Arga had to fight the robbers. When one of them pointed a gun at Arga. With his ability, he spun the stick and made the gun he was holding fall. Arga quickly took the gun, they wanted to take their gun. But they lost quickly. Now Arga has a knife. Bang! Suddenly someone shot him, Arga immediately dodged. But the gun managed to scratch his arm. "Aakkhh..." Arga whimpered in pain. "What do you want?" Arga said."We just want to take your treasure and leave no trace." "If you only want our treasure. You shouldn't have to kill, and you're wearing a face covering." "Noisy!!!" The thieves immediately attacked Arga. They shot Arga several times, but with Arga's ability. He managed to avoid the place.But suddenly someone managed to stab Arga in the stomach. Because of the stab, Arga fell and pretended to faint. The thieves immediately took Arga's gun and stick and left the place.After they left the place, Arga opened her eyes. She woke
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Chapter 7
No one picked up the phone, making Arga worried. "How?" "He can't be reached." Arga returned the phone. "What really happened." Arga was worried, she kept thinking about her mother. He didn't want to lose his mother who had taken care of him so well. Even though Eva is not her biological mother because she is Mike. But Eva is Arga's biological mother. He had been with his mother for a long time, and losing Eva was something he could not accept. "Please, help me. I will replace the money but please help me." Arga said to David. Hearing that, David looked at Leonor. "Doctor, how much will the surgery cost?" Leonor said."$9000 ma'am." "Alright, I will pay for the medical expenses. Hurry up and treat that woman." "Yes ma'am." The doctor kindly left. "Thank you, thank you." Said Arga, the human who saved him. Like an angel without wings. "It's okay. We have to help each other." "Where is your father?" David said. "My father is working in the office. He works for the Gerard Gr
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Chapter 8
The nurse was still chasing Arga, and Arga finally left. He called a taxi and left. "I'll borrow Mega's money to pay for the taxi." "Where are you going sir?" The taxi driver said."Going to Leonorando Hospital." The driver immediately started his car, he was a little confused to see Arga wearing hospital clothes. After a while Arga arrived at Leonorando Hospital. He immediately got out of the car and left. "Wait!" Arga forgot about the taxi driver, so she was chased by the taxi driver. Arga entered the hospital, and she found Doctor Mega. Arga who saw Doctor Mega immediately approached her. "Mega." Arga said, Mega turned around and saw Arga. "Wait, you haven't paid yet." The taxi driver said holding Arga's hand so she wouldn't run away again. Mega was surprised by what happened. "Haven't paid yet?" She looked at Arga, who she knew came from a fairly wealthy family. And he also worked. "Help me to pay this taxi driver. My money was stolen." "What? it was stolen." "You, if
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Chapter 9
Until finally. "Arga." Mega suddenly entered, she saw Arga playing with Mega's laptop. "Arga! Why did you open my laptop? You haven't even asked me for permission." "That's not important. I have to find evidence." "No!" Mega said he ruffled the clothes he was carrying and grabbed his laptop. Arga was angry to see Mega, even though he soon managed to break into the cctv in the city. "Why are you so stingy, I only played it for a while." "No, never mind. If you want to do your stunt, don't use my laptop. It will create a lot of viruses in my laptop." "Hhuuff...." Arga could only sigh at Mega's behavior."Never mind, here. I brought you some clothes. Wear it and we can go to Carissa's room now. Arga immediately changed her clothes, and they left the room. Arga entered a room, there was Carissa who was lying down. Her hands and head were bandaged. There are many wounds on Carissa's face and neck. Arga approached Carissa. "His head was hit very hard. And there are many cuts on h
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Chapter 10
After waiting for some time, the autopsy results finally came out.Arga's face looked pale when he saw the autopsy results sheet."After we did an autopsy and matched it with someone. The body matched Wiliam.""What!? No, no. This is impossible. How can that beYou have to find out who killed my father.""Your father? Is William your father.""Yes, he's my father.""Hhufff.....All of these incidents were pure accidents, there was no killing. The car exploded due to a leaking gas tank and the engine remained running.""It was all an accident, you can take your father's body with you."Arga was silent, his face couldn't lie that he was sad. When he became Mike, he lost his mother and lived a life of suffering, because he was tortured by Miko.And now, when he was in Arga's body. he also suffered from the loss of his family at the same time.Arga has never received a father's love. He could get that from William. He loves his family, but now Wiliam has left Arga."Please help me, bury my
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