Identity Unknown

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Identity Unknown

By: Dimpho Ntoi OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A woman widely known for being a butcher makes an aquintance with a wealthy business man. Things become interesting when the man disappears on his way to the butcher.

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Chapter 1
In a dark, silent room. The cold breeze hangs in the air. The smell of raw meat fills the entire area. Where an electric saw can be heard from the long passing road. Where the blood of slaughtered animals drip and their bodies skinned. That's where the brunette woman worked. She neither smiled nor laughed. All she did was kill, skin and chop animals. But rumour was that she was no ordinary butcher, she also slaughtered humans. Present day Simon Bentley was running late for a meeting. The traffic had delayed his daily trip to work. This was becoming a habit, of which his brother Arnold, also his partner at Bentley industries was getting tired of. "Excuse me, sorry." He cried, trying to stop the lift from taking off. But it was already full, so he stood by and waited for a few minutes. The lift was now safe to enter. A woman with curled black hair entered. He followed after her, trying to be a gentleman. The sweat on his face was completely obvious as he was running late. He tried
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Chapter 2
It was about 8pm, when Simon's son heard a strange banging sound in the bathroom. He went to check and found that it was his dad making the noise. "Oh, Dad it's you." "Come on Nate, you could have at least knocked." "Sorry. Whoa! Wait a minute. You never shave at night. Unless.." "Unless what? Mind your business!" Said Simon in a sharp tone. "Who is she?" "I don't know what you're talking about?" "The woman you're meeting with." "She is none of your business. Don't you have homework to do?" "Not until you tell me her name." Simon rolled his eyes. "You know the last time I checked you sucked at algebra." He said. "I am working on it, I got a B on my previous class test." "You see. A B is second class. Our family doesn't do second class. We ace it all." Nathan frowned. "If we aced it all, mom would still be here." He said, in a low voice. "Your mother chose another man over us. Its not our fault she's gone." "But you could have fought for her." "Well, that's not my pl
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Chapter 3
Somewhere in a dark room... Simon sat on an old bed. The mattress was dirty and the room looked filthy. As if it had not been cleaned for months. Two rats passed by, chasing each other. He felt pain on his entire body as well as his face. His hands as well as his feet were both tied. The room had a small opening on one side of the wall. A small light could enter. Since it was full moon, there moonlight showed its presence. It gave the man hope with its brightness. His throat was aching from all the shouting he had been doing trying to find help. But no one seemed to budge. Tears came down his cheeks as he started to think about his son. But how did he get here? He wondered. Suddenly, a person wearing a black mask it was a woman. He recognised her body shape. There were breasts and a feminine figure on her. Yet he could not see her face. "Who are you?" Simon asked, nervously. The woman did not utter a word. She only gave the man a tray with a bowl of food and milk as well as a ci
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Chapter 4
Nathan felt confused. What else did he not know about his uncle, he wondered. "Let's find it first." He said. "I searched all the drawer's, its not there." "I found this door locked." "I got in through there." Said Pauline, pointing at the ceiling. "You are a spy, do you work for the CIA?" "I used to but now I work alone." "As in a freelancer?" "Yes." "Cool." Said, the teenager in a cheerful manner. "If the laptop is not here, then it must be at your home." "Uhm. Yeah, probably." "Can you take me there?" Nathan was still skeptical. "If I wanted to hurt you I could have done it already. Now will you trust me?" Pauline asked. "Fine, I'm only doing this because I want to find my dad. He is the only parent I have left now." "Where's your mom?" "It's a long story and I just met you." "I understand. Let's go now then before those guards wake up." "I thought there were no guards tonight." "Well, they were guard's. I just put then to sleep, temporarily." Nathan chuckled.
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Chapter 5
Arnold went to his library. He sat there thinking. Where could his brother had hidden the laptop. He grabbed his phone and began to dial. "Sander's here." The police officer replied. "Its me." "Did the boy speak?" "He knows nothing. I'm convinced " "And the laptop?" "He doesn't know anything about it " "Good. We have to keep it that way. Is it safe?" "The laptop?" "Yes." "I told you that my people are reliable. We will only release him once his spilled the beans. We need that weapon." "Don't forget my share." "You know me well. I won't." "What about the prisoner?" Arnold rolled his eyes. "What about him?" He asked. "After his done his job, do we keep him?" "He is still my brother. We can't kill him.", "But he is a loose strand." "He won't have anything to say because he is heavily drugged." "But he will remember our faces." "He won't. He'll be so messed up in the head that doctor's will recommend he goes to a mental hospital." The police officer chuckled. "You
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Chapter 6
Nathan woke up feeling tired as he was having a sleepless night. His thoughts were on his father, whether he was still alive. He noticed that his uncle was not at the house as his car was gone. The teenager looked up at the ceiling and noticed a camera had been newly installed in the house. That made him feel unsettled. He took a bath and left without even eating. He no longer trusted his uncle. If he could plot his own brother, who was he to him? He thought to himself. As he took a stroll in the neighborhood, he heard a hooting sound of a car. He turned his gaze and noticed that Pauline was inside of it. The teenage boy quickly ran towards it. Then entered at the back seat. "Can you take me out of here!" The boy cried. "I'm afraid I can't. Things have changed." Said Pauline. "What do you mean things have changed?" "You will have to stay here and look out for Arnold. If you run away from him now, you will look suspicious." Nathan breathed out heavily. "I need a gun then." He s
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Chapter 7
Two hours had passed since officer Sander's had left Bently Industries, yet Arnold was still feeling watched. He grabbed a phone and began dialing some numbers. "Hello." Said Nathan. "Are you still at school?" "The principal sent us home." "Why?" "He wants us to prepare for the school's fundraising event. It was supposed to have been done the previous week but it was postponed because he was sick." "Oh okay. Can you come by the office." "Why, what's wrong?" "Nothing is wrong I just want you to start doing those flyers I asked for." "How much are we talking about?" "For 50 flyer's I will give you 200 dollars." Nathan smiled."I'll be there in fifteen minutes." He said, cheerfully. Arnold ended the call. Ten minutes later, the teenager did arrived "You are a lot earlier than I had anticipated." "I am fresh and young, what do you expect?" Arnold chuckled. "You will be a good leader one day. Coming on time is just one of the signs." He said. "I know that I will. I am goi
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Chapter 8
Day three of staying at Arnold house was proving stressful for Nathan. Pretending to be happy with him was getting tiresome. He felt eager to ask him question's but because he could not risk the mission of finding his father, he simply stayed silent and talked less. His conversations were more focussed on his school work and other problems teenage boys faced. Arnold was completely convinced that his nephew was clueless on the whereabouts of Simon. The teenage boy, was alone at the house. He granned a copper coin then opened wide the window curtain to let sunrays in. He placed the coin on the table which was opposite the home camera. By doing this he knew that the camera screen would not be able to detect him. A skill he had learned from a YouTube video. He then entered Arnold's office as it was unlocked. The teenager began to search through the drawers, hoping to find something, anything that could expose his uncle. After an hour searching, he found a drawing. It was signed by Simon.
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Chapter 9
Officer Sander's drove to Bently industries and found Arnold waiting for him in his office. He was clearing up some paper's while his colleague's grabbed their files and left. "I didn't realise the law enforcement had already arrived." He joked. "Bring me a scotch, would ya?" "Unfortunately there's no scotch for you today. You accused my nephew of lying." "Well I was being truthful. He did lie to a police officer. And that it a criminal offense. He can get charged for that." "He's a teenage boy. He was probably scared." "I am not a monster. But I am scary, many have said." Arnold rolled his eyes. "You said you wanted to tell me something." "I was doing my routine drive and I saw a perculiar sight. A woman was leaving your house, I didn't want to scare her off and so I watched her from my rear mirror. She was older in age, but she was in good shape." "Did you see her face clearly?" "No. But when I asked your nephew about her, he told me that the woman was a butcher as well a
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Chapter 10
The spy made a copy of the drawing then drove off. She parked three houses away from where Arnold lives. She called Nathan on his phone. "Hello." He answered. "Can you check if your uncle is asleep. I want to get in " A few seconds later, Nathan realised that he was still alone in the house. "He's not here." Pauline did not see a reason to sneak in. She came in through the front door. "His office is still open." Nathan whispered. "Good." The spy entered and placed the drawing in the blue file as quickly as she could. "Did you find anything useful?" "Not yet. But I will let you know when I do." Said Pauline, lying. Nathan had kept the lights off thinking that the two of them would not be seen by the camera, but they didn't know that it had its own smart features.The camera had a thermal sensor, the function only switched on when the room was dark. The immense work had been put on to keep the house secure. There was more to it than what anyone would have anticipated. Arnold
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