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By: Eunoia OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Ella, a police officer from the investigation department, is on a mission to solve a death case in a village. There were many dangers that she had to go through, in order to solve the case, until in the end with the help of her two colleagues, she succeeded in uncovering the mystery about the death of two men and also uncovering the mastermind behind the case.

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Chapter One
"Someone found dead!" said Mr Yubatan. Ella raised her head, looked at Mr. Yubatan's face. Mr. Yubatan, her boss in that investigation department, had a pale, gaunt face, with a lip line that was always curved, making it uncomfortable for anyone to look at him. "Yesterday afternoon, in Montomisan Village. A man named Ken, 47 years old." Mr Yubatan explained. "Dead cause?" Ella asked. "Haven't had an autopsy yet, his body has been buried. He was found on the beach, on the sand, face down and lifeless." "What is the family demanding?" "He is a widower, living alone. According to information, his family is not too concerned about the cause of death of the poor man ..." "Then?" The boss threw the sheet of paper on the table, right in front of Ella. His expression was flat. "Investigate the cause of his death, and what made him die in such a way!" Ella's brows knit together. "Didn't you say the victim's family didn't mind it?" "I said don't 'bother', not don't mind." answered Mr
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Chapter Two
"Sorry, Ela. There are several sacred things in this village that should not be exposed carelessly. We also don't want newcomers like you to feel uncomfortable with inappropriate stories." Matius warned with faint smile on his face. Ella was silent for a few moments. "It's okay, sir. I'm actually curious. As a visitor, shouldn't I be aware of sacred or taboo things in this village? So that I know how to act and not act wrongly.” “You are right. But I don't think it's the right place to talk about that. Oh yes, Juan said you was going to the village head's house? It would be best for Juan to take you there immediately….” said Juan's father. Ella realized she was being pushed away subtly. But the girl did not dare to dig any deeper. She nodded and then got up from her seat followed by Juan. They said goodbye to Juan's parents and walked down the village streets. Along the way her mind wandered everywhere. Surya Rembana. She already pocketed the name. Whether it's a person's name,
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Chapter Three
Ella was sweeping the stage at her grandmother's house when a motorbike stopped in front of the house. Like a gust of wind, a young man with long, long hair covering his shoulders has been standing on the porch of the house, carrying his backpack."Hello!" he greeted with big smile on his face.Ella widened her eyes. "What are you doing here?!""Isn't that right?" the young man laughed heartily, while brushing his long hair to the side.Ella slammed her broom in exasperation. “That Old Man doesn't believe me apparently, and still sent you here!”“Ask him later. I just did what was asked. By the way, this village is beautiful too, I can't wait to go for a walk...”Plakkk!“Wow!” The long haired boy squealed as Ella smacked his forehead without warning.“Don't make a mess. Remember what your job is here!" Ella warned."Don't be grumpy, Miss. I wouldn't be here either if it weren't for Mr. Yubatan sent me.” Said the longish man as he threw his body on the chair."Why did he send yo
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Chapter Four
Juan said goodbye as soon as he dropped Ella off at her grandmother's house. Joshua said he would catch up with her later. After Juan left, Ella and Joshua were silent for a while without speaking. "You're careless." That was Joshua's first sentence. They sat facing each other in the living room, separated by a teak table that had clusters on the edge. Ella's grandmother was sewing in the living room. Only the sound of the sewing machine could be heard. Ella rubbed the bridge of her nose and leaned back against the chair with an innocent face. "What do you mean? Am I not careful in considering everything?” “If I hadn't interrupted earlier, you would have already revealed your identity to Juan. Even though he is still a foreigner…” "I know what I'm doing." "No wonder Mr. Yubatan sent me to catch up with you…” Ella glared at Joshua. This time she saw a serious expression on Joshua's face which was usually full of jokes. "Come on, Josh. Don't join in being annoying like Mr. Yubat
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Chapter Five
Ella tied her hair up while looking at the two young men sitting in front of her. Her fingers tapped on the table, representing the awkwardness she felt. Many times she looked at Joshua with wide eyes. Joshua understood the girl's meaning, Ella was shocked because he brought Juan along. They would not be able to speak freely in the presence of outsiders. "I already told him." Josh's comment was short. "He'll help us a lot won't he?" "You..." Ella trailed off. "Didn't you say.." "I trust your perception of Juan." "Excellent! You can't hold your own word." Ella laughed mockingly. "It is not like that...". "That's enough." She interrupted. "We should immediately determine our next steps ..." Ella continued. Ella looked at Joshua who was grinning at her. "We...?" the girl hangs. "That's right. Juan, now you're one of us. We're hoping for your help." the girl extended her hand to Juan. The thick-browed youth greeted her and held her steady. "The central point of this case is Surya
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Chapter Six
"Wake up Josh!"Ella shook the body. Slowly the young man's face began to frown. Then his eyes opened, ablaze and unfocused.“Ella...?”"Yes!" answered the girl while dialing Juan's number and asking him to come as soon as possible.Joshua got up and sat down holding his head."What happened?" Ella asked as she hung up the phone."I was found out."Ella didn't speak anymore. She couldn't bear to keep asking Joshua in such circumstances. Soon, Juan came with his motorbike."Bring Joshua home." Ella pointed out."And you?" Juan looked doubtful. Seeing Joshua's state, he realized the dire situation threatening them.Ela shook her head. " Do not worry about me."Juan was still silent. The girl coded to Joshua. Her partner got up and hitched a ride behind Juan."Go home." Ella insisted.Juan stared at the girl for a while before he finally dared to start his motorcycle.They had driven 10 meters leaving Ella who continued on foot, when Juan opened his mouth in question.“She will be
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