Moods Originates From Outlooks

His footsteps echoed against the tiled corridor as he sauntered with a swag, slinging a bag over his shoulder. He paused his steps and turned to the clusters of posters stuck on the walls. His expression became perplexed, as he ripped one to his eyes.

He smashed it into a ball and tossed it behind. ‘What an idiot! He even advertised himself!’ he thought, and walked to his locker undetected, while the students chatted.

Suddenly they shouted “Hey, it's Osborne” and rushed to meet him. As he strolled through the corridor with an annoying smirk and his posy, which seemed bigger than last time. Draven scrunched his eyes and noticed each one of them was sporting a letter jacket in the school colours. Draven clicked his tongue, said to himself “Like as if he is a big deal”

Students greeted him with a high five. Draven’s ears pricked at their conversation. “Hey, Osborne, are you going to win agai

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