White Alchemist

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White Alchemist

By: David Ogiriki OngoingSystem

Language: English

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In a world where magical creatures and humans live side by side, the profession of Alchemist has come into light, special humans who are able to control the mana within them and perform fantastical feats, they could terraform the earth and summon oceans at will, it is the most respected and distinguished profession in the world, entire schools were built, dedicated to the learning and teaching of the art of alchemy as it was every child's dream to become an alchemist. Earl White, having lost both his parents who were the one of the strongest alchemists in the world, is left to be taken care of by his grandfather, he enrolls into an alchemy school in hopes of becoming the greatest alchemist just like his parents, but there's a problem, he is unable to perform Alchemy, this makes him get bullied and ridiculed at his school making life even harder. Earl eventually stumbles upon a strange book which grants him a system along with the ability to perform Alchemy, he is filled with joy at first, but his joy soon becomes short lived as a system message appears Infront of him [Your Spiritual energy depletes] [You must consume life energy] [Your spiritual Energy depletes] having lived a calm life, Earl is suddenly met with the difficult decision of taking a life to survive or dying, and is thrust into a world of deceit, murder, betrayal and survival. Dive into the captivating world of alchemists, and follow Earl and his friends, as they adventure throughout the land, encounter dangerous enemies, and grow throughout the story. Will Earl and his friends survive the tireless trials?, will they succumb to the inevitable fate of alchemists'? Well what are you waiting for? start reading.


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125 chapters
A strange book
"Anytime now Earl" a student said, Laughter immediately filled the air as the students were mocking the boy that stood out at the front of the classroom, "seriously? he can't even transmute lead into steel?, isn't that like the basics of basics of alchemy?" one female student said, desperately trying to hold in her laughter, "I know right, even my younger brother could do it, and he's only like five years old" another said while laughing hysterically, Earl kept on trying and trying, he waved his hands up and down, left and right, he twiddled his fingers in the air, but each time nothing happened to the lead seated in front of him, "I've got a tip for ya" a male student said, this male student had purple hair, he kept his white shirt untucked and didn't have a tie on, Earl hated the way this student dressed, they were all meant to wear a white shirt and black pants, along with a tie, this was the way Earl and nearly every other student dressed, but this student in particular alwa
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A system?
'Crap', Earl thought to himself as he heard the door hinges squeak, everything seemed to be moving slower in his eyes, it was obvious that his grandpa was the one who was at his door, who else could it be?, but after what had just happened, whatever kind of crazy contract that had happened, it left his room and body a complete mess, he couldn't let his grandpa see his room right now, his books were all over the table, his shirt was ripped, and the giant alchemy circle was still clearly visible on his chest to anyone who came in, not to mention that he still had a massive headache as his head was suddenly flooded with so many messages that he frankly knew nothing about, "Earl, are you okay in there, I've been calling you for a while now, but you didn't answer, so I came to check up on you", grandpa Ollie said from the other side of the door, "Stop!!!" Earl shouted from the inside of his room, he then proceeded to silently approach the door, being extra careful as to not make any noise,
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Gaining an affinity
Earl quickly got off his bike as he parked it outside the school, he ran up the steps and ran towards his classroom bursting through the doors panting, " I'm....*pant*.....here", Earl said with sweat running down his face, everyone in the class ignored his existence, and pretended like no-one had walked in, however his teacher, Mr Adam closed the textbook he was reading and looked over at Earl, "It's nice for you to finally join us Earl, when my class is already over" he said while giving Earl a death glare, Earl seeing his upset teacher quickly bowed his head remorsefully, along with the top half of his body down "I'm sorry sir I just overslept", Earl said in an apologetic voice, Just then a female student suddenly spoke up, "It's not his fault Mr Adam, I heard that people who have zero mana have a brain defect, so they need more sleep or else their brains wouldn't function properly", laughter filled the classroom as she finished her sentence, and Earl couldn't do anything other than
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The final exam
Suddenly the whole atmosphere turned into a serious one, Mr Adam repeated himself once more, "You have to take the final exams right here, right now Earl", Earl was now confused, why was he suddenly told to take the final exam right now?, he had till Friday to do so, he wasn't pre-informed nor properly ready, plus he wasn't even in his normal school uniform, which was designed to aid alchemy, all he had on was a plain white shirt, and some shorts. "But sir, I still have to Friday, so why am I-", Earl tried to reason, but was suddenly cut off by Mr Adam "I've been instructed by the AAO to conclude all final exams today, as they have decided to not make the highschool submission date next month, but by Monday", Earl was in shock, not only had the AAO suddenly changed the final exam date, but they had also changed the Highschool submission date. The AAO, or All Alchemy Organisation had existed for about 400 years now, and they oversaw all new Alchemy practices since then, they m
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First kill
"Earl... Earl.... Earl!!!... Earl wake up!!!", Earl could hear a familiar voice calling out to him, it was grandpa Ollie. After finding Earl passed out right outside the shops door, he quickly took him inside and laid him on the shop floor, he took a towel and some water and placed it on his forehead, but still after 3 hours he still hadn't regained consciousness, grandpa Ollie didn't have any medicinal herbs with him, nor could he perform any form of Alchemy, this was the best solution he had at the time. "grandpa Ollie?", Earl had finally regained consciousness, though his vision was still a little blurry, he slowly sat up straight, as he was lying down on the shop's floor, "what happened to you?", grandpa Ollie asked with a worried look on his face, Earl held his head trying to remember what had happened, he remembered everything from the early morning visits, down to the details of what Mr Adams had said, his face suddenly went white when he saw a message appear[Vlad Talisman de
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Ranking up
Earl was running through the forest as he was rushing home, he left Nora's dead body in hopes that some beasts would eat it, even if they were weak beasts, it didn't mean they didn't eat flesh, plus there was a good chance they would, as they would not only be attracted due to the smell of her blood, but also because of the dead beasts carcass, after about 10 minutes of running, he finally made it out of the forest and his house was in view, *Pant**Pant*Earl was panting heavily as he had been running for quite a while, he was drenched from head to toe, but at least now he had an idea of what Spiritual Energy was. It was the natural energy his body had, each time he got injured, his body would heal itself using spiritual energy, this was probably also the energy that was used by Alchemist in summoning creatures, activating special beast gear, and performing special skills, this explanation also fit in with the idea of why he had to consume life energy, as advanced Alchemy made use of
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Miss Edna and Mr Adam, along with Jake were all running towards the forest, after hearing what Jake had said, Miss Edna wasted no time in rushing over towards the forest, the forest, though it had beasts, was often a place where people strolled through, also due to the fact that the most dangerous beasts one could find there was intermediate, students would train there, it wasn't anything any decent student couldn't handle, but based off what she had heard from Jake, only one thought came to mind, 'Could the ORA be making their move already?', if they were, and attacked a student in the forest, then that meant she would most likely have to prepare for immediate battle. After a couple minutes of running, they made it to the entrance to the forest, "Which way did u hear the scream?" Miss Edna asked, "That way" Jake said while pointing in particular direction, "Thank you" Miss Edna said before running into the forest in the direction Jake had pointed, seeing her move, Mr Adam followed su
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Entrance Exam
"Oh and don't forget to pack up, cuz you might be gone by Monday'', those words had been in Earl's head all weekend, he started packing up his bags by the time he heard her say that, but he was still speculative on whether he would get accepted or not, though all the anxiety from the Nora incident had died down, his new found anxiety of being rejected or accepted had resurfaced. It was Monday morning, and as Early as 4am, Earl was sitting outside the shop with all his bags packed outside, he was wearing a white shirt, and brown shorts, along with some sandals, he tried his best to comb his messy hair, but it was no use, and ended up being a waste of time, he packed everything he thought he would need, from clothes and books, to hairs and baby teeth, he was so anxious and nervous he was killing himself over it, 'Are they late?, Am I early?, Am I late?', he kept questioning himself, just then his grandfather then walked outside stretching out his arms, "Don't you think your a little too
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Entrance exams 2
Earl was sitting there inside the room in between two girls and two boys, the boy who had spoken when he entered the room was Henry, while the girl he had argued with was Ruby, they well still currently arguing, or at least the boy was still talking why Ruby didn't say much, just an insult here and there, the other two people were also quiet, so Earl decided to speak to them instead, he turned over to the girl beside him and put out his hand, "Hi, I'm Earl, what's your name?", the girl seeing this put out her hand and shook his, she had red hair that's was wavy and long, she wore a black top, and a black cargo pants, she also had a necklace on, and wore the traditional Japanese sandals, "Hi I'm Annie, nice to meet you", Earl then proceeded to shake her hand, but then one thought came to his mind as he did, ' Soft ' , her hand was soft, he was afraid that if he shook any harder her hand would get squished, now that he gave it some thought, the girl he had just met was beautiful, she ha
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Entrance exams 3
After making their plan, the man who escorted Earl there came in once again, but this time escorted the entire team to the last floor where a huge platform, with hundreds of people already on it, they were each in groups of five, and just as Ruby had said, it seemed like it would be a battle Royale, more teams were being brought to the ring, so most of the team's already there had decided to go over they're plans again, but most of Earl's team had decided to just look around and try evaluating the other teams, but almost immediately Earl recognised someone in the crowd of people, "Jake??!!", of all the people to run into, it had to be Jake, he had always hated Jake so much, and he just had to meet him at the entrance exam, Jake always bullied him due to his weakness, although he hates it and fought back most of the time, the end result would always be the same, but even if now he felt a little stronger, and although he had no idea how to fight properly, he would at least help his team
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