"Another year, drawing the curtains to an exciting season" the commentor said, the spectators roared for their teams, some blazingly showed their colours while the highlights replayed on the holographic screens.

Meanwhile, the contestants sat in their respective dug out.

The moment Coach Fredrickson started talking about strategies and stuff. His mind wandered, he took a few steps back and looked at his surroundings with great detail, especially the rival teams. Recalling Rocco's words, Draven shifted his attention to Eagle High's captain, who was rumoured to be a level 5 superhuman and could be quite a challenge. Thomas Walters felt a stare digging to his back, he turned around and found him, staring down, he snickered. He raised a thumbs down to Draven. "You have no chance mutt. Don't even think about it"

Draven smiled back with a challenging look and cracked his neck. "Oh it'

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