World System Among Gods

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World System Among Gods

By: M_jief CompletedSystem

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🏆["Golden Medal" in System Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022 & #1 King of System, Meganovel First Book Winner"]🏆 Ares Shaddai was a warrior who died on the battlefield due to the betrayal of those he trusted. Ares' soul wandered and was reborn in a person identical to himself in another world. The man was a prince who died simultaneously due to betrayal by his family. With the system's power, the spirit of Ares, the soldier, merged with the Prince's body.

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  • M_jief


    Dear Readers, you've been invited to join the challenge and have a chance to win 1000 bonus coins. Go to Meganovel's social media page or mine and you'll find the requirements. This event only lasted for 48 hours from now.

    2024-01-02 19:41:34
  • Moh Afief


    I came from your other book. but since this is one is completed. I'm going to read it too.

    2023-05-30 07:50:04
  • Jay Moran


    One of the best system books I ever read.

    2023-05-29 18:43:49
  • Lord MOH


    Meganovel first winning book for a reason!

    2023-05-26 10:21:30
  • W Lord Moh


    One of Meganovel's top book!

    2023-05-26 10:17:34
  • Sam-crowned


    i so much love this book. great work author

    2023-03-11 04:06:00
  • Drew Archeron


    keep up the good work. 338 chapters and still going strong

    2023-02-20 02:17:32
  • Far Han


    Best book ever

    2023-01-27 12:22:30
  • The Storyteller


    So far so good

    2023-01-25 15:26:17
  • IEL


    Only 30k views? This book deserve more views, because this is fantastic.

    2022-12-31 16:02:38
  • NFA


    Hi, I'm NFA, also a writer. M_jief is an author who helped me work on my book title, 'God of System Analysis,' so I hope the readers here will also like my work, thanks.

    2022-11-14 23:28:06
  • NFA


    very good novel, makes me not stop to read.

    2022-09-26 15:37:26
  • Nabiel


    I like the story of this novel. From the introduction of the characters, it's already cool, the main characters too, especially the genre fantasy system. I can't wait for the continuation.

    2022-09-26 15:09:27
  • Hakeem Benjamin


    love the story can't wait to see where he goes

    2022-09-22 05:23:43
  • Far Han


    Ares as a main characters ia quite catch my eyes. It seems that he really got a long journey to pick. I hope the author keep doing good with the story cause I'm invested in it.

    2022-08-16 12:54:15
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Latest Chapter
425 chapters
Chapter 1: "Back To Life"
"Report commander, unit five has been successfully destroyed. I'm heading there to see if there are any survivors," Ares immediately ran to worry about the condition of the camp where his fellow soldiers were standing guard. "You guys hang in there. This is beyond belief," muttered Ares, who soon reached the camp. The situation was quite severe. Blood was splattered everywhere, and there were even some organs that had simply fallen off. Ares immediately approached one of his colleagues, who seemed to be still moving. "Hey, hang in there. I told the commander I'll try to save the people who can still be helped here." A soldier looked with blurred vision, then slowly got clearer. "Ares? Are you Ares?" The man said while spewing blood from his mouth. "Yes, mate. It's me, Ares. Hang in there. I'll try to help you," Ares said, then immediately helped his friend, who was crushed by the rubble. "Fool. You shouldn't have come here. We all just realised..." the man was sweating, and bloo
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Chapter 2: “It’s Showtime”
[Name: Ares Shaddai] [Age: 17] [Creature: Human] [Levels: 1] [Next level: 0/51] [Strength and Agility: 3&5] [Vitality: 2/4] [Stamina: 1/5] [Power Element: Light] [Mana: 20/20] [Skill: Appraisal] [Money Coins: 1,000] "No wonder I feel so weak," Ares said as he looked at the details of his data. Without wasting time, Ares immediately tried to understand what he should do immediately. "With the white power of the light element, I should be able to restore myself. But unfortunately, I don't have a single skill to do that." Ares looked discouraged The man was now hobbling around looking for food, as well as looking for something to treat his wound. Ares closed the menu display in front of him. "Looks like I'm not completely unlucky, because look at all the food that can be picked immediately." Ares picked a fruit from a tree in the forest directly. The food was enough to make Ares relieve his hunger. But it turned out that not only did it eliminate hunger, it was also able to heal t
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Chapter 3: “Level Up”
When Ares stepped outside, he immediately met three young men from a small town. Ares saw the men sitting while treating each of their wounds. When they saw Ares' figure, the men immediately changed their attitude from introspection to attack mode. Ares, who saw the attitude of the men, could immediately judge that they were strong people. And from their scars, Ares assumed that those men had just faced a goblin-type monster. But it was only when they saw Ares' clear appearance that the men were relieved. Because Ares' appearance was like a vagrant, and his young stature did not make the men feel afraid of Ares. Even so, Ares could feel their aura was much stronger than his. "Lad, what are you doing here? This area is dangerous for a novice like you," one of the young men reprimanded. "Sorry, but I do live in this cave. No place is safe as long as the schism continues to rage," Ares replied matter-of-factly, but that thoughtful sentence left them mesmerised. Ares was still only 1
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Chapter 4: “The System”
The place was a small town called Avalon. A separate region that was not incorporated with the empire or other large regions. Based on historical records, the city used to have its own empire. Still, it had to collapse due to their territory which was always flanked by other large territories, making Avalon City one of the battlefield areas. Not to mention that the place is often a stopover for monsters. The city area is not far from the famously dangerous dense forest. But even so, Avalon still stands, and its government and people still exist and support the progress of the small city every time it must be destroyed due to the effects of war or attacks from monsters. It even established a cooperative affiliation in politics and business with the nearby city of Tangier. Tangier was a city within the large territory of the Emerald Empire. Although the two cities often transacted in politics and business, the distance between Tangier and Avalon required months of travelling. The rem
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Chapter 5: “This Glitch”
Ares was now standing in the front garden; the man looked confused, looking for the fruit the system referred to. As far as Ares' eyes could see, he only saw a tree. At first, he hesitated because the apples differed from those the system described. But Ares approached the plant, took four apples, and immediately consumed them. Ten apples were ready to be eaten, but Ares only consumed four and left the rest on the tree. "This fruit really doesn't look like an apple! It's really small," Ares thought. "Sir, I suggest you eat all four fruits at once to give you a one-time shock effect." Ares was confused, but tried to ignore his doubts and quickly asked the system for confirmation. "Sir, you don't need to worry. I've done my own analysis and calculations. And that number is the best way to increase your strength." Ares remained silent and pondered. Although the system reassured him, he was still hesitant to eat the four strange apples he was holding. After some time of convincing
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Chapter 6: “Kill the Beasts”
Ares felt a surge of power coursing through his veins. He smiled brightly and said, “I almost forgot. I have a new strength to test out.” He didn’t need to chant any spells; he only had to imagine his skills and they would manifest. He conjured two balls of white fire and hurled them at the nearest red fur dogs. The fireballs exploded on impact, creating a loud noise and a blast of hot and cold air. Ares saw the red fur dogs vanish in the flames. He said, “What a strange fire. It burns and freezes at the same time.” The other red fur dogs saw their fallen comrades and howled for backup. Soon, Ares was surrounded by eight more of them. He said, “I used two mana to kill two of them. That’s too slow. Let me show you 10% of my power.” He created eight more fireballs around him and aimed them at the red fur dogs. They sensed the danger and tried to flee, but it was too late. Ares said, “You shouldn’t have come here. Now you must die.” The fireballs flew out and hit their targets, crea
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Chapter 7: “Summoning A Subordinate”
Ares nodded and said, “Okay, summon the subordinate.” A portal opened in front of Ares. A man came out of it and knelt before him. “I am Ashur, your loyal servant, sir,” the man said. Ares was stunned by Ashur’s level. He thought, “Level 2,200? How is this guy so much stronger than me?” “Master, don’t worry. Your subordinates are absolutely loyal to you. Even if they are stronger, they will never betray you.” Ares nodded again. He said, “Ashur, stand up. And don’t call me master. Just use my name.” “I apologize, sir, but that is too disrespectful. You are my master forever, and I, Ashur, dare not call you by your name,” he said and rose. Ares gave up on changing his mind. He didn’t mind having a loyal servant. “Ashur, follow me. We have something to do in the city,” he said and ran back to Avalon City with Ashur behind him. *** In the early morning, five kilometers south of Avalon City. Some security officers were patrolling and found thousands of fresh beast corpses with se
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Chapter 8: “Pretty Strong”
The five youths look at each other. They can’t get angry or refute what Ares said. They are indeed weak, and they realize that. One in five youths ventured to speak to Ares. "Sir, our village is in a state of famine. The harvest in the garden failed due to the attack of wild beasts. That's why the five of us, as the strongest people in the village, tried to hunt for meat. Instead of the meat we got, we got lost and went deeper into the forest." "Take all the body parts from this wolf, and I will escort you back to the village. Ashur, come take them out!" he shouted, calling for his partner.From the thick of the tree emerged an adult man with an athletic body and handsome face but still lost to Ares' perfect look. The large green sword stuck behind Ashur’s back made him very dignified. Seeing the arrival of Ashur, the five youths who Ares was helping are a little wary. Then he decided to speak to lighten the mood, "You don't need to be wary. My brother's face is a little scary, but
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Chapter 9: “Become the Leader”
"Why don't you make this village yours? This village has all the conditions to complete your mission, sir." There is a system sound that makes his face brighten up instantly. He starts to speak, “Erick, I can help this village and make it much better than how it is today. But I have one condition." I haven't asked yet, but I already got a breath of fresh air. Of course, Erick and the others are pleased to hear Ares’ offer. Even though they are new to each other, they may feel he is not the wrong person. After all, if Ares is a bad person, what will he want to take anyway. The village is already poor, the children aren’t that attractive, and the women are weak and might not be enough to fill his charm. "If indeed you can make the condition of this village improve, whatever conditions you put forward, we will agree to it, sir," Erick said with confidence. "I want to be the leader of this village," Ares responded to his words directly without rambling. Erick and the others fall silen
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Chapter 10: “Establishing a Village”
Ashur saluted Hera because he felt that Hera was much stronger than him. As for Hera, she stood up and just nodded at Ashur’s attitude. Before returning to the village, Ares checks his status. He has not seen his level for several days. He hopes that there will be a significant change in his strength. [Name: Ares Shaddai. He is Human at the age of 17] [Level: 440] next level [1,240/1990] [Strength: [867] [Agility: 869] [Vitality: 868/868] [Stamina: 869 / 869] [Luck: 874] [Mana: 5260/5260] [Points: [01] [Skills: Appraisal, Fireballs, Healing, Double Slash, Light Step] [Elements: Light, White Flame, Ice, Lightning] [Money Coins: 27,591,000] [Shop is open] [Subordinate: Hera & Ashur] "Two subordinates in my profile are stronger than me. I am nothing compared to them," Ares thought. Ares' strength with the strength of his two subordinates is very far away. However, with the help of the system, it is not difficult for him to level up his power. Seeing the morning light starting to come
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