Secret Interrogation

Two hours later, the backdoor opened wide, an old man sneaked in, towing an empty garbage can inside with a grin. His eyes scanned the surroundings, his face flicked before it shifted back into his normal face. 

He leaned against the edge, bots walked down the corridor, inching closer to his location. He dropped to the floor and rolled into the heap of costumes. A green helper lodged between his earlobe whispered, “Hide! Someone is coming!”

 Mechanical joints creaked. They briefly scanned the room and closed the backdoor before heading back to their station. 

The pile of clothes trembled and collapsed, giant paws pressed sprung against the floor and flipped to his feet. He patted his mascot costume and lifted the head off his face with a green face. He spat, “Yuck, it stinks!” Vernon laughed in his ear; Draven swatted him away.

He glanced at his wrist under the thick costume. “Shit, I am almost late”

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