The Legion Commander Strikes Back

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The Legion Commander Strikes Back

By: Edam Knight Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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The Legion Commander has arrived at Newcrest City! The great soldier who had won the Colony War for the nation of Armoria with his powerful military called the Dreadland Legionnaires is now in the most popular city of the nation. Because of this, all the rich families and companies wants to cooperate with him and earn his respect and friendship. This includes the Vanguard Family, now under the manipulative hand of Desmond Vanguard. But the one thing that they don't know is that the breathtakingly handsome, powerful and great Legion Commander is Ethan Vanguard, the first son of Desmond's brother and true owner of the Vanguard Group. The boy he had sent to die in the war has come back as the Commander of the Entire Army!

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  • maxisonink


    Really loving the whole idea of the story. The writing is easy to understand, there are barely any errors as well. MC is an interesting character, but I need him to do more badass stuff. though, I'm just in the beginning, lol .... All in all, a great story!

    2024-04-17 03:40:34
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38 chapters
• Legion Commander
The fighter jets cut through the air at such high speeds that it was barely audible. They formed a triangle like shape as they soared the skies in unison.Ethan gripped the flight stick tightly, maneuvering the plane towards the target zone. The other aircrafts were basically following his lead. He looked down through the windscreen at the vast expanse of vegetation below.“Kinagorian foot soldiers in sight, attack!” He commanded.The other fleets of jets opened fire, within a matter of minutes they had already leveled the forest beneath them, leaving behind smoke and fire.They had succeeded, finally the kinagor army was retreating and leaving the borders of Armoria. Suddenly, another set of aircrafts joined them in the air. “Commander! Enemy jets are approaching!” Jax’s voice rang within Ethan's headgear. Ethan clenched his jaw and turned his flight stick, veering away from their usual course. The enemy jets followed him and they were now hot on his trail. The world narrowed to
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• The Vanguards
Although Armoria was holding its own in the war, they did suffer some casualties as well. And unfortunately, Ivary had resorted to using biohazards as a weapon.It was rumored that they had some of the best virologists engineer new strains of viruses that were so dangerous, no one could survive once infected. Armoria was even put in a state of emergency because of this. Among those man made strains was the one that caused Omnipox. A lethal acute respiratory disease that kills within a matter of days, and Skyler Vanguard had come down with it.Elizabeth stood in the sterile white hallway of the hospital, her eyes red and puffy from crying all night. Even now, she was still crying, with her shawl wrapped around her.She watched her daughter through the glass, she wasn't allowed into the hospital room since it was a contagious disease.From the corner of her eyes she saw the doctor approaching and she quickly rushed up to him. “Doctor, please how's my daughter doing?” Elizabeth begged,
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• Prepare The Jets
“Please Desmond, I beg you to reconsider!” Elizabeth croaked as the security guards flung her out of the compound. She fell onto the asphalt and bruised her knees and palms almost instantly. “You ungrateful piece of shit!” he barked. The next things that came flying were two measly looking bags which contained her things and her daughter's belongings as well. She sprang up on her feet and rang towards the gate but then he banged it shut before her face. “Don't ever come back here if you don't want me to break your legs!” Desmond warned. She looked at all of them as they stood in the compound with a triumphant smirk on their faces. Now the work was finished, Ethan was dead, Skyler would soon die and Elizabeth was a poor helpless woman with no kids. Now nobody would come to compete for the family property with them, the Vanguard group was all theirs.Elizabeth conceited to her faith and picked up her bags, giving the Vanguard manor one last glance before trudging down the street wi
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• Life Support
Ethan decided to fly the plane himself, and he was almost pushing the speed limits of the vessel. A trip that was supposed to take three good hours was taking them about an hour and some minutes.His assistant along with his lieutenants who had to come with him were on edge. They couldn't tell the commander to slow down, but the speeds at which they were flying was very concerning. Finally he could see the golden airport lights from the distance and had began to slow down. It was almost midnight and he was at Newcrest international airport, dressed impeccably in a navy blue suit. He made his way through the VIP section, and his three lieutenants followed behind him along with his assistant.They burst out of the airport and a sleek black SUV was already waiting for them outside. When he got into the car, he was so much in a hurry that Lucy had not yet gotten into the car when he instructed the driver to move. He didn't even realize that she was still outside. And those that did,
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• Sterling Enterprise
Elizabeth cracked her eyes open and she found herself lying in a cozy apartment, from the corner of her eyes she could see a masculine figure in the room.She stirred on the bed and she got up. “You're finally awake,” he said. That voice, it sounded familiar. Though much deeper and gravelly than she remembered it. She looked up at his face.“Ethan?” She called in a shaky voice. “I must be in heaven,” she whispered, causing Ethan to smile.He grabbed her hands and gave her a gentle squeeze, “You're still very much alive mother.”She didn't even realize when tears pricked the corner of her eyes. “I failed Ethan, I failed to take care for your sister, to defend her…” she trailed off breaking into soft sobs. “Shhh, it's okay mother, imagine here now, we're together again.”“I thought you died when they sent you off to war, they said you died in an explosion,” she whispered. “I'm here mom, right here with you.”Elizabeth suddenly sat upright, “Skyler, where is she? Is she-” she stopped
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• Business To Attend
Darren Hart was attending a press conference in the international trade center with several world leaders and other renowned medical practitioners. They were addressing the issue of Omnipox and how to bring its spread to an end, especially in this part of the world where it was becoming prevalent with high mortality rates. Darren had spent the past six months working tirelessly on a cure and he was certain that he had finally come up with the perfect drug. “Welcome, Dr. Hart, this way please,” a young woman wearing an olive suit said. Darren had just taken his seat when the sound of the door slamming against the wall resonated in the meeting room. The buzz from chattering reporters and executives hushed down as heads turned to the source of the sound. Some officers dressed in all black and holding weapons trooped into the room. It was the Dreadland legionnaires, their uniform was hard to miss. Pin drop silence fell upon the room, everyone was too scared to speak but they wer
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• Ethan Is Back
Valerie was seated in her office, she couldn't believe what had transpired overnight. Most of the members of the board had suddenly pulled out without tangible reasons. She buried her face into her Palms and sighed, she knew that her father must have had something to do with this. How was she going to fight back and stand up for herself?After all he was the mayor of Newcrest, who could go against the mayor? There was a knock on her door which disrupted her from her thoughts.She raised her head. “Come in.” The door clicked open and her face fell immediately. She narrowed her eyes on Clifford Sterling, her father.“What are you drinking here?” She questioned with so much venom in her voice. He wore a smug grin on his face which irritated her to the core as he pulled out a chair and took his seat. “I never said you could sit,” Valerie informed him. Valerie took after Clifford's stubbornness, a trait that would have benefited her if she had agreed to go into politics just like he'd w
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• Excuses Of War
Valerie blinked a few times, she couldn't believe her eyes. After so many years, he actually returned. When news of the explosion got to her, she accepted that he was gone. The grief from losing him however lingered with her ever since and she had given up on love, considering herself to just be unlucky because her first love died.The little time she spent with him was one of the best moments of her life. She felt a genuine connection to someone for the first time.“Ethan,” she whispered and extended her arms. Her fingers brushed his face as tears filled her eyes. Clifford, who was watching all this unfold from the corner, spoke. “Valerie, Ethan was engaged to you sister, how can you be so shameless!” He berated her.She lowered her gaze, he was saying the truth and it hurt her to admit it. She had shamelessly fallen in love with her sister's fiancé.“Keyword, was. Renée and I have nothing together and never will,” Ethan clarified.Clifford's nostrils flared as he took a step back.
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• Spread Your Tentacles
News about the unveiling ceremony had spread around Newcrest like wildfire, everyone was so excited to finally get an official release of just who exactly the legion commander was. They all knew Robert Willard, but news about his retirement has long circulated, so everyone knew that there was someone new. The media had managed to capture some blurry images of Ethan, but no one could particularly point a finger and identify him..“How are you feeling about the unveiling ceremony?” Robert's voice rang on the other side of the line. Ethan sighed, “honestly, things like this don't matter to me. The ceremony we had back in Gunchester was much more memorable to me than all this paparazzi nonsense.”Robert chuckled, “but it's high time for the rest of the world to know who the legion commander is, who the man that saved them and is still working to keep them safe is.” Ethan simply shrugged. He stuck one arm into his pocket and paced along the poolside. Just then, from a distance he caugh
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• Schemes Of The Commander
Desmond paused, he knew for a fact that he wasn't expecting any guests tonight. “Who is it? Let them in.”The maid quickly left. “Who could that be?” Martha thought out loud.Some moments later, Elizabeth was standing before them. Their faces dropped and they immediately stopped eating. Jason immediately got up. “Didn't we tell you to never return?” he asked. “What? Has your stupid daughter died and now you need money for a funeral?” Desmond asked her, his voice laced with disdain. Elizabeth raised her head and swallowed, she could feel her chest tightening all over again as her memories of living here with them resurfaced.“No, I don't need your money. I came here to properly pack my things, as well as Howard, Skyler and Ethan's things.” she said. “Some of them hold sentimental value, though I doubt that you people know anything about sentimentality.”Jason and Martha exchanged an incredulous glare after she made her statement. Desmond rose to his feet. “If you don't get out of t
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