The Poor Man's Revenge

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The Poor Man's Revenge

By: Kurni Naziha OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Devano Abraham, the man whose real name is Arya Wijaya, is now filled with a burning grudge. An accident, unexpectedly, instantly changes his gloomy life of revenge and betrayal. He got a new face now. The face of a ruler, the rich. He will repay all the pain in the past when his woman could insult and betray him because he was a poor man. Also, the family who had the heart to dump, "Wait for my vengeance! I will destroy the treasures and thrones that you are proud of!~ Arya Wijaya

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242 chapters
1.2. fake mask
The Poor Man's Revenge ~1 The sky is so gray that adorns the city which is currently being lived by a person who is afflicted with grief. The man currently changed status from prince to trash, from harmonious to orphan. Sadness can not be contained in the lines of his handsome face, the world is very unfair. Takes everything in an instant without training. He wanted to blame, but to whom? To yourself, did not prepare for the worst? Or blame fate, which threw him from a height and then shattered in blood. Arya shook his parents' bodies. Awakening them from a long sleep that is not through his permission. Several pairs of eyes stared at him cynically and lazily, standing with no sorrow in their eyes, none other than his Aunt and Uncle, as well as their daughters. "Arya, never mind. Your mom and dad are at peace there, because they don't need to feel the poverty you will feel from this moment on, so stop crying like a woman and earn a lot of money, so you don't have to
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3. an accident that changes everything
The Poor Man's Revenge~3 His uncle and aunt just laughed sarcastically at his nephew's swearing. They don't care. Indeed, when will Arya be rich? He had just graduated from college and didn't even have any work experience. Plus, there was no one to support him, his parents had died, and he was an orphan. When Arya came out, suddenly Lidia, gave him a pile of money. "Arya, use this for hospital expenses!" Arya smiled bitterly. "I don't need your money, I don't want you to pity me. Remember this one thing! You and I are no longer in a relationship. Right now, you and I are nothing more than strangers. So don't care about me." Arya immediately left Lidia Suddenly Lydia's voice came back "I'm sure, you will be rich again, and at that time I will again be your favorite sister," Lidia felt sad about Arya's treatment. He must have been very disappointed in her. But not. She had to do that so that the guy she liked on campus wouldn't stay away from her because she kept hanging out with
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4. new life
Chapter 4The Poor Man's Revenge ~4 **** A new life has appeared in front of Arya, a figure with a different identity is now pinned to her. Devano Abraham, that's his new name. A strong, successful, and powerful man. A handsome face was perfect for him, which he would later use to lure money-loving insects and catch him with one smack and then stomp on him helplessly. He stood with his retina constantly gazing in awe at all the assets that currently belonged to him. That woman—Hanum Abraham, the woman he would call Mom from this moment on, explained and told him all about Devano Abraham. The figure that will be pinned to him from now on. Starting from assets to all branches of the company from domestic to foreign, he explained in detail. Hearing that, Arya was so amazed by the figure of Devano Abraham, he is still so young, 34 years old, but he has become a very powerful and successful figure. Not like him, a useless 24-year-old man who can only wail in front of the bodies of hi
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5. very lost
******** Ayla cries lamenting the bad luck she is facing. The tears never run out when it comes to remembering the lover who somehow is doing. The complicated crisis of love puts him in a confused. After her mom left, she did not forget to lock the bedroom door, so that no one would disturb her when she lamented. She cries. "I'm tired," said Ayla weakly. Her eyes began to close. Her defenses faltered. She was about to go to dreamland. But suddenly, a voice wakes her up. Before the dreams will scatter in her head and become a beautiful tape that can not be repeated.Suddenly there was a voice that disturbed her "Huh, what's that?" The eyes opened perfectly, and no more sleepiness was replaced by surprise. "Who is there?" Ayla's brows furrowed. Bewilderment and fear overtook her. She's on standby. Her hand slowly picked up any sharp objects around her and found a pair of scissors. She gripped it very tightly, afraid that the sound she had heard earlier was that of a thief brea
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6. You come?!
***** Makeup looks elegant on Ayla's beautiful face. She looked at her face in the mirror. A face that fascinated the Adams, including Bagas. The man wanted to marry her. Ayla was speechless, silence enveloped her. Her mother looks very excited to take care of her to look beautiful in front of Bagas, what is that important? Indeed, if Ayla was no longer beautiful, Bagas would not like her. "Well, it's finished," she said smiling looking at God's creation that seemed perfect in front of her. The woman saw the makeup she gave her, it looked perfect, even though she was still very amateur. "Wow, Mom's child is very beautiful tonight. But..." said the woman immediately changed her expression from a smile to a frown, when she saw Ayla's expression. Her hand is placed on his chin and with raised eyebrows ". The woman's face was a little sad. "Don't you like it?" her mother asked. The woman's question invited Ayla to cast her vote. She had been dreaming until she didn't pay attention
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7. My girlfriend
**** "What games are good for me to do right now? I'm so bored. Aldo, what do I usually do when I'm bored?" Arya asked turning his chair to face the assistant with a slight tilt of his head. Aldo, who had been standing still beside him, suddenly moved slightly and loosened his tie, answering Arya's words. "My lord, you usually go to see Miss Fera, when you feel bored with work," he said then fell silent again. Arya's brow furrowed. He looked at Aldo in confusion then raised an eyebrow. 'Who is Miss Fera? Mom didn't even tell me? Did she forget?' Arya thought. "Who is that?" Arya asked curiously. "She's your girlfriend, Mr. Devan." Arya, who had been leaning back for a moment, straightened his body when he heard Aldo's words. He was interested in listening further to what Aldo had to say. Interesting! Turns out Devano already has a girlfriend. "My girlfriend? But why didn't you tell me? And why did I just hear it from you?" Arya looked for an explanation. "Well, my lord hid th
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8. Fera's past
******** In a slum housing, stood two handsome men who looked at each other with a turbulent mind. Can't express the restlessness in heart. The two just stared at each other in silence, don't know what they were thinking. Because it's too focused on the inner war between the two. They didn't notice a woman who looked like an angel looking at the person in front of her, but her eyes were on the figure who had her back to them. The woman is Fera, the idol of Devano Abraham, his girlfriend. Fera is just a poor woman, an orphan, her parents died when she was 5 years old. At that time his life was destroyed. The little girl didn't even know the world completely yet. Then his parents left her without teaching her how harsh the world was. It was then that her world of misery began. Where happiness just disappears. Then she was put in an orphanage, but it turned out that the woman who owned the orphanage was a bad person. She was educated, but only up to elementary school. Then the woman
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9. let's start this game
The Poor Man's Revenge~9 ****** "Devan?!" cried Fera. A sweet smile appeared on the woman's beautiful face. The two men who were involved in an inner war searched for the origin of the voice until their eyes fell on a beautiful woman in simple clothes, a knee-length dress that looked faded but did not reduce her beauty. Aldo who looked at Fera instantly glared. He did not expect to meet, even though the distance from Fera's house was still a bit far. Let everything go as it is. Surrender Aldo. He just didn't want anyone to get hurt between their love story. "Devan, Aldo!" the voice came back. Fera ran to Devan and immediately hugged him with longing. She cries. Arya who got a hug from Fera felt a little uncomfortable, but he tried to calm down. He began to slowly raise his hand, then returned the hug of the girl even though he didn't know who Fera was, he knew, the girl's love was so sincere for Devano, he even felt the warmth of the hug. Fera hit Arya's back gently w
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10. getting crazy
The Poor Man's Revenge~10 ****Flashback A week before Ayla's engagement party. “Aldo, I have a task for you, the task...” Arya told Aldo what he ordered. Aldo, who heard Arya's words, was very shocked, how could his master say that, while Miss Fera was fighting for her love? What did he say? He loves a girl!? And that is Bagas's colleague's fiancé? Aldo didn't expect it. “Mr. Devan, what are you saying, Miss Fera, has been fighting for you these days. But what are you saying! Do you love someone else? A person you've only seen on the internet for the first time. Aldo's words stopped hearing his master's orders. “Stop, Aldo, stop lecturing me! I know what's best for me. I don't love Fera, I tried, but I can't, I just fell in love with a girl, and she is Bagas's fiancé. Furthermore, I want it. Tell her I'm not the Devan who used to love her.” “Sir…” he stopped again. “If you want to avoid doing it, then stop, I won't force you. I can't force my heart, Aldo. Maybe it's true, I use
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11. gifts from ex
The Poor Man's Revenge~11 **** The festive party continued to be attended by important people. Now, everyone is here, Arya thought as he saw the welcoming door where no one was coming.The MC was heard directing Ayla to enter the main stage. Arya saw the girl, walking gracefully wearing a dress that was still fairly simple but elegant, accompanied by her dad. Her face looks beautiful with the right make-up. He was touched, his heart ached but missed, all together. If all the incidents that made his heart ache at that time had never happened, then right now he would approach Ayla, praising her beauty and side by side with her on the main stage. 'Ayla, if you had not left me then, maybe now I would not be a bad person and an enemy to you,' thought Arya. A look of tired, sad, and worried looks on Ayla's face, which is covered by makeup, if other people look at it. They wouldn't know, but this was Arya. Arya understands the facial expressions of his ex-lover.“She must be worried
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