102 - The Banquet

Granny Oja leaves the room toward the door where Toto is waiting outside.

“Please, prepare our guests the best meal we have,” says Granny Oja.

“Yes, Mam!” replies Toto.

Granny Oja backs to her fireplace and sits there. She also offers them to have a seat in front of that fireplace, while she serves them tea.

“To tell you the truth, this country is in trouble. I'm not saying this to ask for your understanding because of the guard's rude attitude. I’m telling you because I need your help.”

“What kind of help?” asks Azzim.

“Well, it’s a bit difficult to explain. I don’t know who you are, but the problem is beyond our capabilities to handle, to the point we seek help from something beyond our understanding. That is the solution given to me by that voice, a voice that I don’t even know who or what he is?”

“But he indeed introduced himself as Bang Sat, right?” asks Leia.

Lady Oja takes a deep breath once before giving her an explanation.

“I’ve been telling fortune to people, but this is th
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