Sneak peak of Chapter -2
" What's going on?!" Startled with the sudden silence, Henry yelled as he turned his back and stopped what he was about to do.

" Boss, we don't know what happened. He just suddenly went quiet and limp," the body guard carrying Hudson answered unhurriedly in a calm manner.

Henry looked down at the immobile Hudson, and he shook his head.

" So?" He scoffed and snorted loudly. " Do I look like I care? Fuck! I said throw him out!"

The bodyguards weren't expecting this, but they had no right to say anything. They just quickly did what Henry told them, scurrying away, with the immobile and quiet Hudson.


" That's where you belong!" The bodyguard, who carried Hudson, threw him away like a garbage and stepped on him, before he turned away.

The moment the bodyguards left, Hudson stood up and dusted himself slowly, with a gloomy look.

He was devasted and couldn't believe what he just went through.

He wanted to think, but his mind was already numb.

Too much grief had overw
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