Sneak peak of Chapter -1 ( Salute to the Convict Septamillionaire)
" The boss asked you to bring his suite now to the top floor!"

Hudson's brows relaxed immediately, and he nodded gently. " Okay." He was familiar with the person at the other end of the line.

Before he could hang up, the phone was snatched from the person at the other end, and a familiar voice rang inside Hudson's ears.

" Bring the thick cap when you are coming! I will be needing it within an hour, so be fast! I don't want my babe to leave, or you will be dead for that!"

*Beep beep*

The call was hung up immediately.

Hudson could only stared at his phone screen in a dumfounded manner. He couldn't believe his boss again.

This was the habit of Henry, and Hudson was already used to it. He knew his boss was having a new chick again by now, and he was the one task with the responsibility of bringing or carrying the Jimmy hat.

" Will my life ever be better?" Hudson wanted to cry so hard, but he couldn't. His life at this moment was really a sore spot for him. There were times h
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