The Masked Secret Heir

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The Masked Secret Heir

By: siGNaTure9 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Radley Baron took in the identity of Steve, an ordinary high school student, just so he could find his long-lost sister. However, he gets betrayed because everyone thought he was a poor student. The rich students bullied and tagged him "the school rat." What the students didn't know was that the school rat was none other than the 8th richest young man worldwide, heir to the renowned Baron empire as well as the world's best agent, Wild Dog.

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  • Maria Teresa


    So far am content with how the story is done. It arouses or makes one of the characters as if he’s experiencing what he’s going through

    2023-03-23 19:01:58
  • Cynthia


    The book would be good if the author would update the book with the correct chapters- too many chapters that have nothing to do with The Masked Heir

    2023-05-06 16:14:43
  • Damon Keys


    This is terrible!

    2023-02-05 12:27:39
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131 chapters
Chapter 1
Heated Argument! “Dad, this ain't funny no more! I'm twenty-one soon to be twenty-two years old, you can't keep controlling me like a freaking teenager,” yelled Jane, walking out of her dad's office. Jane's dad had invited her to his office to talk to her about the absurdity of her extravagance. She'd become so daring, the nerve to walk out on her dad. “Come back here young lady, you don't walk out on me whilst I'm still talking," Edmund Peterson Sputtered with authority, rising from his seat. Jane nervously walks back towards her dad. Edmund is very strict but loves his daughter dearly. He walks towards her and tries to talk some sense into her. “I have enemies everywhere, they can hurt you to get at me, now I'm not saying you can't have fun, but I need you to slow down a little," Edmund cautions her, holding her hand and looking straight into her eyes, to ensure his message sinks deep. Jane nods her head in guilt. ''I made a promise to your mom on her dying bed, to protect you, a
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Chapter 2
The Carnival “I must attend the carnival, I can't afford to miss it, what do I do? What do I do?” Jane ponders to herself. As she ponders, she receives a text from one of her friends, Vanessa, popularly known as hotty, asking if she's parked. “Not yet hotty, dad didn't give me the chance to ask for his permission, he was rushing to go to work," Jane replies but gets no reply from Van. A few minutes later, the bell rings, “Go get the door,” Anna sends one of the maids. It's Vanessa, she's come to talk some sense into Jane. Vanessa is a spoiled brat and a bad influence on Jane. “Your welcome mam,” the maid greets Vanessa, rather she looks at her from hair to toe and snobs. “Where is she?” Vanessa asks the maid, chewing her gum snobbishly. “Jane? She should be in her room,” the maid responds respectfully. Vanessa goes to see Jane. Jane's happy she came but looks worried because their plan doesn't seem to go as scheduled. “Hey, why are you putting on a long face?” Vanessa asks Jan
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Chapter 3
She isn't home! Edmund gets home at about 2 00 am, he habitually checks up on everyone when he comes back from work late. “Oh she's deep in sleep, let me not disturb her,” In a soliloquy, Edmund mumbles, looking at the pillows Jane had perfectly arranged to appear like she's covered her head. A few hours after arriving in the office the next day, Edmund receives a call from Anna complaining that Jane is nowhere to be found. “What are you talking about Anna? I saw her in her room last night sleeping soundly!” Edmund sputters. Edmund cannot believe Jane has made a fool of him again. “It appears she made a fool of us sir, she carefully arranged pillows, so it seems she's there,” Anna shutters. Edmund drops the call and goes for a moment of silence, pondering on where he went wrong raising Jane. He calls his friend, John Wright (Chief Of Police), to inform him about his daughter's disappearance. “Ed, you know it's not been up to 24 hours since she left the house, so we can't declare
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Chapter 4
Kidnapped! Jane had passed out from screaming and fear but woke in a soft and comfortable bed. There are beautiful morning lights entered her room from the East. She tries to open her eyes but is welcomed by the morning sun. She's lost, and confused. Likewise, she places her right-hand downwards over her eyebrows because the sun is obstructing her view. Jane looks around but doesn't seem to know where she is. She can remember getting kidnapped, but wonders why she's in such comfort. Jane wakes up gradually and walks across the room quietly and gently. Moves towards the door and hits it hard three times. She leans on the door with her back and exhales shakily. In a couple of minutes, she hears footsteps walking towards the room, she looks at the door, anxiously waiting to see who will come in. Surprisingly, she hears someone open the door with a key, but no one opens the door. She walks towards the door, opens it shakily, looks outside the corridor and sees no one. She goes down th
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Chapter 5
Don’t touch her! “Hey woman, you need to eat something; the boss commands it,” Steve’s employee commands Jane. “Fuck you, fuck your boss, fuck all of you!” Jane screams with so much anger and tears. She’s so worried about her dad at this point. How worried he must be. The employee walks close to Jane, picks up a rope from a table behind her, and ties her hands and legs as if she wouldn’t stop fighting back and kicking. He tries to force food into Jane’s mouth, but she spits it out on his face. He’s so furious and raises his hand to hit Jane, but is barged on by Steve, who’s so offended to see his employee raising his hand at Jane. “Hey!” Steve screams at the top of his lungs when he sees his employee, Jane, raising her hand. He runs to her, “What have you done?” Steve asks the employee, and before he could say anything, Steve punches him in the stomach and pushes him against the wall. “No one touches Jane, is that clear?” Steve utters sternly, looking at his eyeballs. “Yes, bos
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Chapter 6
The afternoon wasn't favorable, as the sun was smiling on the earth. The wild dog took a break in his swimming pool, getting cooled off and relaxing himself. It's been a while since he's had fun. It's been like five months now. He missed his old lifestyle but has to keep up with his fake identity just to get his sister back. He had a hard time trying to convince his mother, who had called in the morning, to calm down. She heard about the news of him getting beaten up and wouldn't let his ears rest with the questions of who had beaten him up and why he was beaten up. His parents don't know about his fake identity, as it would be hard to keep up with it if they were aware of it. He came up with a lie to try to calm her down, and after what seemed like hours, she agreed to his request of not bothering herself about him, but he knew she wasn't convinced. Even though she wasn't, staying away from his business for a while will be better for him. Camille walked toward the pool. Her heels
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Chapter 7
Frustration! Frustrated and not knowing what to do she decides to continue with the dress fitting and the ones he wanted her to have she had gotten tired of the entire scenario even if it was just for the time being. Somehow she knew that Steve was a good person. Steve sat there and was just looking directly into the open air doing some transactions. Even though his eyes were fixated on his phone he sure had a good reflex meaning if Jane did anything she would pay dearly and not just that his men were surrounding the entire place so if she ran she would be caught and she would be taught a lesson. "Are these okay?" Jane asked as she did the fitting of the first dress. Of course, she was pretty in the dress and even though he felt some type of way like his heart yearned to just wake from where he was seated to elapse her in his arms, he thought against it he couldn't be weak before her. "Try something else that doesn't fit the purpose for which I have kept you here or for why I to
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Chapter 8
Memories Sitting on the edge of the bed she had been given in the mansion not knowing her before or back she began to think of her father and how he used to be with her mother. Why could she not have that kind of love for him? She remembered w day they had all sat when she was 11 years old two years before her mother passed on and she heard her father say to her mother. "It hurts so much to watch the one you love be drifting away from him and not just that you have made yourself too reserved so that it hurts those around you love," he said. Jane heard her mother promise to be receptive and to make up for a lost time, she persuaded Jane's father to take had and Jane shopping just something to distract them from all the tension from the past months, he accepted anything for her right? He wanted to make her happy at all costs so he went downstairs to arrange the car while Jane's mother apologized for her recent withdrawal and thanked Jane. "I wish my dad would just do what is neede
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Chapter 9
No Mercy Nashville is one of the most bustling places with lots of economic activities rapidly on the rise as well as the cost of living too. Life will be easy if you have a job in the city but it will take a toll on you if you don't have one or someone to help you in times of need. Jane was still in bed when she heard some commotion downstairs the house. She thought maybe her father had finally sent some people to come to save her. Trues knew he would look for someone to come save her because it had been a week since she had been kidnapped and they called him. Slowly she walked down the stairs but she rather saw Steve shouting through the phone at someone. she didn't wish to be the person at the other end. She had been given the leverage to walk I'm the garden hence she used it to her benefit. Maybe the house was not the best place to think of a solution, so she decided to talk a walk around the garden hoping to come up with a good idea for escaping. As she gets to the garden
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Chapter 10
Best friend dilemma! Clara could not believe she got accepted, it felt like a dream but she got a job. Just now one of the workers came to her and told her the most was calling for her to come into the office for a short interview. Clara is Jane's friend who had been looking for a job for some time now since she hardly kept a job for over a month. And why was this? it was because she had everything she could get from her parents, she was from a wealthy family too but then she got involved with the police many times to make her feel the brunt of the meaning of making money hence the reason why she feels super happy about getting a job. "Clara Right?" "Yes," Clara replied smiling "ok, the manager is calling you," She said and turned to leave. "Okay," Clara said. She walked out and moved into his office before she finally knocked on the door and he asked her to enter the office. Clara was nervous. " Good day sir" she greeted, she had never been one to be in such a milieu without
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