Echoes of Justice: The Return of the Billionaire Son-In-Law

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Echoes of Justice: The Return of the Billionaire Son-In-Law

By: Red Lily OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"You are weak! I can't stand you anymore!" Stephan Blackwood, was treated like a bag of scam by his in-laws. Even his wife Magdalena, who used to be his first and only love, gave up on him and asked for divorce to marry an old rich man. None of them knew that Stephan was secretly the inheritor of the millionaire Clark Blackwood. Through sheer determination and unwavering ambition, he rises to become a billionaire, amassing immense power and influence. Years later, Stephan resurfaces, now a formidable figure in society. Armed with wealth and resources, he meticulously plots his revenge against Magdalena, his ex-wife and her influential family The Rivers, believing they were responsible for his past suffering. He intends to dismantle their lives as they had done to him. "Sir, it appears that Magdalena's current circumstances are far from what we expected. She does not reside in the Rivers mansion or live a life of privilege. In fact, she resides alone in a dilapidated house in one of the poorest areas of the city." “We are afraid, sir, that we have noticed some signs of sexual assault on the lady’s body.” “WHAT?” As Stephan delves deeper into his investigation, he uncovers a series of hidden truths that gradually chip away at his certainty. Clues and revelations emerge, suggesting that Magdalena may have been innocent all along. Doubt creeps into his heart, challenging his assumptions and forcing him to reevaluate his plans and find the real villain of the story...

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9 chapters
The Return
The city skyline shimmered beneath the glow of the setting sun as Stephan Blackwood's private jet descended onto the tarmac. After years of seclusion and tireless pursuit of success, he had finally returned, his heart pulsating with a mix of anticipation and vengeance.As the jet's doors opened, Stephan stepped out onto the runway, exuding an aura of power and determination. Dressed in a perfectly tailored suit that bespoke his newfound wealth, he scanned the surroundings with a steely gaze. This was the moment he had been waiting for—the moment to set his plan of revenge into motion.News of Stephan's arrival had rippled through the city, stirring whispers and sparking curiosity. The media speculated about his motives, while the public eagerly awaited the unveiling of his grand scheme. His rise from the shadows had become a tale of legend, a symbol of resilience and determination.“The time has come.” With a calculated stride, Stephan descended into a waiting black limousine, the ep
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A True Friend (Flashback)
Stephan Blackwood stood at the entrance of St. Augustine's High School, his heart pounding with a mix of excitement and apprehension. It was his first day at the prestigious institution, a world far removed from the humble neighbourhood he had grown up in. The grandeur of the building and the air of privilege surrounding him made him feel like an imposter, a fish out of water. Taking a deep breath, Stephan pushed open the heavy doors and stepped into the bustling hallway. The chatter of students echoed in his ears, and he could feel their eyes upon him, scrutinising his every move. Whispers followed in his wake as he made his way towards his designated classroom. As he entered the classroom, his gaze was drawn to a girl sitting at the front row. She exuded an aura of grace and gentleness, her features radiant and captivating. Her eyes sparkled with warmth, and a soft smile played upon her lips. She had long, flowing chestnut hair that cascaded down her back, and her posture was pois
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False Friend
Magdalena's heart weighed heavily with the burden of her family's dark secrets, and she knew she could trust Stephan with the truth. The linden trees rustled softly overhead as they found solace in their secluded spot, a sanctuary away from the judgmental eyes of the world.With a deep breath, Magdalena mustered the courage to reveal the painful story that had shaped her life. She spoke with a mixture of sadness and anger, her voice barely above a whisper, as if afraid the very words she spoke would unleash the ghosts of her past."Stephan, I need you to understand the true nature of my family," she began, her eyes searching for understanding. "My father, Thomas River, was married to my mother, a loving and devoted woman. But he succumbed to the temptations of an evil mistress named Veronica."Her voice quivered with emotion as she continued, "Veronica, with her illegitimate children, wielded her power within our household. She took control, fuelled by the blessings of my grandmother,
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Unveiling the Mask
Amelia Shelton, a woman draped in a facade of elegance and refinement, revelled in her dual nature. Behind closed doors, away from the prying eyes of the world, she revealed her true colours, treating those beneath her with callous indifference. Her treatment of her maid was no exception.In the privacy of her luxurious mansion, Amelia's true nature unfurled. She barked orders with an air of entitlement, her voice dripping with condescension."Martha, how many times do I have to tell you? Iron my dresses properly! Can't you see the creases? It's unacceptable!"Martha, the maid, trembled under Amelia's scrutiny. "I-I'm sorry, ma'am. I'll fix it right away."Amelia waved her hand dismissively. "You're always sorry, Martha. I expect perfection, not excuses. Don't make me repeat myself."Martha nodded, her eyes downcast. She hurriedly went about her tasks, aware that any misstep would result in further reprimand.As the day wore on, Amelia's demands grew more unreasonable. She berated Mar
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Dark Secret
Amelia found herself in a rather precarious situation. In a bizarre twist of fate, she was forcefully restrained and brought to her knees in front of a man named Mr. Blackwood, whom she couldn't recall ever meeting before! Never in her life was she mistreated this way!Amelia's initial reaction was to protest loudly, her voice filled with anger and defiance. "Let me go! Do you have any idea who I am? I demand to be released immediately!" she yelled, her eyes flashing with a combination of fury and disbelief.Stephan's aura was undeniably intimidating. As Amelia found herself on the ground before him, she couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of dread wash over her. It was as if an invisible force emanated from him, commanding respect and eliciting fear.His presence alone seemed to fill the room, suffocating the air around them. The intensity in his eyes was piercing, like two icy orbs that saw right through her facade. There was a steely determination in his gaze, a resolute f
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Stephan's heart skipped a beat at the revelation. A mix of emotions surged through him, ranging from shock to disbelief. He had never known about the existence of a child, a secret daughter who carried Magdalena's traits! The thought of a hidden connection shook him to his core.His mind raced, trying to process the implications. Questions swirled within him. Where was her daughter now? What kind of life had she been subjected to? How had she been kept in the dark for so long?Unfortunately, Amelia had no knowledge of the child's whereabouts. She had merely heard rumours and speculations. Stephan's frustration grew as he realised that the information he sought remained out of his reach."Who do you think may know about the daughter's place?" He asked her with a scary tone."I... I don't know! Maybe her old husband or maybe her brother Robin..." Amelia shivered."I. Don't. Care. Amelia," Stephan's focus sharpened, determination etched onto his face. "Find out more, filthy b*tch. I want
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Bitter Dinner
The Riven family gathered around the opulent dining table, an air of arrogance and malice pervading the room. Thomas Riven, the patriarch, sat at the head, a smug smile playing on his lips as he basked in the power and wealth he had accumulated. His eyes, cold and calculating, surveyed the scene, his ego inflated by the presence of his mistress, Veronica, seated beside him.Veronica, a woman of seductive beauty and cunning, exuded an aura of entitlement as she sipped her wine. Her eyes gleamed with a mix of desire and ambition, her presence a constant reminder of Thomas' betrayal to his wife and family. She reveled in her role as the other woman, relishing the control she held over him and the power she wielded within the household.Robin, Thomas' son, sat at the far end of the table, his face etched with resentment and bitterness. He had long suffered under his father's tyranny and the constant overshadowing of his accomplishments. His eyes darted between his father and Veronica, a m
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Putting The Rivens In Their Place
Oliver, Stephan's loyal assistant, stood silently by his side, relishing the discomfort and shock that had gripped the Riven family. His eyes gleamed with a sense of anticipation as he waited for his master's next command. Stephan, sitting at the opposite head of the dining table, turned to Oliver and spoke with a calm authority."Oliver, it seems we have some unfinished business to attend to in this house," Stephan said, his voice firm and unwavering. "I want you to search every corner of this mansion for any remaining belongings of Magdalena."Oliver nodded obediently, understanding the importance of the task at hand. He knew that finding any trace of Magdalena's presence would further unsettle the already unnerved Riven family. With a nod from Stephan, he swiftly departed the dining room, leaving the Rivens to face the weight of their past actions.Thomas Riven, unable to hide his growing frustration and anger, spoke up, his voice trembling with a mixture of indignation and defianc
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"Sit down, everyone,” Stephan, his eyes scanning the room, commanded everyone to find a seat and relax. The atmosphere was thick with tension as the Riven family followed his instructions. With an air of authority, Stephan reached into his pocket and retrieved a pack of cigarettes.Reluctantly, Thomas, Veronica, and Robin seated themselves, their eyes occasionally darting toward Stephan. There was a palpable sense of unease in the room, as if they were treading on fragile ground, unsure of what lay ahead. Stephan, however, exuded an air of confidence that made it difficult for them to challenge his authority.As Stephan lit his own cigarette, a cloud of smoke began to fill the room, wrapping itself around the tension that still lingered. The flickering flames of the lighter cast an ethereal glow on Stephan's face, emphasising the determination in his eyes.Silence settled over the dining hall, broken only by the soft crackling of the burning tobacco and the occasional sigh from the Ri
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