The Heir's Secret

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The Heir's Secret

By: Ralph OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Nigel, a poor 21-year-old boy, has a streak of bad luck in one day. After being fired from his job as a food delivery courier, his lover abandoned him for the sake of a wealthy young man, and now he has to deal with a debt collector he doesn't know about. "Hurry, pay your debts, or you will die!" threatened one of the burly men who intercepted him. "Hu...debt? As far as I remember, I never owed anyone?" he asked. When Nigel was squeezed and almost abused, a well-dressed man came up to him. The presence of this man changes everything about Nigel, from a nobody to a ruler, and will avenge all the insults he has received. Note : Cover is taken from Lexica art and no copyright. Edited by canva

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1. Bad Luck Streak
Nigel walked unsteadily to the bus stop that would take him to the apartment. The golden brown-haired young man had just lost his job as a food delivery boy. The last customer obtained a low-rate review because the food arrived late, and the arrangement no longer looked delicious.“Huh, I shouldn't have bothered to come to the office; this way, I don't have to deal with that arrogant Jenkins who finally fired me. I should accept the sanction suspended for two weeks. Now I alone have to lose and be confused thinking about the continuation of my life! It crashes all the way.“Damn… damn!” Nigel kept cursing at his stupidity.He was emotional and did not pay attention to the circumstances around him until colliding with someone."Hey, trash, you're blind! Just walk until you have to bump into my girlfriend!” exclaimed a man with a woman who accidentally collided with him.Nigel looked up and intended to apologize, but the young woman before him only lowered her head while covering part o
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2. Please Come Back Home
The men dressed in all black immediately pointed their guns at Nigel's attackers' heads and made them not move. Even though they weren't as big as the people who attacked Nigel, none dared to fight back.The four big men who had been rude and forced Nigel to pay off the debt made by Bella slowly lost their nerve. The four of them were now squatting with their hands behind their ears, following orders from the well-dressed male followers.But Nigel was still reluctant to exchange glances with the well-dressed man, even though he was the one who had saved himself. Nigel instead showed an unfriendly expression, maybe even hidden anger there.The well-dressed man gently tapped Nigel on the shoulder so the young man would turn to look at him."You still can't forget that incident? Are you still stubborn? Look at you now!” said the well-dressed man, looking Nigel up and down. Her gaze showed pity as she looked at Nigel.“Tch!” Nigel looked away again and then said again, "You should be happ
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3. A Guest's Request
"Damn! It’s so noisy. Just be patient please!” grumbled Nigel as he headed for his apartment door.The distance from the pantry to the door was close, only two meters. Still, the knocking got louder and annoyed Nigel even more today.“Could it be that devil woman's debt collector again. How outrageous is she!” Nigel stumbled open the door roughly.A plump woman stood there with her hands clasped before her chest. His face was filled with panic with sweat that almost filled his forehead."Mrs. Yearwood?" said Nigel to the unexpectedly coming woman.Dorothy Yearwood is a neighbor who lives on the floor with him. This woman only lives with her husband, who had a stroke, and a daughter, Nigel's age, Charlotte. Both Charlotte and Mrs. Yearwood have always been good neighbors to Nigel. Almost every day, they sent food to him.“Nigel, can you help me?” asked Mrs. Dorothy hurriedly."Madam, calm down first, we'll talk inside," said Nigel, opening the door wider.But the woman refused. Instead
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4. Auction
Nigel's face flushed when he found the man who appeared before him. He also threw spit to the side to insult the man who had just arrived."Hey, you again!" sneered Nigel with sharp eyes.Charlotte, who saw the man's arrival, immediately approached him. His arrival could have been a better sign for this time. She cupped her hands in front of her chest.“Young Master, please forgive me. This incident won't happen again, I will tell him to leave," she pleaded.That man was Jordan Wright, who became the club's largest shareholder of X-land. The same man who had taken Bella Hughes from Nigel.Jordan, who saw Nigel's arrival, smiled cynically and then glanced back at Charlotte. He suddenly planned to play a trick on these two poor people.He had no problem with Charlotte; the girl came to his club for a high-paying job. But he didn't think the girl who had just worked for him had a relationship with Nigel.Jordan thinks that poor people who require money quickly are worth playing with. The
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5. A Mysterious Guy
Jordan extended a hand towards the man coming towards him with a smile. His eyes twinkled when he saw what the mysterious man had given him."I don't think anyone can pay more than you," Jordan said, nodding in satisfaction.“Hmm but I don't want to do it at your place, I'll take him to the hotel I'm staying at! I'm going to enjoy her, without being bothered by the crowds here. You know a lot of people want this woman, but they can't beat me,” said the man who suddenly stepped onto the stage."Don't worry, sir, everything can be arranged easily!" Jordan also patted the shoulder of the man who suddenly came towards him and led him closer to Snow White."Hey, you! Accompany him!” Jordan shouted at Snow White, sitting on a chair with her head down.The woman who was auctioned didn't budge, ignoring Jordan's words. Realizing that his orders were being ignored, Jordan grabbed Snow White's arm and forced her to stand up. Snow White's arm was gripped tightly and made her wince in pain.“That
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6. Still Got a Revenge
The bouncers at the X-land Club couldn't move when the uniformed officers entered the club area. Even though they have sturdy bodies and are equipped with weapons, when dealing with the Police, they really can't do anything.Some even tried to crouch behind the bar counter to avoid being seen by the authorities. Some try to escape. But of course, the officers are more agile and skilled at dealing with them."We will count down to ten; if the count ends, the visitor does not leave the area, then we will take him to the police station!" shouted one of the police officers using a loudspeaker.Jordan was still standing in astonishment and turned to the security guard at the club. Why didn't any of them try to move against it? The security guard became a loser, busy trying to save himself.This made him furious."Hey, you guys don't just shut up, you idiot! Hurry up and do something. Drive those officers out!" he ordered the bouncer loudly.But one of them shook his head and disagreed with
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7. I Don't Need It
Hearing Nigel's answer, Sofia flinched. The aqua-eyed woman rubbed her ears to ensure her hearing wasn't wrong.She had long missed his son. Now the moment is in sight, and Nigel is back to get a decent life instead of choosing to leave.“Nigel, what did you say just now. You're not coming back here again? Why is that Nigel?” asked Sofia, not understanding.Nigel shook his head, "My place is not here, Mom, but in Longbay City."As he said this, Nigel's face showed a stern look. The expression that is always shown when his desire is not fulfilled. Nigel's jawline was so defined, his eyes were cold, and his chin was slightly upturned.Now the golden brown-haired youth glanced at his father again.“I'm grateful that you and Aaron helped me to free my friend, but I'm sorry I can't stay in this place any longer. If you don't have anything else to talk about, then I’d better go away,” replied Nigel politely and formally.Bastian Parker is proud to see the change in his youngest son. Nigel's
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8. At the Lounge
Nigel had finished cleaning himself and was fully dressed before he went downstairs and had breakfast with his parents. Last night, Bastian reminded Nigel to meet him at breakfast."They haven't woken up yet, or I am too early," muttered Nigel when he found the empty dining table. Finally, he took his cell phone in his pocket and read the latest news about Everspring, the city he had left for a long time."Nothing interesting," he muttered.Ahem!A clear cough from behind Nigel had startled him. He quickly stood up and looked back. Frankly, there was still fear in Nigel's eyes at this moment when he heard his father's voice."Are you surprised to see me?""No. This is your house, of course you can roam freely right?" asked Nigel sarcastically, trying to cover up his fear.Bastian Parker laughed sarcastically and then clapped his hands. "Your fiery spirit reminds me of my youth. Nigel… Nigel I admit you are quite good at hiding things for example hiding your nervousness by being cynica
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9. Only $5,000
"Yes, you can see for yourself who owns the document right?" asked Nigel confidently.The two officers looked again at Nigel's travel documents. Both of their faces looked serious. But seconds later, the bald-headed officer slapped Nigel using the document."You are still young but dare to commit a crime. How dare you falsify travel documents!" snapped the bald-headed officer, then crumpled the document up."What are you doing?" Nigel asked in disbelief.But the two officers didn't care. They both grabbed Nigel again and dragged him away. Nigel tried to wriggle out by waving his arms, but he was far less powerful than the two officers."We'll just take him straight to the office!" exclaimed the black-haired officer, greeted by a nod from his friend.Then, Nigel bit his lip to hold back his anger and embarrassment because everyone in the VIP lounge was watching him. His breath was hunting up and down when he heard their sneers saying he was a poor person who didn't deserve to be here.
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10. Aaron's Presence
Aaron immediately turned to the bodyguard beside him. "My brother is in danger! We must go to the security office immediately!""Yes, Young Master."Aaron walked dashingly. Behind him was a bodyguard with a well-built body. He briefly sent a text message to someone.Not long after, a man with a slightly fat stomach suddenly approached Aaroon. He was wearing a dark grey suit and a blue airport tie. "Mr. Aaron Parker. I apologize for making you wait so long," said the man with a slightly fat belly in a very polite sentence.The man was Desmond Woods, Longbay City Airport's operations director. He had a good relationship with Aaron Parker. A few years ago, Aaron helped him resolve a dispute with a person who secretly used his name for inappropriate things."That's fine, but I don't have much time left. I need you to take me to the VIP Lounge security office. My brother got into trouble there."The stocky man furrowed his brows and watched the words that came out of Aaron's mouth. Just n
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