The Mysterious Midnight Magnate

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The Mysterious Midnight Magnate

By: Wordsmith-H Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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When Claudia Michaelson rose to stardom, she perceived her husband of three years, Eric Radcliffe, to be pathetic and way too impoverished. She felt he would tarnish her reputation, so she demanded a divorce to part ways with him, completely forgetting all the sacrifices he made for her throughout the years. With a bleeding heart, Eric strode into a bar to get himself drunk that night, only to earn severe beating from thugs he argued with, and in the midst of it all, his blood splashed upon a mysterious ring. This little accident made his hopeless and insignificant life change for the better. He became the most powerful magnate envied all across the world.

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121 chapters
01: Shock
"Mr. Radcliffe, these are the divorce papers from your soon-to-be ex-wife. Just a minute to sign them and they'll be finalized today."Eric had his eyes raised in their sockets from where he was standing at the door. Mr. Snow, the Juvenile and divorce attorney didn't even offer him a seat, he dropped the news right before Eric could shut the door behind him. Earlier, he had received an urgent call from the family lawyer."Come again, Mr. Snow. Perhaps I misheard," Eric neared the man's executive wooden table, with a confused frown spreading across his face."Fine," Mr. Snow adjusted his thick glasses and pointed at the files that sat on his desk, "Your wife, Claudia wants to end the marriage with you, as you two aren't on the same track anymore and she's currently far above your level. Her words; staying married to someone like you is worse than rubbing dirt in her name."This was like a punch in Eric's gut, to the extent he zoned out for a couple of seconds as he replayed and digest
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02: Of Course, A Divorce
A stunning, olive-skinned petite woman with a pixie cut, wearing an elegant skimpy gold dress stormed into Mr. Snow's office. Her stiletto heels clicked professionally on the marble floor, as she held her shoulders high like she owned the world. Right behind her were two of her assistants and six burly bodyguards, clad in all black."Oh, you're here at last," the young woman barely acknowledged Eric or threw him a glance as she stopped in front of Mr. Snow's desk."Has he signed the divorce papers?" After directing this to the divorce attorney, the woman flicked her fingers as the boss, to make her employees maintain at least five feet distance from her. And as the bodyguards obeyed, they brushed past Eric who was unusually silent as he observed the whole scene unfolding in front of him."Not yet, Ms Claudia. I was just trying to persuade him before you arrived," Mr. Snow rose to his feet as he answered."Why are you stressing this, Eric?" The woman turned to him with her chin juttin
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03: Disappointment
"Is that all you have to say?" Claudia's voice was shaky, betraying the stiffness of her body.A quick snort from Eric made his upper body tremble. He pursed his lips as he looked at the woman in front of him. Of course, he had loved her throughout the years, that was the solid reason why he kept making the sacrifices for her. But now, he was starting to see her in a different light.Distasteful, greedy and self-centered."Answer me," Claudia pressed on."I don't know what it is that you want from me," Eric voiced out. The look on his face gave out that he felt sorry for her.Still hanging around frustration, Claudia rummaged through her handbag and slipped out a cheque."Here's $5,000,000, take it and start life afresh," she held it out.Eric accepted the cheque, only to tear it into pieces."What are you doing?" To say Claudia was stunned was an understatement. Everyone else in the office wore the same expression as her."My marriage with you wasn't based on money, it was wrong of m
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04: Not A Loser
Eric strode outside the elevator and clenched his jaw. He never expected a divorce today. Claudia had been away for two weeks and he was fine with it because he couldn't get in the way of her career. Too bad things had ended between them. He did his best to provide for her needs, yet she was unsatisfied because she felt it was too little. Right from the very beginning, Claudia had the eyes for flashy things and a luxury lifestyle.Several paps were outside waiting when Eric stepped right out of the elevator. And upon thinking they were waiting for Claudia because she was the celebrity, he raised his head high and strode past them. They didn't know him after all. He thought to himself.Only to be surrounded by all of them like a hive of bees."Mr. Michaelson, your ex-wife just posted this update on her social media handle," someone pushed his phone in Eric's face, and Eric's eyes widened in horror.It was a picture of him in the attorney's office, along with Claudia and her bodyguar
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05: The Ring
"You dare hit me?" Mr. Skillsgard had utter disbelief spreading across his face upon realizing blood was oozing from his mouth.He couldn't believe someone as pathetic as Eric could do that.And Eric didn't even respond, the look on his face showed that he would do it again if the man attempted to hit him for the second time.He was already too upset over what was happening, so keeping his temper in check was out of the picture now."How dare you do this?" Claudia yelled so hard at Eric as she took quick steps until she was standing in front of him."So I should have let him hit me instead?" Eric stared at her in utter disappointment. It was one thing to divorce him and another to pick sides with her boyfriend when obviously she knew who was at fault."Of course yes, he holds more power than you and you cannot even measure up to one of his bodyguards or even his dog," Claudia glared at him icily.Hearing this, Eric was taken aback. He hadn't expected her to be so partial and defensive
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06: Beaten By Thugs
06: Beaten By Thugs"Are you trying to pull pranks on me?" The bartender raised the corner of his lips scornfully."No, I'm serious about what I saw. There's a ring under that table," Eric was flabbergasted and it made his mouth part in astonishment for a split second.He was stupefied because he didn't want to think it was just him who saw the ring and no one else did."Another drunk. Get the fuck out." The annoyed bartender warned him."Just come out and take a closer look.." Eric barely finished with this persuasion, when someone's large fist connected to his face and sent him to the floor immediately.Pain shot through his nose and spread to the rest of his face, as stars danced around his head for a couple of seconds. Because he didn't see that coming, and it was completely earth-shattering."Piece of shit, you're becoming a nuisance," someone thundered like an enraged giant.Eric saw the semi-giant standing right in front of him with a sneer on his face."What the fuck?" Eric as
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07: The Ring’s Healing Power (I)
Eric woke up with an audible gasp and saw himself at the hospital. And the nurse who was about to attend to him flinched in fear."How did I get here?" Eric questioned, grappling with his ward."Someone brought you down here because you were in a critical condition, but she's gone." The nurse explained."What?" Eric's confusion deepened."You need to calm down, sir, as you aren't in the position to move," the nurse advised but Eric dismissed her please, sitting up with no hint of pain."But I don't feel any pain at all," Eric exclaimed, astonished.The nurse's eyes rose in their sockets upon seeing this. She was silenced by shocked because when the man was brought in last night, he was covered in bruises. Astonished, the nurse hastily left the room to summon the doctor, muttering, "Unbelievable," under her breath.Meanwhile, Eric's mind raced with memories of the previous night's thugs' attack. His phone chimed, diverting his attention to a notification: $5,000,000 disbursed ten tim
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08: The Ring’s Healing Power (II)
“Are you kidding me?” The Doctor stared at Eric like he had gone insane. How was it possible that a man in rags stormed into the room and told them he could save the dying old man.“Out, now!” The male nurse pointed at the door behind Eric.But Eric’s feet were unmoving, he knew he could step out of the room at that moment because the security were still on the look for him.“Please save my grandfather if you can!” The young girl’s tearful plea echoed in his ears, urging him to stay and confront the inexplicable situation unfolding in the hospital room."I can save him," Eric declared again with newfound determination, though uncertainty lingered in his eyes. The doctors exchanged skeptical glances, still baffled by his sudden appearance and his unwillingness to see himself out.The elderly man on the bed lay motionless, a breathing tube connected to his frail form. The medical team, despite their efforts, seemed unable to revive him. The room hung heavy with the weight of uncertainty
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09: More Money
09: More MoneyAs her words sank in, Eric realized that she was the one who had assisted him to the hospital. The fragments of memories from the chaotic night aligned in his mind.Right at that moment, the old man’s daughter, Mia, ran out to call Eric that her grandfather wanted to have a word with him. When she saw the woman with Eric, she rushed to hug her.“Grandpa is now okay,” the little girl told her sister, Emily.And Eric was taken aback.“He’s okay!?” Emily blinked.“Yes, this man over here saved him when the doctors could not," Mia exclaimed, excitement in her voice."You're the man's granddaughter, right? The one I helped a few minutes ago," Eric connected the dots.Her shock deepened. "Yes, that's my grandfather. How... how did you save him? What happened?"Eric hesitated, glancing at the ring in his hand, the source of the inexplicable events. "It's... complicated. But your grandfather is doing better now."The woman, torn between gratitude and confusion, stared at Eric.
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10: The Black Card
10: The Black CardEric nervously approached the bank counter, his worn-out clothes drawing disapproving glances from the well-dressed bankers.“I’m here to see the bank manager,” Eric made this known to them.“Look at this guy! What does he think he's doing here?” A female banker snarled at Eric.“Probably lost his way to a thrift store. Can't believe he's even asking for the manager,” Another, a male banker stared at Eric in absolute disbelief.Just let me see him, it’s very important,” Eric pressed on, ignoring their insults.Bank security whispered urgently into their radios, causing a ripple of curiosity among the other customers.“We've got a situation here. A guy wants to see the manager. Looks like he can't even afford to be in the bank,” this was from a security guard who alerted his colleague.“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn't important,” Eric explained calmly, trying to keep his cool.Despite the growing tension, Eric stood firm, determined to address his concerns.“Sir, we
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