The Return Of Humiliated Son-In-Law

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The Return Of Humiliated Son-In-Law

By: basukiwriter_ OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A divorce paper was thrown in front of Zayden when Zevanna, his wife, was already a CEO of a big company. After four years of Zayden living as a son-in-law who was seen as useless as trash, he couldn't hold back anymore. Zayden chose to sign the divorce papers and return to his long-abandoned business empire. Now, Zayden is going to rebel and make them pay for every demeaning deed done to him. Including entering the circle of the conglomerate that killed his parents. After all the years of humiliation, Zayden made sure they would fall to their knees.

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1. The Divorce
"Sign this divorce paper." Suddenly, a divorce paper was thrown on the table. Right in front of Zayden's face.Zayden was shocked. His movements stopped instantly. The direction of his gaze was fixed on the divorce paper lying on the table. Then he slowly turned his gaze towards Zevanna."What do you mean?" asked Zayden, looking at Zevanna uncomprehendingly."Are my words not clear enough? I want a divorce from you now," Zevanna stated without showing any hesitation.Despite her assertion, Zayden still felt that his sense of hearing was impaired. Zayden was stunned for a split second, asking Zevanna to confirm whether or not she meant what she said."Don't joke around, Zevanna. What kind of request is this?" Zayden of course could not immediately accept Zevanna's request.Zevanna laughed sarcastically and looked away. Meanwhile, Zayden stood up from his sitting position with a confused look at the divorce papers.Zayden had been busy working as a part-time supermarket cashier and rest
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2. Greetings, Lord Zayden!
[Account Balance: $100,021.05]Zayden really didn't expect to have this much money in his account balance. Reading the amount, Zayden was dumbfounded."Sir, I didn't commit fake diamond transaction fraud!" Zayden denied the allegations made by the police in front of him.In front of Zayden, Harris-one of the police detectives-sighs heavily. Harris looked at Zayden with a skeptical gaze. "Then, how did that much money end up in your account balance?" Harris asked.With a worried expression, Zayden exhaled while ruffling his own hair. Zayden didn't know how to explain to Harris."Sir, I have been working honestly as a part-time deliver and part-time supermarket cashier. Can't you see my pay stubs or check my background?" Zayden asked, still trying to be evasive.Harris then placed a paper with a slight toss on the table. Showing it to Zayden."Read that. We found mutations of transactions relating to a fake diamond fraud case. We have witnesses," Harris replied firmly.Zayden read the
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3. A New Type Of Narcotics
Five Bugatti cars pulled up in front of a large mansion.From inside the Bugatti in the middle row, Zayden came out with a man in a full black body-suit. Zayden, still wearing his shabby shirt, looked nonchalant as he walked around his Bugatti to the steps of the mansion's main entrance. In front of the main entrance, there were already eight personal bodyguards lined up. They all bowed as a sign of respect for Zayden's arrival. Meanwhile, Zayden just stepped in the middle of them all."Zayden! You finally decided to come back!"From in front of Zayden, Bruno-his uncle and Zayden's father's older brother-approached him with pride. Bruno clapped his hands three times, then stopped walking."You should have come back a long time ago. Why are you stalling to come here?" Bruno asked.Zayden smiled at Bruno."I'm officially divorced from Zevanna," Zayden replied. "Now I have no reason to stay. Zevanna and her mistress set me up on purpose.""I know," Bruno replied. "That's unfortunate. T
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4. A Chaotic Situation
"What? Zayden can be released from prison?!" Petra protested to Harris who called her.In Petra's presence, Rebecca and Zevanna were suddenly speechless. They were both dumbfounded by this news. As they recalled, the plan to frame Zayden had been well-organized.Why did Zayden escape the evidence trap that Petra, Rebecca, and Zevanna made up?"Who set him free? What a jerk! He shouldn't be out of jail!" said an exasperated Petra."I can't do anything, Mr. Petra. The evidence provided by someone on Zayden's side is really strong. That person even found out that the website was selling fake diamonds."Petra became worried. Her emotions were full of anxiety. She brushed her hair back in frustration."No, there's no way anyone could find out that the website sells fake diamonds!" Petra replied fearfully.Rebecca and Zevanna looked at each other, each of their eyes radiating worry. They both thought of the risks involved if Zayden were to be released from prison."You're not good at your j
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5. Introduce CEO of Blue Star Line
RACHELIA LATHIFINA BOUTIQUE ANNIVERSARY EVENT AND INVESTOR MEETING.A gathering of conglomerate investors was held tonight to celebrate the anniversary of Rachelia Lathifina Boutique. The clinking sound of wine glasses in one of the VVIP-only corners echoed. The sound of music accompanies the atmosphere in the ballroom of this luxurious hotel."Congratulations to you, Rachel! Your boutique has been running for fifteen years!" Zevanna, as one of the owners of a large agency as well as the boutique's investor, exclaimed.Rachel gave a smile of formality while holding up her wine glass."Thank you, Mrs. Zevanna. I also just heard that your agency made a huge income from your last movie production?"Zevanna smiled embarrassedly at Rachel's question. With a facial expression of formality, Zevanna nodded her head."That's right. I actually spent a lot of money on that movie, but it turned out that I got back a lot of money!" Zevanna answered enthusiastically.Along the long table seats in t
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6. A Mysterious Power
BUGH!"YOU MUST BE A LIAR!" Andreas suddenly said out loud after delivering a solid punch to Zayden's face.Zayden's body almost hit the table if he didn't balance himself immediately. The VVIP guests panicked instantly. Meanwhile, the regular guests outside the VVIP area immediately looked at them all in unison."Mr. Andreas, control yourself!" Petra said firmly.But unfortunately Andreas didn't listen at all.Andreas stepped closer to Zayden without dropping his sharp gaze at all. On the other hand, Zayden's two personal bodyguards were about to deliver the same blow. Then Zayden immediately restrained them both from doing anything."A loser like you can't possibly own a company as big as Blue Star Line Entertainment, right?" Andreas asked with emotion.Now Zayden's black-suit collar was gripped tightly by Andreas. The two of them faced each other with sharp, calm glances from each other."I don't know why you're this angry with me, Mr. Andreas," Zayden replied while wiping his lips
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7. The Suspicious Plan
"I don't understand what's happening to me!" Zayden's voice sounded worried.Zayden walked down the hallway to the bathroom. After his fight with Andreas, Zayden couldn't contain his embarrassment any longer. The entire crowd was buzzing and reporters were flocking to cover what had just happened."Mr. Zayden! You can't leave the event after causing a scene!" Alan said as he walked quickly after Zayden, his boss. Zayden didn't care. He was too panicked and confused after feeling a strange power suddenly appear. As he remembered, he had not taken any medicine to stimulate any power. However, what was happening to his body?"This is strange, Alan. Why did I do such a violent act just now!?" Zayden cursed himself repeatedly, occasionally massaging his temples."Sir, calm yourself!""I can't calm down!" Zayden's steps came to an abrupt halt, causing Alan to stop stepping as well. "I can't believe what I just saw! This is unbelievable! Alan... I saw someone's past memories! How is that p
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