The Path To Perfection
The Path To Perfection
Author: Lord_Grenne
Chapter 1: Birth Of A God

Within the vast emptiness of the dark void, two human-like figures, a man and a woman, stood exactly five meters away from each other. There was no platform of any kind beneath their feet, even then, they stood firmly not losing their balance.

The man looked to be in his late forties with a mohawk hairstyle, the two shaved sides of his head complimenting his appearance. The black suit with purple lining he wore could not hide his well-muscled body. He floated there with legs put together and hands behind him which emphasized his large muscle-packed chest. The most fascinating thing about the man was his pure black eyes with glowing purple pupils that looked intimidating even when he wasn't frowning.

"After so many years... I guess this is it, *sigh*. " The man said in a deep and calm voice that echoed out in the void.

"Yes, it was bound to happen anyway," said the woman standing away from the man. Although shorter than the man, she was still quite tall even though there was no one around to compare her height with. She appeared to be in her mid-forties just like the man with a slim curvaceous body and a beautiful oval-shaped face. She wore a white fitted gown with wide sleeves. On top of her head of curly golden hair that reached her waist was a small jade crown with nine gems.

"Let's just hope that this won't come to bite us considering the amount of emotions we might end up investing in it." Jurdelious spoke as he looked at the floating ball of multi-colored 'light' in between both of them, which seemed to be shrinking at a rapid pace.

Jurdelious and Krene slowly moved toward the seemingly solidifying ball of light. Looking closer at the ball of multi-colored light, a baby slept peacefully at its center. The reason the light was shrinking was that the baby who was the source of the light was gradually dimming.

Finally, the multi-colored light completely disappeared to reveal a fair-skinned baby who had already opened its eyes, looking around with a level of curiosity not befitting its age. The first thing to enter its sight was the golden-haired white-robed woman.

Krene approached the child and held him in her right palm similar to how one held a bowl showing how large she was in entirety. " It's a boy," she said while smiling. "Hmm, mortal and esper children would be crying by now.... just look at how he's staring at me, hehe."

"You can't compare the birth of a mortal to the birth of a god Krene," Jurdelious called out as he came over with a kind smile. Suddenly the smile on his face disappeared, his purple pupils glowing more intensely, he said. "What should we do about the others"

Krene, although still keeping a calm and happy face her eyes could not hide the arrogance that threatened to burst out if tested. " For now, nothing. Some reminders will be good. This is something that has been set, I don't believe anyone will be stupid enough to challenge me."

Jurdelious hearing this could not help but have an expression filled with pride. As he looked forward, the space in front of them rippled like a water curtain, then froze, then cracked and shattered.

A young man in a white suit who gave the vibe of a committed butler walked out of the portal with a smile "I congratulate Lord and Lady on the addition of a new member to the family"

"Ah! Yes, Ris, thank you, make preparations we're going to be leaving the domain temporarily, set down management protocols" Krene spoke while holding the baby closer to her bosom as she and Jurdelious moved into the portal.

"Yes my lady, and where might I ask will we be going." Said Ris.

"Hmm..." She turned to look at Jurdelious thoughtfully " We'll be heading to Planet Green Cloud then."

"How splendid, a perfect environment for raising a new god." Said Ris as he followed them into the portal.


*Ninety-two hours later*

*Location: Planet Green Cloud*

On a wide, long, and noisy street filled with small shops and houses, Jurdelious and Krene stood outside a wide and open compound filled with weeds at the end.

In the center was a storied house that looked like it had seen better days, the walls were cracked in different places and looked like they would give out at any moment

"Ah yes, the house, neighborhood this would do," Krene said as she walked towards the house.

As soon as her feet stepped into the compound *WHOOM* the entire building collapsed as if a powerful and invincible wave had hit it. As she went forward, it was like her immediate environment responded to her every step.


The house completely disintegrated into dust,


The weeds withered,


A tall wooden fence popped out of the ground and surrounded the compound.


Concrete walls burst out of the ground.


A grey cemented walkway formed.

By the time she stopped walking, she was in front of a new house with a bright green lawn in front and a clean walkway.

Jurdelious appeared instantly behind her, holding the baby which was covered in a clean white piece of clothing in his arms. Both of them were now 'normal' size.

He observed the house, nodding to himself occasionally, he let out "A hundred years, his time starts now."

Both of them walked through the door of the lovely house.

None of the inhabitants of the streets noticed the new house that just appeared in the vicinity, to them it was like..... the house had been there for years.

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