The Path To Perfection

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The Path To Perfection

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Al'ravee spent ninety-five years living the typical life of a mortal, only for him to wake up from his grave five years later to find out that he wasn't what he thought he was and that the last hundred years were just a scheme for his parents to raise the most perfect being in existence. Faced with his new reality, he quickly realizes that he has to drop his mortal way of thinking if he wanted to have a comfortable life in the vast universe. From planet-busting spaceships to unique creatures capable of superhuman feats and magicians from other separate dimensions. Let's not forget his fellow gods that could reshape continents. With new the ideals, mentality, and desire, he carves a path for him to reach his goal. " A lot of people want to reach the peak of existence for different reasons. Some are just power-hungry others do it to support their righteous sense of self, he did it to bring his loved ones back to life, she did it for revenge and that guy just doesn't want to be pushed down by anyone. Well too bad for you. I am the bully who will continuously push you down. I am the one who you want revenge against. I am the one who killed your loved ones. I am that final boss that you just can't beat. I am the one who will take that power that you seek and crush you like the weakling you are. Do you know why" He said towards the army of demons and gods flying towards him? He got ready to jump off the tall building to confront them as he flexed his muscles. *BANG* Like a bullet, he shot off with explosive speed. " IT'S BECAUSE YOU STAND IN MY PATH TO PERFECTION"

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  • Lord_Grenne


    Shameless author here. Just want to say thanks for trying out this book. Warning: This story is not for faint hearted people.

    2024-04-13 04:15:29
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Chapter 1: Birth Of A God
Within the vast emptiness of the dark void, two human-like figures, a man and a woman, stood exactly five meters away from each other. There was no platform of any kind beneath their feet, even then, they stood firmly not losing their balance.The man looked to be in his late forties with a mohawk hairstyle, the two shaved sides of his head complimenting his appearance. The black suit with purple lining he wore could not hide his well-muscled body. He floated there with legs put together and hands behind him which emphasized his large muscle-packed chest. The most fascinating thing about the man was his pure black eyes with glowing purple pupils that looked intimidating even when he wasn't frowning."After so many years... I guess this is it, *sigh*. " The man said in a deep and calm voice that echoed out in the void."Yes, it was bound to happen anyway," said the woman standing away from the man. Although shorter than the man, she was still quite tall even though there was no one arou
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Chapter 2: Al'ravee
There's a saying that everything that happens in the universe has an explanation, whether it be logical or mystical, but sometimes what is to be explained doesn't matter, what matters is the level of understanding possessed by an individual to process that explanation. Nevertheless, that means that the existence of gods shouldn't be an enigma.All beings who possess a soul can be categorized into different classes namely; Beasts, Mortals, Espers, Spirits, Otherworlders, and gods. Every one of them is unique in their ways, especially the mortals and espers who are spread countless races and spread across different levels of civilization.The gods, being the most unique of all entities, have a unique way of coming into existence. For something or someone to die they must first have life and ALL that has life can and will die. However, it's a different case for gods because they don't even possess life so therefore they cannot and should not die, the concept of life and death will for
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Chapter 3: Jurdelious
Jurdelious sat comfortably on a yellow couch that could normally contain three people, occupying half of the entire couch with his shoulders alone. In front of him was a wide screen showing a news channel, the reporter was talking about a wanted group of terrorists whose images were put on display just in case the civilians saw them. His eyes which were no longer black with purple pupils but regular black and white showed that what he was hearing on the screen was only amusing him and nothing more."*sigh*, mortals and their shenanigans," He said.Krene's voice came over from the kitchen like she heard his voice all the way from there." Oh don't be a hypocrite Jurdelious, your ways aren't pure either" Although she said this, her face was neutral, she didn't really care about what he was saying."That's different" He stood up from the couch, revealing his seven feet form, and headed to the window to just stand there. He stared at the green clouds that only appeared during the middle o
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Chapter 4: Mother
Everyone at the scene was completely shocked by what just happened.A man with glowing purple eyes had just shown up out of nowhere and pushed their car 'gently' with his leg, in the process killing eight men including the black-suited leader gruesomely.Also claiming to be some god or something. Teddy and the rest of the armed men were completely flabbergasted. But seriously, no one would react to a man pushing a car out like it was a weightless skateboard normally."Hmm, I've already suppressed my strength so much. Everything just feels like cardboard these days," Jurdelious muttered to himself.If other people heard him, the level of their shock would have increased. How much of his strength was he suppressing and how strong was he exactly?Teddy and the rest of the men stood rooted to the spot, "what! Wait... what just happened?" he said as his mind tried to explain what he had just seen.Fortunately or unfortunately, Jurdelious's voice woke him from his stupor. "Normally, I would
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Chapter 5: Crazy
*One Year Later*Al'ravee followed Ris's advice and started meditation. He did his research and found out that what Ris had said about his father was true, he was starting to wonder what else he didn't know about his parents. He followed some online meditation sessions every night before going to bed and it did help. Until now.Al'ravee was currently sitting on the bed against the wall in his room. In his hands was a large math textbook, and beside him was a notebook and scrunched-up pieces of paper. Barking sounds could be heard in the background from the neighborhood."Why does he have to make it so difficult to understand? Why must we show our workings, huh? How did those guys do it anyway? If only I could copy how they did theirs" Al'ravee had at some point developed a habit of talking to himself whenever he was alone.*BARK BARK*The sound of the dogs barking traveled into the room from the neighbor's house. At this point, Al'ravee's face showed extreme irritation. Because of his
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Chapter 6: Bloody
Mortals and Gods.Among the two possessors of consciousness, mortals can be considered to be at the bottom, in terms of quality that is. Their existence was sustained mostly by decisions made instinctively towards external stimuli and they possessed a really low level of base individual power compared to the godsBeasts, usually low intelligent categories of mortals. Destined to be eternally oppressed by the smarter, stronger, and well-organized members of their class.They were either tamed or killed.That was why these two dogs did what any other large aggressive dog would do.They charged forward baring their fangs and claws, hell-bent on drawing first blood.Initially, the distance between Al'ravee and the two dogs was around six to seven meters but it was shortened within two and a half seconds.The slim dog which was faster than the chubby one reached him first.Al'ravee stared ahead with a blank expression.His instinct would have told him to run or dodge, but he lacked the most
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Chapter 7: There's Always That One Person
Al'ravee woke up on his bed to find his books on his lap, no cuts were on his body and his clothes were as good as new. For now, he couldn't remember anything.He went downstairs to get something to eat because he suddenly felt like he hadn't eaten in days.His parents were not home. Probably didn't bother telling them where they were going after seeing him sleeping.For some reason, he felt calm. Picking up his phone, he decided to read an e-novel while he ate.This was what he did during his free time. Reading e-novels and comics....*The next week* ...Al'ravee could be seen walking through the school gates along with hundreds of other students.He checked the time on his mobile device before proceeding to his class. Upon entering the classroom, his sight fell upon a few students. Not all had arrived yet or we were just not in class.Al'ravee spotted his 'gang' sitting together in one corner of the classroom. Four pupils could be seen sitting by the window having a discussion.
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Chapter 8: Friends
*Later That Day*The school gates had students going out. Al'ravee, Murry, Selou, and Ivan walked out of the school gates while engaging in a discussion. "Ravee, what do you enjoy in those novels that you read all the time," said Ivan.Murry remained quiet as he walked behind them with Selou.Al'ravee responded as if he had waited for such a question. "You see, there's a certain joy I get when I get to see someone's life pass before my eyes, kinda like a spectator."Ivan clearly didn't get the vibe of what Al'ravee said. "I wonder, if you had time for your academics just the way you do for your e-novels, maybe you would have better grades. hehe. "Al'ravee was speechless. It wasn't like there was anything he could say to refute those words though.Ivan turned his head sideways just in time to see Murry wink at him from the corner of his eyes."Psst" Ivan called out to Ravee. He nodded his head backward. Al'ravee immediately understood."Remember, just as we planned, first the gaze thi
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Chapter 9: Dream
Months passed since that day. Ivan and Selou started a romantic relationship together. Graduation was approaching and a lot of students were getting excited about life after high school. Some in school were preparing for college education, while some had other plans.All of them were oblivious to the turmoil going on in their star system....In the vast expanse of the dark void, a bright white star floated there, suspended in nothingness, spreading its radiance on the ten-plus planets revolving around it. The ninth planet away from the star. Boasting a circumference of fifty thousand kilometers, It was completely barren, filled with nothing but yellow rocks.Currently, half of the planet's surface had colorful lights flying around and it wasn't from celebration though, but from war.If a human-sized lifeform was to stand on the planet, it should only see a quiet wide stretch of brown and yellow rocks... They should. Right now, everywhere was crowded and filled with blaring noise.*S
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Chapter 10: Graduation
It's been a few months since Ivan and Selou started their relationship and the time for the student's graduation had finally arrived.On this day, at age seventeen, Al'ravee was graduating from a secondary educational institute.In a wide spacious hall, rows of chairs were neatly arranged into two sections to face a podium in front, all lights beside the one above the podium were dimmed. On the left section, sitting on each chair was a student wearing a red and blue graduation robe. On their heads was a funny-looking cone-shaped hat. On the third row of seats, Al'ravee, Ivan, Selou, and Murry sat next to each other listening to their principal who stood on the podium giving a speech. Sitting on the right section were last year's graduates and parents of this year's graduands as well as visitors and friends."ugh, I'm tired of all this formal stuff, let's get this party started" Whispered Ivan to the others."Yeah, I agree..." Al'ravee said. "I strongly believe that the principal is
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