The Prince and The Shepherd

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The Prince and The Shepherd

By: Anggin Kenari OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Anwell is a rich intelligent man and narcissist who loves himself so that mocking or bullying others is kinda entertainment for him .He belittle Raven who is poor but Raven have been patient all those time till one day he shows the world who really he is...and Anwell ..

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  • Mohsin Raza


    As always beautiful style of writing, making the reader dive into the story, happy to have your novel once again

    2023-08-26 05:33:43
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26 chapters
The Roar
The roar of the neighboring motorized vehicles is so noisy, like old machines, product of the Second World War, perhaps. His patience is almost gone. Noisy! noisy....When the deafening sound disappeared because the owner had left, now it has been replaced by pop music mixed with rock and metal, ouch! gee ...geez this is as bad as the sound glitch before! Then there's that shrill of the fat widow's voice again! sing ,sing abysmally .. all right! Anwell was whistling to avoid himself being more upset by all that ..what else do you want ..ok ok .sounds of a spouse or cat and dog fighting !? Uh ...Close both your ears tightly together with your cheeks pressed against the wall as if he wants to hear anything nomore, those who are screaming and yelling all the time so that the eardrums burst! ..uh ..don't! It will be big loss! but damn it ! Kissing the ends of his hair, before tying it back. Once again he saw his own reflection in the mirror, stroking the lines of his freshly s
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The Sultan
The little girl drooped her head and watched her own shadow on the water surface of the well . She didn't want anyone knew that her hanky with a coin wrapped in it was falling into the well .None will help her to get it .She tried it herself , pulling out water by the bail but the hanky with the coin was dropping deeper mixed in the stone and mud at the ground of the well . Except all the waters pulled out..but it won't happen, certainly.She was just woke up from long siesta after the tiring school hours and felt so hungry . No food at all on the table. She wanted to to buy something by the coin ...She cried without any slightest sound ...Her imaginary friend came each time she felt down .He was a Sultan, having a face almost like Anwell ,but different attitude.It's a joy to talk to this imaginary one ..not Anwell ? Maybe not ... Anwell had something scary ...his tongue! Hurting and bitter ..Raven used to cry and came to their mother , telling her what Anwell said ...their mom
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The morning sun shone gently, warmly and with its yellowish light greeted the royal garden. In a corner of the open air several leaves stretched apart from white rosebuds that bloomed among the same number of other kinds of flowers .The leaves glistened in the sunlight, moving slowly in the gentle breeze. Birds whistling and fluttered in the sky and butterflies dance around the flowering shrubs then all the shadows of them were painted over the clear pool as if trying to cheer up the restless heart.Raven sat motionless on a rock near the pond, staring blankly at a point in the distance. Still in his ears ,he heard the faint sound of the train wailing through forests and through caves and mountains.The young man had not yet awakened from his long bitter dream. Scantila had indeed prepared some of her suitcases . She will go far away leaving him didn't for how long. Even though the work contract was clear for 2 years working abroad but anything can happen in that long distance. Tim
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Lynx told her about Anwell who was just coming to his rickety house just to make him cried and his mom held back to do the same .Willow soothed him by nice words usual, vice versa, Lynx would always do the same if she hurt by Anwell mockery words ..The window is wide open showing a pair of rooted shrubs then step by step they come and say ,"'We will grow to decorate your house"'' A yellow butterfly with beautiful wings and wide like a little toy of a fairy swooped down from the white sky ,alighted for a moment in the expanse of the new world then the blue butterfly with red spots was waiting for a second miracle ''"'Really ? l will visit a professor for a minute and ask him or her about the phenomenon we have just experienced...did you see any of them around here ?"" Oh, l saw one , but she was just leaving to the martial art club and practice to hit a lazy bear "" Uh ? Great! Tame bear like Winnie or a wild one ? None will hit Winnie l think ..." " Oh,that is my face p
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Don Juan
Lynx lowered her gaze to the bluish lake. His eyes seemed to be searching for a shadow that once passed on his sight but then disappeared. Anwell !!! How could he make a vengeance to him ? He was ... inherited lots of land ,confided himself to register in two top universities, surrounded by girls ... they liked the handsome rich young man and so did he ! What else he could say about Anwell , Don Juan ? And he ' s spoiled by neighbors and family! Looking for shadows in a wide lake with a rippled water surface is really not easy, because the shadows of trees upside down or birds flying past sometimes take away the focus of the gaze.He couldn't find it especially when a dazzling reflection of light suddenly flashed and made him immediately looked away.Is that the afternoon sun's shadow? The light that is reflected on the surface of the lake is a slightly greenish-purple orange. "'Ah, where are you, the words came out of his closed mouth.but the reflection of the light turned into
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Scantila Flane
Clusters of clouds march gently carried by the southeast wind slicing the vast blue sheet of the sky.A leafless tree stood motionless in the middle of the hot sandy dessert.Arid and dry .She was silent under the burnt sun heat .Rain and husky wind .Mute ...mute ..In the he valley of the mountains lies a dark forest, save a thousand haunted and riddles tidbits of death. Life ahead . Move ahead .Scantila threw the blanket and hit a mosquito which still flying and buzzing around the room before it dead and left a drop of blood in her palm .She stood for more than an hour waiting for a bus that can still be boarded here. This road is not too big or too crowded.Lacking of busyness makes people have time to see and pay attention to other people. Well, a few guys saw her while they chatted and eating at the small taverns.She thought," Maybe I'm too quiet and seem arrogant, don't try to approach them for fun or just go hanging out there ,it's a public place where anyone can come there f
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Prince Ryder Miles
Raven got some stories about life and working at the Royal Family.Scantila told him in long letters twice in a month .She told him about Prince Ryder .Raven was half jealous half satisfied with the opening, " l hope Anwell see the prince...he is a real one ! Maybe Anwell is nothing even he must be compared The Prince Ryder ' s shoes or hankie !!! Hahah"Then he played his imagination to make Scantila ' s letter lively ...The prince was there ...His eyes were fixed on a tree for a long time then he thought for a moment and decided to approach the swing and then sat there ... his eyes kept looking at the hills that seemed to support the sky.There is a strange life there. he listened to the surrounding carefully but didn't hear anything, apart from the whispering wind sending cool air, a red fire-tailed bird perched on a branch.Someone is talking to another one who is standing indifferently. "You ,don't go now, I saved something for you. what to say, Lord is more powerful ''Three y
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The Royal Family
Raven hit the wall in rage hearing Anwell saying negative things about Scantila," Do you think she will come back to you , ha ? Lots of wealthy good looking men in royal family! You know what she gonna do ? Kick you out ...hahahah! "He wanted to beat Anwell till he suffocated , but all he could do only sitting at the edge of the bed , yesterday, present time and tomorrow seemed to mingle in his mind .." Thanks to you , Raven, all l can do to return your kindness as a great merit of yours is my appreciation to all the support and love you gave to me , all these years you helped me till l am today "Raven didn't want to take this gratitude exposure as an opportunity to thank him back for the boss ' s gesture towards him as gratefulness to have Scantila as one of the candidate to be sent abroad for working at a Royal family somewhere across the continent by the name of Galbahera .Raven didn't have any idea where Scantila got the private message on the page of a newspaper on o
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The Librarian
The librarian is not so young, she has a mixed European face with a short haircut " This is for you to find books later ,I will make a card" she said , Anwell saw that she was beautiful and smiles sweetly. Her lips and eyes were well shaped when she met him again in the book room. He couldn't immediately look for books because he wasn't even 21 yet that time.Now he can as he already reached 21 of age ."l am very happy to spend time in the library all day long and after that l borrow some books that time." That's what he often told his friends.He did not read all the books ,he just needed them to show off... ' Actually he liked the librarian ..." That's what his friends said ,and he just smirked.Time went by till they knew one another better till something bad happened to her ...losing job ..he blamed himself for his inability to help her but surely ,as usual , he didn't have to own money himself........he could always ask for it to grandpa , grandma ,if not his dad ! sure ..
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Soul Frequency
Lately negative memories come unstoppably right at the time Raven wakes up.One come after another like a rusty big chains ! If not bad past on childhood ,then at teenage or at the beginning of school or college years! A motivator or a meditation teacher told everyone , " Don't start your day with negativity.At the time you wake up , just thank God , Thank You for the you still give today " then smile . Begin your day then " Okay ,Even though he's s not feeling well, he will fight for his dream! " First ,wash your face ..then you may stay for a while on the bed and let your eyes adapt the dawn in your room and the yard and ...this one is easy but to erase the thought of seeing faces that attracted to them ..this is always ..not easy , if never say hard " Does she still his someone's soulmate... ? Vibrating at the same frequency....memorizing , fancying, playing the scenes hundred times ...tiring but enjoyable ..but ..then it's wasting too much time ! He dragged his legs out
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