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Lucas struggles hard to provide for Lydia his wife but when she finally lands a lead role as an actress, she throws a divorce paper at his face, but Lucas who is madly in love with her is not ready to let her go despite how many times she cheated and abuse him. When he finally signs the divorce paper, he receives a message, it turns out he had received fifty trillion dollars in his account from the lottery he played and now Lucas will stop at nothing to take revenge on all those who had humiliated and looked down upon him.

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    I love Sheila, she's so nice. I pray she ends up with Lucas... Well I can't wait to see how this story unfolds

    2024-01-08 07:38:38
  • Annie


    Love this story, pray Lucas heal and love Sheila back

    2023-12-09 15:46:30
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Birthday Night
CHAPTER ONE: It was a rainy day in Oak Lawn and Lucas grasped onto what was left of his umbrella firmly. Today was his wife's birthday and Lucas had worked many hours on three different jobs, his lips widened into a smile with a hint of exhaustion grasping onto his face. He took a bus and stopped right at a flower shop, there was so much excitement beaming on his face, despite how tough things had been between the both of them, he was glad that he finally got some money to buy her a gift for her birthday. Striding inside the flower shop, he came to a halt right in front of a white velvet flower and he knew that this was the one for her, it was snow white with a glistering of gold, there was no way Lydia was going to reject such a gift. “How much is it?” He asked the shop owner who stood there watching him trying to make a choice. “A hundred bucks”. The old man replied, Lucas dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out the last money he had on him, although he was able to mak
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Chapter Two.“Are you deaf? Or haven't you been listening to me, I can't be with someone like you, you too are below my standard, what will other actresses think of me, I will be a laughing stock to everyone. I can't boast of you as a husband in public. I will soon be the talk of the town when I finish the next movie I'm about to act in and I can't let you ever appear in the headline of news about me. Get the hell out of here!”. She cried out angrily. Jared held her because she was about to fall and face Lucas. "Hey loser, your presence is disturbing this babe, you are such a stinky lad, why can't you look for an ugly bitch that will fit your status. This babe is too expensive to maintain, if you work for a millennium, you can never get what will be enough for her in a day. This is the best advice I can give you as a man, get a local b*tch like you and manage yourself with her." he wanted to pat Lucas on the shoulder and Lucas held his hand angrily. "Don't ever use that dirty hand
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The trillion dollars
CHAPTER THREEOutside the mansion was a heavy storm, he had nowhere to go because even his own family had rejected him and the only friend her had at work was squatting with friends and there was no way he would accommodate him. Under the heavy storm, Lucas slept under a shield as he clutched onto his bag firmly shivering with no coat to shield him from the cold. Despite how cold it was, he was finally able to doze off and only opened his eyes when the sky shone bright, he got up, feeling cold and sore all over his body, but a message beeped through his phone. He glanced through the screen of his phone and there was a message from his bank that said: Dear esteemed customer, your account has been credited with the sum of fifty trillion dollars from the hallway betting company. He read out but wasn't certain that his eyes weren't deceiving him or perhaps it was some scam, but his entire details were there including his code. Lucas jumped up on his feet, all the pain that he was pre
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Second chance
Chapter fourThe manager was furious and tried to stop him, but his entire bank details had popped up on the screen of the computer and as the manager glanced at it, his eyes went wild. “My God!! What the hell is this, I have never seen such a huge amount of money before, there are so many zeros that we can't even count it”.He exclaimed and as he drifted his gaze back to Lucas, he immediately went on his knees. “Please, Sir! Have mercy, I sincerely apologize, I mistook you for a worthless human, please pardon me” He kept bowing his head as he apologized. Lucas was stunned for this was a man old enough to be his father his head bowing at him on the floor. “It is alright sir, please get up”“Please sir, you are our number one customer and I assure you that we will never treat you with such disrespect again, I assure you ”“I know that you won't, so please get on your feet. ”. A reassuring smile filled Lucas's face as he watched the old man return to his seat and did not dare look a
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You just sow seed
Chapter Five Lydia knew that there was no way she could run out of there and all she needed to do was chase him away before Jared arrived else he might get a second thought of marrying her. “Lucas, what do you want? Why can't you just leave me, or is it so difficult for you to understand that I do not want to ever set my eyes on you, you disgust me so much that I get this urge to puke”“Please Lydia, I have money now, we can finally start our family and live a happy life” She scoffs sarcastically, the metaphor in his words was so hilarious that she could not help but laugh out loud. “You have money! You Lucas can not ever be rich in this lifetime or the next no matter how many jobs you work and what I hear you say about a happy family, you must be indeed delusional to think that anyone can be happy with you”“Lydia can you take it more easily, that was too harsh on him, he is also human and has emotions like we do” Sheila queried. “Will you shut up! Who do you refer to as human,
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Taste of wealth
Chapter SIXLucas finally lodged at a hotel where he had a warm bath, some good food and a change of clothes before going over to the betting company where he signed out some documents and then to the factory where he worked. He went over there in search of Fabian at work who had advised him to play the bet even though it was his last earn, but it turned out that he had just been fired, even searching for him where he squatted in the past, but he had also been vacated there. There was a flash of frustration and disappointment in Lucas' eyes, he wanted to share this happy moment with the only one that has been with him through all thick and thin but fate decided to play a fast trick on them. He sat in his hotel watching TV and he saw an advert for the annual gathering of the Coopers family. He muttered to himself, these people haven't changed their old ways, common gathering is on the news. "Lucas, this is the time to pay these people their coins, take back what they had taken fro
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The Coopers
Chapter seven His stomach began to grumble, a reminder of its empty state, but Lucas's mind was still racing with different tasks ahead of him and how he was going to carry them out without being affected. He glanced at the clock and was surprised to see that it was already the middle of the night. He ordered light food to be delivered to his room. His door was knocked after 5 minutes. He knew his food had arrived but didn't want the room service staff to enter his room because it was late. He hurried to meet her at the entrance and was surprised to see Abby's manager sleeping on his knees. He collected his food and sent the lady back. He noticed that he could not move one of his legs because it had been grabbed by the manager. He looked back and the manager started begging him that he should take the motor and kill him right away, he knew if he died after selling the car his family would not suffer again. Lucas observed him for 3 minutes and asked him to enter his room. He s
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The errand boy
Chapter 8Inside the club is filled with bubbling lights and calm music, every interior use inside was sophisticated ranging from the lodges to the bar and the relaxation area with an adorned piece of art and a bar filled with a wide range of drinks to suit every taste of their members. Behind the building, there was also a swimming pool, and places for sports like golf, table tennis and volleyball which is why people find pleasure in coming here because other than just the quality of the place, there were fine things that they could do or watch others doing. Lucas's gaze met the family of eight that were all sitting at a spacious lodge and he strided towards them, biting his lip nervously. “Lucas! What the hell are you doing here and who told you that you can finally come back to the Clan's annual meeting? ”Sean roared as he got on his feet while the entire family that was having a chit-chat turned their attention to him. “How did you get inside?”Uncle Tristan asked. But he went
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Expensive wine
Chapter 9: The conversation went on and on while the others were having a good time, Lucas stood there pouring in drinks to whoever needed them. Sean suddenly got on his feet and walked over to Lucas, a disdainful smile on his cheek while he held his glass of wine and slowly sipped through it. “Lucas dear, how have you been, I never thought that you would ever come back to this family after how badly you have been treated, don't you have a single atom of shame in you” “This is my family, why should I be afraid to go back to my family?” “And you do not care even if all this same family has ever done was to ridicule you. I Remember vividly that the last time you were here, Uncle Kendrick called the cops on you and asked them to brutalise you, I don't know why he had a change of mind to let you stay for a minute this time around?” He allowed me to stay because he had eyes," Lucas retorted. "Do you mean he thought you had arrived because of this fake designer you put on, can he
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Important member of the family
CHAPTER 10 “Lucas! You need to understand that if this is some sort of replica of the original titanium card and you brought this shit out to deceive us, we are not going to let you get away with it” Says Madam Jane. “This is the original, it has its initials and there are only five people in Chicago that have access to it, even my Boss has tried several times to get it, but he was declined by the manager”.Everyone was confused about how Lucas could get his hand on something like this, his Initial ‘Lucas. C. ’ Was boldly written on it and there was no way one would say that he stole it. Madam Jane handed out the black card again to the waiter and he slotted it in, the payment went successfully before he handed out the receipt and the card to Lucas while bowing his head at him. “Thank you Sir for your patronage and we expect to see you purchase the membership Card of this esteemed club”.“Thanks, I will think about it” Lucas replied politely while everyone kept staring at him wit
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