Return To Shine: Revenge of The Heir Man

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Return To Shine: Revenge of The Heir Man

By: shenny_widi OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Ten years have passed since the attack on the wealthy Hamilton family. During that time, Aland has isolated himself by hiding his identity, living as an ordinary man who is looked down upon. However, Aland Barlert Hamilton meets a mysterious man who seeks his whereabouts and is given a secret will of both his parents. Aland's life, who had hidden his 'Hamilton' identity for ten years, suddenly changed. After the will came, asking him to make the enemies of the Hamilton family pay for the deed, Aland had to come out of hiding. Now Aland will reclaim the throne of the Hamilton family which has been destroyed and slandered. How will Aland find the mastermind behind the Hamilton family attack and avenge the enemy's actions?

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11 chapters
Part 1: Missing News on Newspaper
[The Great Attack Tragedy of the Hamilton Family Followed by the Destruction of the Conglomerate Family Company, All Family Members Disappeared Without a Trace. Where Are the Family Members?][Allegedly the Mastermind of the Massive Attack on the Hamilton Family Is Daneltha, A Rich Entrepreneur who is the Enemy of the Hamilton Family][No Evidence For The Hamilton Family Major Assault Investigation, Three Family Members Killed. The Other Two Disappeared?][Will the Glory of the Hamilton Family Company Be Replaced by Daneltha Technology Company?][Investigation of Hamilton Family Major Assault Case Finds No End. Paused Due to Disappearance of Evidence]The titles of five newspapers became something that Aland paid attention to. It was the umpteenth time that Aland had read the five newspapers, but his heart still felt pain every time he reread the headlines.It's been ten years since the incident of his family's big attack. Aland Balvert Hamilton, secretly collected all the newspapers
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Part 2: Mysterious Man
"Have you checked the guard area on the North side?" Aland asked one of the bodyguards who passed him. The bodyguard stopped walking, looked towards the North side with a thoughtful expression, then nodded his head. "I think so. I just passed the guard in the area and everything went smoothly," replied the bodyguard. Hearing the bodyguard's answer, Aland still couldn't believe it. His memories of the incident ten years ago made him feel unsure. Even though there weren't any suspicious people in sight, Aland didn't know who was hiding behind the 'mask'. "Are you sure the guard in that area is secure?" asked Alan again, not sure. But the bodyguard in front of Aland once again nodded. As if not feeling instinct about something bad. "It's impossible for me to be wrong," replied the bodyguard who was firm in his convictions. He turned his gaze back towards the North of the mansion. "There," he said in between checking from afar, "you see a lot of people gathered to guard. If you're n
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Part 3: Someone From the Past
"Shut up here!" The man wearing a bodyguard suit pushed Aland's body against the wall. Aland grimaced as he groaned when pain was felt in his spine. He didn't have time to avoid this man, so he needed time to digest what had just happened. "I came because I have to tell you something very important," said the bodyguard man, which Aland knew very well, he was just a fake bodyguard. Alan's sharp gaze fell on the man in front of him. Out of curiosity and not feeling familiar with the strange man in front of him, Aland immediately pulled the sunglasses on the man's face. Aland watched on the sidelines to regulate his irregular breathing. "Who are you?" asked Alan, to the point. "If you're going to pretend to me—" Without waiting for Aland to finish speaking, the man interrupted. "I was forced to pretend to be a bodyguard," he said, occasionally looking to the right, the direction where the guests were gathered. "Here, I show you something," continued the man who then took something f
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Part 4: Some People Who Carried Out The Attack
BROUGH! "Argh..." Aland groaned after his body was thrown into the backseat of the car. Aland didn't have time to speak, but Barvel had already closed the car door. Aland's eyes followed Barvel's movement, who ran quickly around the front of the car towards the driver's seat door. From Aland's side, Barvel casually sat in the driver's seat and hurriedly fastened his seat belt. Barvel still didn't give Aland a chance to talk about anything, not even to buckle up. When shots were heard from behind, Barvel with all his might stepped on the accelerator. The car immediately sped up suddenly using full speed so that Aland's body almost jerked forward. Luckily, Aland reflexively held the seat belt while holding the hand grip. "Who are they really?!" Aland asked frantically between his hands tightly gripping the hand grip. Barvel was very focused on holding the steering wheel and looking at the road ahead. "I told you, they are the ones who are after the Hamilton family, Mr. Aland." A
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Part 5: Comeback Into Old Life
Balver took a deep breath. The car had already passed through the boundary gate between the mansion's grounds and the mansion's outer area."I know they are enemies of the Hamilton family, but from which alliance?" Barvel grumbled under his breath.Aland stole the opportunity to fasten his seat belt when he felt the car's speed was decreasing. If it weren't for the situation that the two of them had to rush, Aland would definitely target Barvel.But Barvel looks trying hard to protect himself. Aland couldn't distract Barvel while driving the car."I can't detect it either, Barvel. But they must have deliberately surrounded the mansion to look for the whereabouts of the remaining members."Barvel propped up his temples, and now steered using only one hand. He increased the speed of the car so that Aland spontaneously shouted in surprise."Barvels!" Aland reprimanded Barvel.Instantly the telephone conversation between Barvel and the man he didn't know became silent.Until not long afte
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Part 6: Feeling His Old New Life
"I am delighted to have served Mr Aland, a member of the Hamilton family, on your flight."Teo Albert, an airport executive general manager, told Aland.To be honest, Aland was a bit awkward in responding to Teo. After the incident that divided the Hamilton family, somehow Aland lost his trust in people.Since Aland didn't know who was behind the major assault incident, he felt he had to be wary of people. As a result, the smile that Teo Albert gave to Aland did not necessarily make him believe it."Ah, you don't need to say thank you, Mr. Teo," Aland replied. "I should be thanking you."Theo arched a sweet smile. "I was just too moved after seeing where you were, Mr. Aland. Everyone was looking for you."Barvel gave Aland instructions, telling him to answer. Having cleared his throat for a moment, Barvel fixed his collar, and lowered his head briefly."Please cooperate not to reveal Aland's whereabouts," Barvel said as he bowed.Theo chuckled. "Oh, it's impossible for me to tell anyo
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Part 7: About the Suspicious Royal Dantech Company
Understanding Aland's facial expressions, Barvel finally cleared his throat. "It seems that Mr. Aland still needs time to adapt again," he replied.Teddy looked awkward, also feeling guilty after not being able to know Aland's situation."Ah, well, I understand." Teddy chuckled at the end of his sentence. "Then let's go to the special waiting room, Masters Aland and Barvel. I have something to show you while waiting for things to cool down."Situation eased?Aland looked at Barvel even more surprised, as if demanding an explanation of Teddy's meaning. But Barvel was silent, looked at Aland with a facial expression implying meaning, and sighed softly.Barvel did not answer anything. With one hand, he motioned for Aland to go first. Barvel's gesture of not wanting to explain made Aland feel suspicious.'Is something dangerous going on?' asked Alan in his heart.Because he didn't want to buy time, finally Aland stepped ahead of Barvel. They followed Teddy, down the private plane passenge
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Part 8: Secret Truth In The Past
"This is the guild headquarters, Mr. Aland. So, for the time being, Mr. Aland can stay in this place. Doesn't Mr. Aland mind?"Aland actually felt in a confusing situation. He didn't know whether to live the same life, or live a new one?In front of him now, were seven men who were completely unfamiliar. Only one man with a middle-aged appearance that Aland somewhat recognized. His memory is really not too clear about his childhood while living in the Hamilton family environment."These are the people who work under the Hamilton family?" Aland asked Barvel, whispering a little.Barvel nodded his head. "That's right, Mr. Aland. If you remember, the man on the right is Bernard, Big Boss Bart Raymond's personal assistant, your father."No answer. The direction of Aland's gaze moved to someone Barvel pointed at, a man with a smile and sparkling eyes. Aland actually only remembers vaguely.'The man who often carries me everywhere... is this the man?' Alan thought."Sir? What about where he
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Part 9: Aland's Disguise Plan
Bernard did not understand at all and was afraid of what Aland asked. But Bernard seemed to be trying to stay calm."You mean, sir?" he asked."You're the one who pulled me away from the crowd and took me away immediately." Aland still couldn't calm down every time he talked about the incident.For Aland, parting with his family in such an inappropriate position was humiliation. Aland hates every thought that he is forced to live in an unknown slum area of ​​London.None of the Hamilton family's subordinates would take care of him.This is because everything seems to have been colonized by one leader with a strong political background."That ... I had to do it, Mr. Aland. Boss Raymond asked me," Bernard replied with an uncomfortable face.In front of Bernard, Aland just stared silently. As if wanting an explanatory answer from Bernard."Boss Raymond forced me to take the safe and you away. It happened so fast, I just obeyed his urgent orders, then I don't know how Boss Raymond is." Be
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Part 10. The Day Two Dangerous Met
DANELTHA FAMILY MANSION, 10:50 A.MAland did not expect what he was witnessing just now.An enormous mansion where everyone could see a multi-storey model building from below. There are two gates, one is the main gate which is far away and makes the yard 500 meters wide. One more gate is the second gate after the cars go through the first gate, and is close to the parking lot for the guests' cars.Many bodyguards stand guard at the gate area of ​​the two mansion buildings. There are two guard posts at the first gate that welcome guest cars. Meanwhile, on a short flight of stairs, Aland saw several people carrying cameras and equipment for media journalists gathering. They seemed to mingle with each other and as if they were waiting for something.Aland was a little dumbfounded because he felt as if he was witnessing his old life.From Bernard's borrowed car, Aland watched the guests go by. They all pointed something out to the two guard men before they could climb the steps, then join
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