The Rise of Mackin Jones

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The Rise of Mackin Jones

By: Adran Dé Knightingale OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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The smart guy is rejected by his whole family, hated by his in-laws, and betrayed by the love of his life. But he finds a gem that makes him a trillionaire. The door of revenge and payback is flung open as he becomes a shock for his wife, family, and those who humiliated him. He is denied the heir of his family by Drake and starts to battle for it. Will Jones get revenge or forgive them? How will Mackin Jones crush his enemies and reign among the friends and foes he is? You will be surely taken along with all the answers as the story unfolds.

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  • Adran Dé Knightingale


    This is a limelight of a superb story. Keep it up.

    2024-03-21 02:59:29
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Chapter 1
‘You are rejected, Jones! You are a bastard, an outcast!’ A man shouted at an unseen object, facing the entrance and addressing the rest of the family members who stood around a body that lay lifeless on the bed and was covered in white cloth. Jones who was crying and looking at his father's corpse on the bed, peeping through the window, 'He was the one who killed his mother some years after giving birth to him, and now he has done it again. He has kicked my brother out of earth like a ball. Jones must….’ He fumed seriously but was cut short by Jones outrageously from the outside.'It is a lie! You are a liar.’'Who is that!’ He asked angrily and sensed it was Jones' voice. 'Get that boy for me! He must be dealt with.’Some hefty guys from inside moved towards the door in search of Jones. Jones saw them and turned away. He headed for the way out of his family's huge and vast mansions and ran for his life as if his heels would touch his back.‘Hit him down!’ The man shouted again to
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Chapter 2
'Hey, Mr Man! Don't come this way…a beggar is not allowed here!’ shouted a security man at Real Bank of London when Jones was approaching in his poor and humble dress. Jones didn't react as if he was being addressed.He entered the surroundings of the bank, moving towards the entrance. The security man yelled again, ‘Has your poor life deafened your ears? I said a beggar is not permitted to come here…’With confidence and calmness, he voiced out, ‘I am not a beggar, Mr Janitor! Mind your tongue; it is not every book you judge by its cover or do you know who I am?’‘Erm…No! But you look like a pauper in your unmatched dress; wearing a worn-out suit on jeans. This speaks of nothing about you but a homeless beggar.’‘You have to be very careful with your tongue, Mr Janitor, so that you will not be hanged by it. Anyway, I don't have time for gibberish.’ said Jones, trying to enter.‘Where do you think you are going?’ said the security man forcefully.‘I want to see someone inside.’ He ret
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Chapter 3
When he turned around he saw Lana almost naked, wearing only a mini-skirt far above the knee and a bra on. But to his surprise, he didn't see any man in the room. He moved towards her.‘Where is the man? What is happening here, Lisa?’ Jones asked, boiling. He couldn't believe his heart for what he heard when he moved close to her. She cried awfully, ‘Somebody helps! He wants to rape. Please help!’He was terrified by her terrible utterances. ‘What is this, Lisa? What are you doing?’ Jones was puzzled. He held her to stop.‘Help! I'm doomed, he wants to rape me!’Pa pa pa…He heard some claps from behind that went on as if the clappers meant, ‘Well done. You are caught up.’ The claps were followed by Lisa's parents' voices, he looked back, and she quickly moved to their side.‘I refused to believe all the evil you have been doing to my daughter until now. So this is who you are?’ said her father.‘Sir, what do you mean? I met her…’Her mother interrupted him, ‘Enough of your story! Lis
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Chapter 4
He nearly went mad for what he had seen; his sorrow and depression hid, and the pains he got from the robbers' punches and kicks departed him. He looked around to see if nobody had seen him, but he couldn't see anybody and the guy was out of sight. He repacked and tied the pieces of gold. He hid it under his jacket and staggered out of the place so that nobody would rob him again. Before it was morning, he had been gripped by hunger. The elation of the gold and the pains of his nice night visitors were fighting for dominance in his body. Splash!A splash of water landed on his head, and he shook his head in shock at one corner in front of a shop he sat and cuddled before, ‘Who is this again?’ that was the question left in his.‘Stand up, poor head. If you want to die, go and die at home, not at my shop.’ said the shop owner. He stood up looking embarrassed. He hesitated to go, but he faced the lady. ‘I’m sorry. Please can you help me with some dollars until I return?’'Return from wh
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Chapter 5
'Yes, he was part of some robbers who robbed me some days ago at night. I know them. They collected my things, very important things. He must give them to me.’ he said looking firm.'Do you know what you are saying? Or you are out of your senses?’ Jones asked angrily.‘Please calm down, Sir. Our security we handle it.’ said the director.The head of the security men walked to them. 'Mr Man, are you sure of what you are saying? And what is your evidence?’He was shaking slightly, ‘Yes, this man and…and…’ he tried to move closer to them but staggered and stumbled. As he fell flat on his belly, he shouted, ‘And you…and you. All of you were there, sons of a bitch! Gimme my things!’ They rushed towards him. They were so surprised to smell alcohol and see cocaine on his nose.‘Shit! This wretched creature is a drug addict.’ The security man spat with disgust.'Kah kah kah!’ Everybody burst into laughter.'We are sorry for all the unpleasant things we have caused you to experience. The matte
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Chapter 6
What a horrible message and a disgracing experience waking a man of pomp and prowess on his soft suiting bed and furnished mansion. Saying the night was good was a form of mockery for Jones. The tension of his being chased to be killed and the embarrassment given to him by Lana hung to his heart like a sword that was ready to pierce the conquered. Lana and her parents were pretending that nothing had happened to them though many had gone wrong. Being duped by the guy had affected them so much including Lana's business. They, her parents who owned their house before, had become tenants. But instead of learning from their fall, shamelessness made them look and behave more erroneously. Then, he was the right heir to his family, but some people didn't want that to happen. They want him killed. When he was like a beggar, nobody tracked him. Jones was puzzled.He was looking around the room of his mansion as if the building could hear and relieve him of his grief. The mansion was designed w
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Chapter 7
‘This is not the time for family discussion, guys! But an action takes time.’ Sam said.‘We are sorry, Sir. Please give us some minutes to do something.’ Wood faced the rest of the family members. ‘It is no more a dream that the family is on the brink of shame. Please what can we do to save our legacy from being annihilated? Drake, talk to your father. What is his plan?’ ‘My father, what do we do?’ Drake queried.‘I should ask you that question before you do. What is the outcome of your investment? Because the money…’‘It’s okay, Dad. You don't need to ask me about anything now. We all have the responsibility to stop this disgrace.’Jones felt ashamed for what some members of the family had caused, but he maintained decorum in the hands of the guys then still held him as if he was the one who spent the tax fees.‘Enough raucous! I think you will make use of the honor conferred on your family. Since you have no good decision to make, I hereby say “bye-bye to the glorious mansions of M
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Chapter 8
While Jones was winning the hearts of some members of the Mackin family, some members’ hearts were being shattered. After a tough discussion about Jones’ being the heir of the family and the challenge faced by Drake from Jones’ entourage, the family decided to give every member some days to think about it and come back to a conclusion. Jones was happy to rejoin the family, but Drake was also giving him a tough time. Drake decided to visit his father at the hospital and relay the situation on the ground.‘Jones has risen beyond our capabilities. But there is only one way to find his end…death!’ Said Bruno with a sickly and palpitating voice on his sick bed. Bruno had been crippled by the stroke. Except for everything that makes up his head to the neck and his left hand, his body was totally paralyzed. The doctor said he had eaten a toxic substance which was not detected exactly because it had been crushing him for a long time without notice. Bruno couldn't accuse anybody of his ailment
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Chapter 9
Jones was getting it wrong the way he was handling those enemy-like family members he has. There was a need to deal with them; whoever belittled him and who was bold enough to challenge him.“We wish you best of luck, Jones. Everybody can go now.” Wood said without looking at Jones.How could some people play with fire? Don't they know who he is now? And his net worth in the whole country?“It's time for the world to know who Mackin Jones is!” He decided Jones signaled to the leader of his bouncers.Drake who sat at one end of the table knocked the table and rose up. “Hey, Jones. Your time is counting down before you finally lose your face in the family…ha ha ha!”“Ye! Before we trash you out!”Drake with his brother, Kaley, made the remark sarcastically and burst into jesting laughter. They were joined by some members of the family.“Sir, what do you say?” Without paying attention to their mocking Jones, Lambo, the leader of Jones’ bouncers bowed before Jones who sat regally, half
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Chapter 10
“Yes, Lana.” Jones answered as they came out to the cars.“That's the only temporary choice I have for now.”“Understood, master.”They waited for him to enter hIs Lamborghini. When he was about to close his car door, Lambo got a message from the Penultimate Investment Company (PIC).“Sir, Penultimate Investment Company has agreed to sell their company to us but…”“But what Lambo!” He frowned.“My apologies, Sir. It's the selling price that concerns… $1 billion, Sir.”“Hum! Do you think I can't pay that or what?”“Never will I say such. I just don't think Penultimate Investment Company is worthy of that price - my suggestion, master.”“Pay them now and make arrangements for their papers before the end of the day. Whether it is worthy of it or not, you shall see when we take over.”“As you please, Sir.”Lambo waved at others to enter and closed the Jones' door. They left Mackin’s mansions.***The news of the wealthy man who saved the Mackin family from the brink of shame and ordered
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